[13], After Vetrix enhanced his own powers by taking most of Hart Tenjo's Barian power (even though the ritual was canceled before it was finished), he demonstates his newly acquired power by channeling it into a small, but expanding destructive ball of energy. [11], He is also able to manipulate the memories of others, with which he can either steal from those he defeats like Dextra's love for Kite[1]and even modify as he changed Shark's memories to make it appear that Yuma and Dr. Faker were responsible for what happened to his sister instead of Quattro. Quattro was hurt, saying that he, Trey and and Quinton did everything for Vetrix - why would he chose Shark as the assassin instead. Always pushing himself to the limit in order to prove himself, Yuuma soon … [25] He first saw the memory in which the Tenjo brothers lived peacefully before meeting Mr. Heartland. After Trey returned to the hotel where his family was staying, Vetrix comforts him at his bedside. Can Yuma figure out a way to outduel Vetrix, or will Vetrix and his devastating deck destroy Yuma's chance of being a champion?! He complemented Quattro on his counters, but told him that he intended to make Shark an assassin to defeat Dr. Faker. Vetrix responded that he was disappointed in both Trey and Quattro. When the Triad of Terror were defeated after Anna Kaboom and Nistro allied with Yuma, Vetrix remarked that Yuma's true power was that of his bond with his friends. To destroy Vetrix's link with Hart, Yuma invaded Heartland Tower and managed to enter Hart's mind to find Vetrix appearing in the form of a dragon, which Yuma managed to destroy with "Number 39: Utopia". Vetrix determined they had to find a way to stabilize the worlds long enough for the Duel to come to its conclusion. Knowing Kite is very important to Dextra, he erased all her memories about him after winning the Duel simply to make her suffer. It all comes down to this! As he is their father, he is the most respected out of his family, as when Quattro talked back to him, Quinton stood up for him and scolded Quattro. [13] When the opposite occurred, Vetrix became much more interested in Yuma and devised various methods to attack him mostly out of interest in his power. [11] Though an important reason for his revenge on Faker was not just for sending him through the rift between dimensions, but for having his body torn apart at by the galaxy which has replaced the left side of it, as well as having his memories of his beloved family being taken from him. Use the HTML below. [5] During Trey's Duel with Yuma, Vetrix alongside Quinton observed the Duel from a balcony, where Quinton felt nervous about whether or not Trey can win, but Vetrix reassured Quinton that he will with the power which he granted him. Created by Kazuki Takahashi. Vetrix's "Number 56: Gold Rat" was destroyed by Yuma's "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja". After Vetrix enhanced his own powers by taking … [24], During the ritual, Vetrix was able to access Hart's memories. Byron had Chris stay behind, and he goes with Kazuma and Faker to travel to the destination. [11], While trapped there, he was rescued by a group of Barians, one of them whom granted him Barian power in exchange for him agreeing to help collect the "Numbers" and destroy the Astral World, as beings from the Barian World could not interact with it themselves. Despite this, Shark managed to rescue Yuma at the cost of his own Life Points with "Underwater Snow Prison", causing Yuma to win. [2][12] He is also capable of absorbing "Numbers" after defeating his opponents. Search for "Sphere of Fear: Part 1" on Amazon.in, Title: This outraged Vetrix, causing him to smash the observation boxes windows out of anger and he vows to finish Yuma off, nice and slowly. Vetrix appeared in the Barian World (now fully fused with Earth), while Kazuma appeared in the Astral World. [22] He granted each of his sons a crest, which imbued them with great powers. Kazuma thanked Vetrix for his help, calling him "old friend". [14] Vetrix later rescues Dr. Faker, Kite, and Yuma from falling into a chasm at the collapsing Sphere Field chamber, showing that he has forgiven Faker and given up his plans for revenge, returning to his original personality. [4] After falling into the other dimension, he became obsessed with taking revenge against Faker, going as far as hurting others to reach that goal. If this dragon is slain, Vetrix's control fades and he suffers a psychic backlash. Vetrix, known as Tron in the Japanese and Italian versions and born Byron Arclight,[4] is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Kazuma revealed that there were actually twenty-three passage points, something he had determined while exploring. The effect of "Heraldry Crest" negated even this attack, but Yuma survived with the effect of "Lightning Blade".[6]. During that time he left a portion of his soul within Hart's consciousness, which allows him to inflict pain onto him when he wishes and use him as a human shield against Kite. Vetrix responded by bringing out three "Numbers" in a single turn - "Number 10: Illumiknight", "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction" and "Genon-Heritage". [5], Though his appearance is that of a child younger than the rest of the Vetrix Family, he is their father. Kite managed to grab hold of him, but fell himself, attaching his Duel Anchor to Yuma in an attempt to get them back up. [12], Vetrix can envelop himself in red light, identical to that of Yuma before he merges with Astral using ZEXAL. Kazuma agreed, and the two entered energy forms of the same colors used by Yuma and Astral before using ZEXAL.

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