Congress did not dictate why red, white, and blue were chosen for the flag in their resolution. It is not clear, however, why the colors red, white, and blue were chosen. There are a few forums about this you can find by Googling "white rice turns purple". In this resolution, two new stars and two more stripes were added to the design, which symbolized the addition of Vermont and Kentucky into the Union. Nine obviously different colonies are numbered: some colony types recur in various areas of the plate (note # 3 and # 4). Color of colonies, pigmentation: white, buff, red, purple, etc. Does the entire colony have the color, or is it more like a bull’s eye? See variations in colonial morphology among various species of bacteria. "The Betsy Ross Flag" believed to have been originally designed and sewn by Elizabeth Griscom, known as Betsy Ross. Transformation has several functions. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 8 pages. The white color of the colonies indicates that the gene of interest was properly inserted into the plasmid containing the β-galactosidase gene.This indicates that the gene of interest was properly inserted because the gene of interest disrupts the β-galactosidase gene in the plasmid. The original design had six-sided stars representing the thirteen colonies on a field of blue with red and white stripes. On 1782, he consolidated the designs and work from the three committees tasked with creating a National Seal. After the rout of American forces at Bladensburg... A s the sun broke the horizon on September 13,... Fancis Scott Key was born on August 1, 1779. A popular belief is that Elizabeth Griscom, a Philadelphia flag maker who was also known as Betsy Ross, sewed the first “official” flag in June 1776. Or you may want to use the Quebec colony counter since it has a magnifying glass, and a light behind the plate stage. The Auditor General, James Milligan, and the Chamber of Accounts, investigated his claim and noted that Hopkinson was not the only person on the Navy Committee or the three Great Seal committees, so he should not singularly be called out and compensated for his work.   Terms. Bacteria are plated on selective agar medium containing the antibiotic ampicillin and the substrate X-gal. Does incubation temperature affect the color? Explain these results. Use a dissecting/stereoscopic microscope for more detail. Two circles have been drawn around merging colonies, where the species of the 2 colonies are different. -If bacterium recieved the original plasmid containing the original plasmid containing the intact lacZ gen, the cells will hydrolyze X-gal to produce a blue-colored compound. However, the British East India Company’s flag ranged from nine to thirteen red and white stripes and was usually only flown when it was sailing in the Indian Ocean. New York Institute of Technology, Westbury, Blue:White Cloning of a DNA Fragment and Assay of a Beta-Galactrosidase Cell Phys Lab report, White Cloning of a DNA Fragment and Assay of ß-galactosidase, BLG888 - 2018 - Example of lambda DNA restriction mapping.pdf, New York Institute of Technology, Westbury • BIOL 430l, New York Institute of Technology, Westbury • BIOL 410l, The City College of New York, CUNY • BIOLOGY 10200, The Molecular Biology of DNA Amplification by PCR, University of Southern California • BISC 320, Copyright © 2020. The current flag has fifty stars and has remained unchanged since Alaska and Hawaii entered the Union in 1959 and 1960 respectively. This belief originated with William J. Canby, Ross’ grandson. Make sure that the dish is right-side up.

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