Even Beerus and Whis nearly had a heart attack. Barring godly entities like the Spectre or the Presence, few can challenge the good Doctor. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s not downplaying when context is left out. Even if he COULD erase universes, his move to do so takes way too long & he gets blitzed & oneshot before he can do anything.. Saitama stomps no matter how you slice it.. he has way better showings & is sooo much faster... Zeno only has 1 shown attack & it takes 5 minutes to load... DBZ wankers give it a rest.. Zeno is fodder, I really hope this is a joke or something, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Then there's Thought Robot Superman who can reach OUR reality. While their physical strength is similar, Majestic simply has more powers than Superman. An android built by the mad Professor Ivo, the scientist was completely obsessed with power and wanted to create something that couldn’t die and could defeat any adversary it came across. 0. There are people that thing Saitama is the strongest fictional character. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. NID - NamSane. Supes: vanishes (before even laying a punch). Silver Age Superman: "Silver Age Superman can basically do anything and never loses, nevermind that feats are outliers, that he's actually lost fights and that he can't actually create new powers on the fly." Strongest verions? Yet none of that compares to his trump card: his ability to rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter. The One Above All (Also referred to as Above All Others) is the supreme being of Marvel Comics, as well as the superior of the cosmic judge known as The Living Tribunal. These individuals are simply missing from current comics. EDIT: The OPM UNIVERSE is made to be completely indestructible for this fight meaning zeno can't erase it, Even though this is bait, I'll bite. Zeno kind of has no hope in this one. There are people that think Zeno could solo Marvel and Dc Comics combined. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. His only weakness is magic and it has to be someone on the tier of the Spectre, God’s vengeance, or even God, for him to be troubled. Fight takes in one punch man universe so no downplaying and use feats only for zeno. The two-kus were trying to break the barrier on the prison planet, so they weren't going to launch planet-busting waves. … Mister Majestic was Wildstorm’s answer to Superman. Yet for one reason or another, the powers that be at DC Comics have decided to keep these characters hidden. The only Superman that could consistently kill Zeno in time is the stupid one that's a literal God. But because I’m familiar with all these versus scenarios, someone will say that Superman with no morals would do some crazy feat to kill Zeno before he even had the time to think. Chakravartin the CreatorVSBeerus the God of DestructionRule:Moral onNo prepWin by any meanNo outside interferenceNo paralyze sh*tNote that Asura vs Ch 0. However, if the Spectre tries to judge/kill someone the Presence and/or God doesn’t want him to, then the Spectre’s powers are ineffectual against the individual. Archived. Though Firestorm’s range of powers might be pretty broad, his simpler abilities consist of firing nuclear fusion blasts, absorbing radiation, phasing through objects, and he’s even superhumanly strong. PSN - Daferfnafer. The father to the Teen Titan Raven, but also a bunch of super nasty demons, Trigon claims to have existed since the beginning of the universe. And so, DC has quietly swept Martian Manhunter under the rug, letting him drift off quietly, allowing readers to believe Superman is the world’s strongest hero. GreenScar98. We can't even tell which Goku is stronger, much less if Goku could ever reach Superman level, the original Mr. "Strong-as-the-Plot-Needs-to-be". He’s a walking powerhouse Superman could not stop and he hasn’t interacted with the DCU in a big way for a while. I've been frustrated with this for awhile now. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Capable of using the powers to their fullest extent and in any combination, Amazo is simply stronger than Superman in every way. One of DC’s premiere magic users, there are few more adept at the arcane arts than the Phantom Stranger. He doesn’t have to share power with other members, but can harness and exercise the Orange Light of Avarice to its fullest on his own. Ones that can literally time travel, and destroy reality by flying fast that the Wrath of God told him to chill out or everyone would die? Impossibly old, the crazy alien known as Larfleeze is also the sole bearer of the Orange Lantern Ring. strength, flight, heat vision, and invulnerability, Martian Manhunter also comes equipped with telepathy, shapeshifting, and he can become intangible. With power dwarfing Superman’s by leaps and bounds, there’d be nothing the Man of Steel could do if the crazed Kryptonian returned. While there, a bolt of lightning strikes him and a display of statues of the Legion of Super-Heroes and he gets all their powers; Superman’s included. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super) vs Superman. While he’s popped up here and there in such titles like Blue Beetle and Dark Nights Metal, he’s never allowed to explore the full extent of his powers. Zeno clearly wins. Might as well bring in Jack Kirby/Stan Lee vs Zeno, right? Immortal, Trigon is also telepathic, invulnerable, telekinetic, can discharge energy projectiles and can totally manipulate reality and transmute matter. Superman once admitted fearing J’onn’s power and it’s easy to understand why. Quora is better than VS and Spacebattles but there are definitely better forums. Rune King Thor vs Zeno Sama # Zeno Sama Ok. soratoumiga 1 y 7 mo 29 d . Quora is retarded. Why do people say only Kid Buu has god ki. Leagues above most singular heroes or villains, Superboy-Prime stems from a universe much like our own, where he was the only person with superpowers. He can teleport, travel between dimensions (including Heaven and Hell), time travel, fire energy blasts, dispel magic, can survive without air, manipulate reality, visit people in their dreams, is omniscient and cannot be hurt through physical means. Goodness knows when/if we’ll see the bizarre villain again. mistermikeymike 1 year ago #11. Please stop the wank. *does her janpuu dance*. With a thought he can manipulate reality, summon nuclear energy, or even let loose a volley of red sun or kryptonite-based radiation at Superman. Good question. During the time he possessed the Ion power, Kyle had all the usual Green Lantern powers like force fields, energy manipulation, and the ability to create constructs with the only limit being his imagination. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Today at CBR we’re looking at 15 characters DC Comics has kept hidden that can totally take down Superman. If he were, every problem would be over in an instant. Superman vs. Hulk in an arm-wrestling contest The table they're wrestling on is indestructible and they are following standard arm wrestling … Already made primarily of living energy, Captain Atom’s only legitimate weakness is overusing his powers, which leaves him unable to maintain a physical form. One of DC’s premiere magic users, there are few more adept at the arcane arts than the Phantom Stranger. He uses his abilities primarily to assist other heroes, but the Stranger will get personally involved if a situation is dire enough. So no, Superman is not Multiversal because it's against an opponent who underestimated him and suffered the consequences for it.

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