Their peaceful countenance beckons you to want to just rest under their shade and just […], How To Paint Your Own Garden Figurines and Décor, Painting Garden Figurines and Outdoor Décor Painting your garden figurines can add a unique and personal touch to your yard, patio and flower beds. Right now, it is still a small tree. 'Akebono' (also known as 'Daybreak') - This is a selection of the species with light pink blooms that fade to white on a tree which grows to 25' tall and wide. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. The Yoshino cherry tree (Prunus x yedoensis) is widely considered one of the most beautiful flowering ornamental trees. Not only is it a real beauty, but I now have a little story to tell about the first year it bloomed for us. I love these pictures, especially the one you took on Good Friday. 'Shidare Yoshino' (also known as f. perpendens) - This is a famous weeping form of the species, most notable for the grouping around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. that provide a show every spring. Full Sun Soil tolerances: Clay, Loam, Sand, Acidic, Alkaline, Moist and Well Drained, Select a Well Drained Area for Your Yoshino Cherry tree. Provide good drainage in an acidic soil for best growth. A few short years later, we moved […], Alexander aka Alexandrina Magnolia I love all Magnolias, from the huge, gorgeous Southern Magnolia to the smaller Little Gem Magnolia. We never share your info. From Osaka, the trip is not so long, with a one hour ride using JR lines (from Tennoji and with a change at Oji – 840 yen), or the Kintetsu lines (from Abenobashi station, 970 yen). Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), [Heisei#75] Ancient Japanese History in Nara's Horyu-ji temple, [Heisei#74] Oigawa Railway steam locos running through tea fields daily. EARTH DAY SALE. Since areas vary, I would always defer to the recommendations of a local nursery since they are most familiar with your soil. All of the photos in this article are pictures of my very own Yoshino Cherry tree. When we moved into our house 21 years ago, the backyard was bare. Some hardy chrysanthemums will come back every year if you simply snap them back before the winter […], The Glorious Appearance of the Sugar Maple Tree, One of the most spectacular visions in fall is the gorgeous Sugar Maple tree! This Yoshino Cherry tree is truly a lovely flowering tree. Of […], A Rose of Sharon Bush Makes a House Feel Like Home I love my Rose of Sharon Bush! The area hosts 30.000 cherry trees – and more are planted every year. Throughout most of the year, this hardy tree is green. Plus, these little bushes […], This site is intended for use by persons who are 18 years or older. It is a graceful plant 20' tall with a spread of 30' that is covered in white blooms every spring. We opted for the Kousa Dogwood tree because it is more disease resistant than other varieties. Winter form, yellow fall color, and pretty bark make this a year round favorite. Properly planting and caring for the tree as it grows is the best way of avoiding these pitfalls. Shop Fall Color! Once arrived in Yoshino station, a short ropeway ride (360 yen one way or 610 yen round trip) allows to reach the village on the crest. Which also explains why cherry trees are so important in the area nowadays. When we [...], I love gardening, but I absolutely hate pulling weeds! Growth Rate: Moderate. It was founded by En-no-Gyoja on the mountain crest and house the most impressive effigies of Zao Gongen. With full, colorful blooms and strong growth, our Yoshino Cherry Tree is a must-have for lovers of flowering trees, especially since it's one of the first to bloom each spring. Over 20 years ago, I started painting a verdigris finish on the concrete figurines in my own private sanctuary, otherwise known as my backyard. Plus, container flower gardening is just simply beautiful and convenient. One of my favorite bushes is the […], Mums – Hardy Chrysanthemums for Beautiful Fall Color, Chrysanthemums are among the leading flowers for our backyard gardens in fall. They warm up to attractive shades of yellow, orange … Raking, bending over to pick up the leaves, then bagging [...], During the fall and winter, birds are not as visibly active as they are during the spring and summer. I do request that you not copy, download or use these photos without prior written permission from me. The digital materials (images and text) available from the UConn Plant Database are protected by copyright. Mount Yoshino is two hours away from Nara city, and slightly less from Osaka, in the rural and mountainous center of the prefecture. Many years ago, I purchased my first bulb planter tool and immediately fell in [...], Raking leaves in the fall can be a back-breaking task. When our son selected a Yoshino Cherry tree as the next addition to our garden, we were all thrilled with that choice. Mount Yoshino is a part of the 2004 World Heritage nominated area known as the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range. Container gardening is a logical solution when you live in an apartment, have a small yard or if you have pets who like to run, play or dig in your yard. Of course, to keep them blooming during the summer months, you must water them often. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. We are able to enjoy new blossoms in our yard all Spring. [...], I’ll be the first to admit that having a garden utility cart makes a world of difference when working in [...], The Jane Magnolia aka Magnolia Liliflora The Jane Magnolia Tree Blooms   Our home would not be complete without our Jane Magnolia Tree. Your email address will not be published. Select another tree to plant if soil is poorly drained but otherwise Yoshino Cherry adapts to clay or loam. Welcome aboard! [...], The Beauty of a Red Maple Tree I have several Maple trees in my yard. Because En-no-Gyoja first carved and worshiped an effigy out of cherry tree, that kind of tree had been at the heart of his cult. […], Flower Gardening in Containers and Pots Container gardening in pots is easy flower gardening. If you live outside of the U.S., this site will help you determine your planting zone. The brilliant fall foliage is such a beautiful contrast to the overcast days and the fading summer beauty. There was no landscaping of any kind except grass. Your email address will not be published. One of our neighbors has an adult Yoshino Cherry tree in their yard and we have spent the last 15 years enjoying it’s blooms, but this year we had our own. We call the Flowering Pear Trees our “gentle giants” because they are huge, but when the wind blows they sway like graceful ballerinas. In our area, the Yoshino Cherry tree blooms somewhere around the beginning of April. Your photos are stunning! If you live in the US, you can enter your zip code and find out your gardening hardiness zone. Yet the pilgrimage way starts in this very sacred mountain – Yoshinoyama. Public use via the Internet for non-profit and educational purposes is permitted. However, here is a basic guide for planting your Yoshino Cherry tree. Yoshino Cherry Tree. It is filled with stunning blossoms from [...], I Love My Bulb Planting Tool! It bears white flowers. But Yoshino is also the birthplace of Shugendo, a mountain worship that began 1300 years ago with the ascetic and mystic En-no-Gyoja. It will be interesting to see what other miracles it will display. There are over a dozen varieties of dogwood trees. Yoshino cherry trees are one of many flowering cherry tree varieties grown for their delightful springtime displays of blossoms. After its creation by En-no-Gyoja, Shugendo was divided between two branches: the Yoshino-Kumano in Kansai and the Dewa sanzan one in Tohoku. The shrines and temples of Yoshino area are among the most special we visited, somewhere in the middle between Buddhism and Shintoism. 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