affil. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. Made by dissolving metallic tin in mercury and squeezing the sticky "amalgam" onto the glass surface with heavy weights over a period of weeks, these were the mirrors that made the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles famous. Reactivity series IN ORDER OF MOST REACTIVE. 0000010510 00000 n (These sextants are English and German) I have a Russian sextant with front surface mirrors but I don't know what metal and there is no perceived difference The thin coating follows the contour of the surface and every imperfection shows. Environmentally stable silver mirrors can be made by including various overcoat layers. 0000004513 00000 n Secondly, please let us know if there is any manufacturer of such thing. By using aluminum mirrors, telescopes can have the best reflectance in the UV and far IR regions and nearly the best in the visible and near IR regions. While this makes a very reflective mirror, it is so thin that the mirror is blue (complementary color to yellow) when held up to the light and the backing paint also therefor serves to make the mirror opaque. or from Abe Books 0000038454 00000 n Do you know other coating suitable for mirror finish aluminium? 0000039000 00000 n 0000056560 00000 n A. Hi, Zahid. We produce the silver mirror, I don't know the exact difference between the silver mirror and aluminium mirror, but I know the aluminium mirror is usually made by the sheet glass, the silver mirror are made by the float glass. & Install'nChemicals & Consumables ----. Q. A. 1. Silver would be ideal for telescope mirrors and other demanding optical applications, since it has the best initial front-surface reflectivity in the visible spectrum. A modern "wet" process for silver coating treats the glass with tin(II) chloride to improve the bonding between silver and glass. Q. Hi, It has the best reflectivity in the infrared spectrum, and has high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. But to a few readers 'aluminum mirror' apparently meant a polished sheet of aluminum metal. A. I presumed that Matthew was inquiring about inexpensive pocket mirrors made by polishing a sheet of aluminum, but I could be wrong. by Wernick, Pinner & Sheasby elemental silver, and deposited onto the glass. 0000002226 00000 n Thanks, J. Aluminum coated glass is a front coated mirror. "popup": { A protective layer of paint is usually applied to protect the back side of the reflective surface . Log in. Log in. 8 aluminium sheet. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ Why silver is used in making mirrors? 0000055854 00000 n and, more importantly 0000032248 00000 n In that application it is rugged, durable, highly reflective, and ubiquitous. Does anyone know at which temperature aluminum mirrors start to be oxidized under standard environmental conditions? Anyone care to shed some light on this please? For reflective property specifications of an aluminum vs. silver coating, I suggest you read this chapter from the CVI Melles Griot product catalog: Ask your question. Q. I want to thank you on the best answer I have found online about how to tell silver from aluminum. Only in the 1990s did large 8–meter class telescope projects like the Gemini Observatory and the European Southern Why Silver – A Scientific Perspective By Tom Geballe 0000056347 00000 n [11] Nevertheless, some modern telescopes use silver, such as the Kepler space observatory. Silver mirrors reflect more red and yellow tones than their aluminum counterparts which reflect bluer tones. There are aluminum float mirror, aluminum sheet mirror, silver float mirror, silver sheet mirror, aluminum mirror does not mean sheet mirror, silver mirror does not mean float mirror, this is important. To most of the contributors in this thread, 'aluminum mirror' means a glass mirror with an aluminum reflective film deposited on it in lieu of the usual silvering. Last year we imported a new set of machinery from China and started making aluminium mirrors on clear float glass. 0000010578 00000 n Aluminum is deposited on mirrors by a PVD vacuum metallizing process; it's not a matter of liquids like for silvering of mirrors. Regards. ©1995-2020, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About   -  Privacy Policy In fact, the float glass's quality is higher than the sheet glass. - Aluminium no. 0000013515 00000 n "button": { The thin tinfoil used to silver mirrors was known as "tain". That is indeed great coverage of the issues. My only question would be is there a less caustic Soda than Drano, like Baking soda or some other, that will do the fizz test? 0000002740 00000 n G. G. Q. Hi, 2. 0000002883 00000 n I don't know enough about the SiO2 coating to answer your question, but the traditional coating is a thin layer (0.00008" or so) of anodizing. We are using polycarbonate .08 to .125 thick mirrors for our aircraft interiors. How much will reflectivity drop from normal oxidation (~1month / 1year timeframe)? Q. Greetings All, 9th Edition, Vol. We compete with manufacturers of "silver mirrors". 0000009339 00000 n Maybe you could summarize the steps and information already listed, and ask specific questions where the steps seem unclear to you? The reflection is specular i.e. Household mirrors are coated on the back while mirrors used in optical applications feature front-surface mirrors. For the application of silver to a metal surface using mercury, see, "Daily events and images of the installation of the BBSO New Solar Telescope", "The Origins of Mirrors and their uses in the Ancient World", "Historic Mercury Amalgam Mirrors: History, Safety and Preservation", "Ueber die Producte der Oxydation des Alkohols", "Ueber Versilberung und Vergoldung von Glas", "English Patents of Inventions, No. } I would like to custom build a large, 4 foot parabolic dish and I need a coating with a mirror finish for a primary mirror for a telescope. ALUMINIUM SHOULD NOT BE USED HERE IN THIS NEW MATERIAL. 0000056009 00000 n The method involves vacuum coating inside a chamber. As for resistance to wear and contamination, silver is pretty much inert when properly backed with paint - copper is indeed sometimes used to absorb airborne contaminants that would tarnish the silver but good mirror backing paints generally make this unnecessary. You would realise it if you try to use the Al coated glass as mirror - either look at your own image or reflect a beam of light on to a wall. see our Review, affil. If aluminum is not as durable, then why do most astronomical telescopes (including observatory based ones) use aluminum coating on their primary mirrors? If there's no coating, light would pass through the “mirror” because it would be transparent. I'm no optics expert, but it certainly sounds like front surface mirrors are your only choice. In a vacuum, the hot aluminum atoms travel in straight lines. 0000031633 00000 n And nobody will be getting thumbprints on astronomical mirrors. On the glass chosen as the base material silver coating is done. But if you also want to reflect infrared there are two extra points In modern aluminum silvering, a sheet of glass is placed in a vacuum chamber with electrically heated nichrome coils that can evaporate aluminum.

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