He captured Grover in "St. Augustine's Bridal Boutique" and Grover pretended to be a female Cyclops so Polyphemus wouldn't eat him. Because she did not really love the giant, she has an affair with Acis. Unlike in the book, he only takes Grover prisoner after the latter is captured and forced by Luke Castellan's henchmen to lead them to the Golden Fleece.. Galatea flees but returns to transform Acis’ spirit into the spirit of the Sicilian river. In some pictures, he is chasing his human prey while other show him eating them. In a dialogue of Lucian of Samosata, we learn that Doris, a sister of Galatea, was jealous of her sister’s happy love story. As the ship reached farther away from the land, Odysseus decided to tell the giant his real name. He then had a single eye in the center of his forehead. Polyphemus began to scream, begging the other giants on the island to help him. He then fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, Polyphemus still had to tend to his sheep. On a Laconian kylix (ca. It is where Polyphemus the cyclops and his sheep live. The myths surrounding him are often contradictory, with some portraying him as an evil monster while others show a less aggressive side of the giant. He was a giant and one of the Cyclopes featured in Greek mythology. The Sea of Monsters (Film) Again, sources are a bit contradictory but it is said that Polyphemus and Galatea had a son named Galatos. Annabeth used her invisibility cap to sneak in his cave while Percy held on to the bottom of a sheep. When Polyphemus returned to the cave, Odysseus offered the giant some strong wine. While exploring the island, he and his men entered a cave that was stocked with delicious food. In Theocritus2 he appears as a gentle shepherd in love with Galatea, finding solace in song. Galatea is seated on a dolphin while Polyphemus, who is represented here as a shepherd, watches her. Polyphemus fell for the trick because he can't see very well, due to Odysseus who partly blinded him by jabbing him in the eye. While originally appearing cooperative, Polyphemus double crossed the group and almost killed them until Tyson arrived on the island and hit Polyphemus with a rock, sending him over the cliff. Polyphemus is no different and he is also associated with his blindness. This was a mistake though because Polyphemus asked his father to seek revenge on the man who had taken his sight. Odysseus contrived to blind the giant's single eye, and make good his escape with the rest of his men. Tyson then lured the deadly sheep away from the others after grabbing the fleece, while everyone else left the island toward the Queen Anne's Revenge. For other occurances of the name "Polyphemus", click here. Odysseus contrived to blind the giant's single eye, and make good his escape with the rest of his men. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Galatea admits to her that she doesn’t really love the giant but instead entered the relationship as she enjoyed being the one that he chose. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. According to artistic depictions of Polyphemus, he was a giant and a cyclops. Polyphemus became intoxicated and while he was drunk, he asked Odysseus what his name was. Grover is held captive in his cave and later Clarisse is held captive too. He drove it straight into the giant’s eye and it blinded him instantly. It also contains his cave and the Golden Fleece which he "stole" from heroes long ago. Polyphemus was the giant son of the god Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology. The son of Poseidon and Thoosa. Polyphemus is the secondary antagonist in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.He is portrayed by Robert Maillet and voiced by Ron Perlman. He put it into the center of a hot fire, waiting until it glowed bright red with intense heat. His father was Cronus and his brothers were Zeus and Hades. They eventually found Clarisse and Grover trapped by the giant, so they thought up a plan to save them. This saved Odysseus, who eventually escaped the cave. They managed to escape the island, but Clarisse's taunts allowed Polyphemus to hit their ship with a rock and sink it. When the giant awoke, he immediately ate two more men, removed the stone, led his sheep out and then trapped the men inside again.

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