The only way to know if your child is positive or negative for these conditions is by having chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis performed. It is an awful thing to go through and the wait was unbearable. Some parents want to find out because they feel it will help them get ready. Keep in mind the way they test for this is by measuring the neck of the fetus on an ultrasound, which is not very accurate. Thanks for explaning this. I just got the results back on my Nuchal Translucency test yesterday with a high risk (1:14). My sister in law was positive for three of her 4 girls, and all of them are healthy. yes you can have a false positive, but honestly why is she freaking out? Yes, they can absolutely be inaccurate. There isn't a blood test for Down Syndrome. ???? You can’t get a positive or negative result from a NIPT test. emnio tested positive, child was born with 'slight' cerebral palsy. A friend of mine was told that her daughter may have down's and when she was born she was completely fine. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. Like what did I do to anyone to get such bad karma, it's not karma love, you did nothing wrong and you dont deserve this, no-one does. It will increase her risk of having a miscarriage based on the low chance that the baby has Down Syndrome. thank you for sharing this. If it comes back high risk I’ll likely do the amnio. The only thing I found concerning, which no one... Afp test came back positive for possible Down syndrome. It is so hard I know, but there is hope and your baby will always be remembered ❤. I know there are lots of posts about this but I'm freaking out. High risk doesn’t mean your baby has Down syndrome... it means there is a higher chance that they might have it. Her baby was not tested for Down Syndrome. Those screening tests are not very accurate... look up which one she had on line and check the accuracy rate.. at the time I had mine, the test had a greater than 90% cahnce of showing a false postive! These types of tests look at the baby’s chromosomes to check for Down syndrome. Because two of them are invasive and have the possibility of loosing the baby, I chose the third choice which is a newer test that is called MaterniT21. I think some women are just not educated on what these tests actually mean and I wonder if its their physicians doing a poor job of explaining it to them. This action cannot be undone. I will be taking the test next week. There are a few types of screening tests you can get. I think she needs to not freak out and just relax. It’s your choice which tests to get, and you don’t have to get any of them. This is my first pregnancy and I asked if a lot of people do it and she said no because of that reason. Even genetic counselors admit this is difficult to grasp. You are in my prayers. I would love the baby no matter what. Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. For this one, you get two tests taken at different times. Both the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound and the NIPT blood test are low or high risk results only. Your doctor gets the cells either through your cervix or with a needle through your belly. You may also have the option of an amniocentesis, depending on the level of risk indicated by your screen positive result. The only way to check for sure is with invasive testing (CVS), but … Amnio said she was fine. They give you "odd" like 1 in 100 or 1 in 5 they do not say yes or no from the blood work. conception is a lot more complicated than we give it credit for and at the moment everything knits together theres a lot that can go awry. A “positive” result means your baby most likely has Down syndrome. It’s either low risk or high risk. I am pregnant now and did NO screening test, just the amnio. If she plans to keep the baby regardless of the results, she might consider refusing the amnio. Her baby will be the way the baby is meant to be. We met with a geneticist who said we should have an amnio (I was 36 at the time) and depending on those results could decide what we wanted to do. Will she love the baby less if the baby is down syndrome? It's just that she is in a range that COULD be Down Syndrome. This procedure has about a 1.4% to 1.9% chance of miscarriage , more than the other tests, so it’s only done if the others don’t give clear results. My results say positive or negative. Your doctor will also look for any problems, so you can catch and treat them as early as possible. Your doctor uses a needle to take blood from the umbilical cord. It has two parts: Integrated screening test. It screens for a number or percentage risk. The first one is just like the first trimester combined test. Prayers that all is well with your friend's baby, and just be there for her however it turns out. I don't know exactly what the chances are, but I have a friend who had a false positive amnio, and her daughter was born absolutely normal! This test looks at that DNA for signs of Down syndrome. She's getting an emnio tomorrow, but as of now, FREAKING OUT!!!! How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? It CANNOT conclusively determine if your child has any abnormality. The only way to check for sure is with invasive testing (CVS), but that comes with some risks. Or even a one-in-two, depending on the mothers age? I’ll be getting the CVS test tomorrow for a more accurate diagnosis. My last pregnancy I had a positive result for T21 on my NIPT. its nothing you've done, it's just the complex cohesion of complicated genetic material and when it isnt straightforward as is the case in about 20% of pregnancies, its heartbreaking but in no way down to anything you did.

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