I became very active in the forum and the community, to the point where on the old forum, I had twice as many posts as the second most active poster. New in R1 is ListBox.HeaderBackgroundPaint and HeaderContentPaint. for iOS). The 2020.02 release is free for existing 2020 users and is highly recommended for all users. The transition to 64-bit was a huge multi-year project. I also plan to ditch the pro licence in favor of a desktop one, since the other offerings (iOS, Web, and probably Android) are really not pro level. The documentation for Web 2.0 isn’t as clear cut as I’d like too and I disagree with some of the property groupings for the Inspector. They changed the name from Realbasic to Xojo just to get rid of the Basic name. They decided that it wasn’t worth converting to API 2 for existing work. I was fairly active in the community. When comparing Visual Basic vs Xojo, the Slant community recommends Xojo for most people.In the question“What is the best programming language to learn first?”Xojo is ranked 34th while Visual Basic is ranked 59th. I can’t imagine why someone would use it if they were targeting just Windows or MacOS. The comical stance that professional developers are not the core users of Xojo:  Xojo will deny this, of course, but I’ve been around for 20 years in this community. Even more interesting are the new WebListbox Cell Renderer classes. In 2002, the first Windows IDE of REALbasic is announced. If it becomes usable on Windows too then I know where I go next …. There also seem to be a few companies supporting the development but who knows …. Besides an obvious facelift there are some very nice features that have been added. Xojo is self-hosted: the Xojo IDE is built with the current release of Xojo. At some point we got the message that the Xojo developers couldn’t reproduce this despite all the information. And sorry again for your troubles. iOS development with Xojo is terrible. MBS Functions are always faster: Sometimes MBS *is* faster but not always. With the API 2.0 they now get rid of Basic-style stuff like Dim etc. Incredibly verbose language. I believe Xojo is by far the easiest method to create a X-platform app from scratch. In fact, Xojo itself is even made with Xojo! – Massive problems and errors are usually not solved in the short term, if at all. It’s the changes that don’t make sense that irritate me. Try a free trial! Also available is Xojo Pro, a bundle that includes added support, guaranteed beta program access, access to a Xojo professionals' forum, 3x … HTMLViewer has a new event called JavaScript request that gets raised when using the ExecuteJavaScript and ExecuteJavaScriptSync methods. I hope Xojo (the company) does well. They’ve been banging on about android for ages but if their iOS offering is anything to go by I suspect Android will be poor too. Among some of the big additions is the ability to load data dynamically using the WebDataSource. This much anticipated release has a completely rewritten from the ground up Web API that takes Xojo web applications to a whole new level in terms of look and feel with themes, new controls, and new functionality. [17] In 2010, to combat the perception that it was similar to the original BASIC, it was renamed Real Studio. Ever since Xojo adopted the Rapid Release Model (RRM) there have been critics. When I say business I mean databases and reports because that’s practically every application we’ve done for the past twenty years. It is a bit disheartening to hear about their communication, but, I will work with them for as long as I can, then will move on if it no longer is a fit. Maybe it’s no longer a viable market. Sorry to throw this out, but you can’t discuss this stuff on their turf anymore. The operating system on the client is less important. What are the best cross-platform GUI toolkits. For large databases ARGen is now faster in the project generation with improvements to the internal XML creation. That means we picked up at least two big projects a year and a ton of smaller filler projects. Look, I get it, they want to present a consistent look to the world but the almost fanatical control of the forum feels…desperate. Performance ? Hell, maybe the users that know Xojo the best are the hardest ones to please. The new web framework takes advantage of all that modern web browsers have to offer, providing a more robust foundation[33] to build responsive web apps. both of those communities have larger amounts communication. Controls galore. One goal we should all strive for is to write code that is clean and simple enough that when we look at it six months or six years from now there’s no issue figuring out what it does. Xojo 2020 R1 was released today. Again this is a silly oversight on our part long ago but since since we didn’t do many console projects it makes sense that we didn’t have it. to solve a current problem with macOS. Reason alone enough to upgrade. of a report as well as do some sorting, grouping, and also allow the user to ask for criteria before the report is generated. Innovation has happened and can’t be denied. Still they have to many projects…. These are our findings: – We prefer the development with Javascript e.g. The core, heavily used parts are very solid, but when you get out to more fringe, specialized functionality, the quality is hit or miss. Doing database development in Xojo is NOT Rapid Application Development (RAD) because you have to deal with everything database related yourself and the IDE and compiler give you zero help. Maybe it *is* easier to find new buyers than to appease existing customers for renewals. For more information and to download please visit https://strawberrysw.com/argen. While most of Web 2.0 is very exciting and enticing those that have an existing Web 1.0 project will most likely not be very happy. If I get the x-plat need again, it’s either Xojo or Electron depending on what I need to do. What are the best free cross-platform (mobile and desktop no web) app development frameworks that can be used to create commercial apps? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If the project type doesn’t support API 2 (like Web and iOS projects) it’s not an option. Since the Xojo sample code (buddhabrot) also crashed, we hoped for a quick solution. That created a real RAD environment that we got very comfortable with. I’ve seen a lot of developers come and go. It’s growing on me, and because I’m firmly entrenched in X-Platform and don’t have the time to learn how to program Macs, I expect I’ll be here for a while. Using platform invoke, it's very easy to use the win32 api in vb.net. While Web 1.0 had WebStyles they really were hard to use. Let’s dive into it! I’ve said that often before. In December 2014, Xojo iOS, Xojo's first mobile platform, is released. I hope the Xojo (the language) takes off and becomes more utilized. If they created one they would have more impetus to fix parts of their product. Directory scanning *is* faster using MBS but only in classic API. For new projects and for the redesign of our main product we don’t want to use Xojo anymore, because we don’t trust Xojo anymore and Xojo has no future from our point of view. While no system is completely impenetrable, Xojo Cloud gives you security from day one. and posts get deleted rather quickly. Do cross-platform apps now use a different language? I was very excited back then when I found out about Realbasic back then: I could hack some stuff together on a Mac too. Listbox Header drawing events. Among some of the big additions is the ability to load data dynamically using the WebDataSource.

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