It is one of the elements up the product’s price point. But why are they so expensive when compared to other similar double walled vacuum sealed bottles with similar if not better performance? Hydro Flask outer shell is supposed to make the bottles hard-wearing enough to stay in the wilderness for some days and make an advertising statement simultaneously. Store Hot Items in Them Too. Here is my Hydro Flask Review. They work really well and do what people want them to do…keep drinks cold or hot. Keep your drinks cold and icy for 24 hours straight. Available in six colors with different sizes, this Hydro Flask will cost you somewhat around $44.95 to $88.99, depending on the type you choose. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Well, great. Are they worth spending money on? After building buzz and selling extremely well in Oregon in 2012 they began expanding over the Northwest in 2013 and then ultimately going worldwide. If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to hand wash constantly, you may want to find a bottle that is dishwasher safe. When it comes to retaining the temperature, try to put ice in the bottle and place it in a car that’s sitting in the sun. But here's why I'm in love with my Hydro Flask. What are they to do with lukewarm water in outside temperatures? They are also backed by a HUGE lifetime warranty which means if your product breaks at any point due to manufacturing defects then you can contact Hydro Flask and they will replace it for you free of charge. But after proving their product worked, by sending them in the mail full of ice or sale reps leaving them at the stores telling the owners to call them once the ice had melted, the bottles started to sell. Some of my coworkers use the 20 ouncers, some use the 32, and some us the 16. Posted by. They are constantly releasing new colors and even gradient colored bottles that instantly become trendy. Hydro Flasks have to be hand washed to ensure that they will function properly. Also, they don't sweat into our work bags or gym bags so there is no chance important documents or changes of clothing are soaked by cold water sweat. The caps and lids on these bottles are designed to be the maximum leakproof, at the same time, smooth to open. To know more about those features, let's dive in. This hasn't been accomplished by Hydro Flask doing amazing marketing campaigns, but the product has spread like wildfire through word of mouth and then school kids and college students took a liking to the bottles and started customizing them and creating an even bigger trend. The Hydro Flask will keep things so cool that even ice will not melt for hours. We hope you love the products we recommend! Hydros get the job done and, with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, there is a Hydro for everyone. Disclosure. Influencers, models, actors, and especially college students have gone gaga over the need to hydrate oneself. That may be true. Also, they do not sweat into our work bags or gym bags, so there’s no risk to essential files or clothing adjustments. They created caps using a honeycomb pattern and steel lugs that allowed the bottle to hold its inner temperatures more competently. To know more about those features, let’s dive in. Many of these colors are bright, vibrant and can be seen from a mile away. The reasons mentioned above such as updated Thermos technology make the Hydro Flasks so expensive. It is still bright and beautiful. When the plastic bottles became an issue for people’s health, nobody could afford, paying as much as $60 to stay away from the single-use plastic bottles completely. Walk into any high school or college campus and you’ll be surrounded by people carrying them. The Hydro Flask looks like exactly what it is: a sleek, insulated, color-coated stainless-steel container for storing liquid. I'd bet even longer than 24 hours for cold, too." How Does A Hydro Flask Bottle Keep Water Cold? Learn more about me and The Cooler Box. Yes, even the lid types can match your lifestyle and preference. So, all-in-all, I think the Hydro Flask deserves the hype that it's gotten. Try the Hydro Flask out for yourself! The spout lid will prevent the brews from accidental spills. We spent around 42 hours just find the … This helps drive sales in the younger demographic and then parents are also likely to buy their own Hydro Flasks once the kids get them. "It does exactly what it says it does! For me, 100%. Popular Mechanics would like to remind you that the vacuum technology, which Hydro Flask uses, is more than 100 years old and was first introduced by Stanley Thermos (yes, that Thermos). So, why are Hydro Flask bottles more expensive? It wasn't long before Hydro Flask was partnering with outdoor companies like Patagonia and REI to become the water bottle force that it is today. For me it’s the beach or the hinterland but for a lot of my readers it’s hunting, fishing, camping or a variety of other outdoor activities. What Hydro Flask did was to adapt that technology so that it might be used in a different way. This can be okay at first but, after a while, it may become a burden to have to constantly hand wash your Hydro. They still perform well, they just don't perform as well as some other brands. Because they're teens and because such materialism is beneath them (via Eater). Whether you are going to the gym or for a walk, this product is worth every penny you spend on it. It sucks to buy an expensive Hydro Flask only to find out that your Hydro Flask lid is leaking. "With Millennials, fitness and health are themselves signals," says NYU marketing professor Tülin Erdem (via The Atlantic). What is the deal with hydro flask water bottles and why are they so expensive? It says it keeps your beverage cold or hot for hours, and well.. it really does. The team revealed the best feature of all: "You can do a great Bane impersonation talking into your Hydro Flask when it's empty." After my family used mine, they decided to get their own. They are also built to be extremely durable and their powder coated paint is a strong and durable paint that is less prone to scratching. They have always offered bright and fun colors which appeal to a younger demographic as well as more subtle colors that appeal to outdoor adventurers and adults. The insulation is perfect, which means you can take it during the vacations and have refreshing drinks all the time. Here’s why the benefit of owning the Hydro Flask water bottle has proven to be worth my self-loathing. I use, sigh, a water bottle. Even today, Thermos is synonymous with the concept of keeping hot beverages hot. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Another selling point for this product is the Silicone sleeve. I don't need a coaster," says Curtis "It's great for beer, too." They also have plenty of sizes to choose from based on your needs; from a smaller size for a nice, hot tea in the morning, to a ridiculously large size to carry water for a hike. To explain the innovative marketing ploy, Allan says, "We had to get people to experience the product, and we couldn't do that by telling them or through a picture."

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