“It’s right that the best way to encourage companies to do something different is to make what they do now too expensive, and that is what carbon tax does,” said Tom. This campaign is about encouraging children to run again.” “We now serve customers from the private market all over Norway.” As such, they have already secured significant funding since launching their vision – Sustainable Chemistry 2030. A wave machine, wind generator and lighting are all used to create different scenarios. Spending on cars, furniture and electrical appliances – major markets for the chemical industry - massively dropped as people tightened their belts. America’s ability to produce chemicals cheaply is already having a huge knock-on effect. The counter-points must be backed up by legal principles, theories and other reports. They want high Western standards.” f. Since, the debate is conducted on an online platform; each participant’s video should be turned on throughout the round. Cefic would like to see all chemical tariffs eliminated, and hopes the negotiations, which are expected to be finalised in two years, will lead to greater regulatory transparency and co-operation. To return to my main theme – the unions and the headlines asking “Unions, good or bad?” – I maintain that Seventies-style union behaviour leads to ruin. “It’s a no brainer but governments haven’t set up a campaign like this so it’s down to companies like INEOS to act,” he said. So why has this not been done before? INEOS Nitriles has gone into business with state-owned Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Corporation. Refining has suffered from a poor business environment in Europe since the crisis and low margins. “You have to go there to appreciate the scale of the place,” he said. On the Grangemouth site this year, Unite threatened a strike three times – in February, July and October. Competition can be healthy when it provides feedback to kids about their performance and improvement, when winning is not the sole or primary objective, and when kids get to learn about themselves under challenging situations. “Clearly we would get involved because we are a customer,” said Tom. The occasion – dubbed Industrial Night – was part of European Capital of Culture Marseille-Provence’s tribute to its industrial heritage. During the dispute, a female employee in accounting, who was worried by the union drumbeat, expressed concern about her job and confirmed that the business was in financial difficulty (she prepared the figures each month) in an email that she put out across the site. In short, the availability of low-cost ethane, a natural gas derived from shale gas, has revitalised the US chemical industry, and given it an advantage over many competitors around the world, which rely on naphtha, a more expensive, oil-based feedstock. And they will be the future Great North and London Marathon runners and you can bet that at least one of those 50,000 kids will be at the Olympics.” Competition teaches critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving. Far from being a drain on society, the chemical industry is best placed to understand what needs to be done to create a sustainable world and, more importantly, it knows how to achieve it. With shale gas, that figure is expected to rise. Drillers finally discovered how to squeeze oil and gas out of rock once thought too difficult and too expensive to tap, and now America has so much gas they don’t know what to do with it. Today there is an unprecedented level of care and diligence for the environment and its people.” “That is something INEOS has never done before, and it would have been unheard of for any company to build a gas cracker in the US five or 10 years ago,” said Dennis. Unipetrol has licensed INEOS Technologies’ Innovene S Process so it can manufacture medium density and high density polyethylene at its cracker complex in Litvinov. We had no option but to accede, as the site was not prepared for a strike and it simply would have been too damaging. Chairman Jim Ratcliffe has turned his own passion for running into an initiative, which could, in turn, help to tackle one of the most serious global public health challenges facing the 21st century – child obesity. Europe’s status in the world is under threat. “But who knows? Since the beginning of this year we have strengthened that innate motivation by offering children new forms of competitions and disciplines that are even more attractive now, more challenging and thrilling.David Deister, project manager, German Athletics Federation, Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but co-operation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.The late Franklin D. Roosevelt, former President of the United States, There are enough opportunities in life for children to have a disappointment and to learn to handle that.

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