In "Double Exposure", Rick's date and co-worker, Claudia, is haunted by a ghost who makes it so she cannot appear in any pictures. maybe jims possesed by mels dads ghost and thats why hes not talking and stuff,,,maybe he will kill himself like mels dad almost did when paul eastmon possesed him,,. no, Rick Payne does not die, he just goes on an expedition in Another Country and does not return in the duration of the show. The Book of Changes shows up and we learn about "The Watchers." in the 1st epp i saw, (cats claw) i thought that rick was her bf, and jim her brother or something. over a year ago gw_fan_4_eva said… Something to say? I think perhaps it all has to do with him. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Written by It is thought that the actor who plays Payne, Jay Morh, stopped working on Ghost Whisperer to dedicate more time to his own show, Gary Unmarried. we know that Mel and Beth can both see ghosts, ghosts don't have shadows and that ghosts can touch people causing them to respond to a feeling of being touched. Rick Payne was one of the main characters on the show Ghost Whisperer and was portrayed by Jay Mohr. It seems Rick had somewhat of a crush on Melinda when they first met, clearly embarrassed by everything he said to her, afraid it might sound stupid. He is a widower, his wife, Kate, having died in a crane accident before his first appearance in the series. She continues to seek Rick’s help for various paranormal occurrences throughout the rest of the season. and his shadow isnt even there! here is his last appearance: In the fourth season premiere, Rick left Grandview for a new important find in the Himalayas. 2. I don't know how they are going to explain HOW he died though... ur right thefranchise18^^, that would be really random. The character joins the main cast in season three. Jim and Delia are aided by a ghost named Tessa, who is an ancestor of Melinda’s, and locate the trapped Melinda. I have a feeling it will be Payne. Rick Payne becomes a professor at Rockland University and marries his wife, Kate. Also, in the entire closing sequence he appears to be hanging back and not interacting with the others. doesnt that mean anything?? Professor Rick Payne dates his ex Nina Haley, who just became a colleague, even after she admits having a son, Elliot, although he always hated being around kids. Come the beginning of this season, Rick appears to be worried about Melinda after her near death experience. This FAQ is empty. Death isn't the end… it's the beginning. He and his wife live somewhere in Grandview, at some point Kate Payne dies. In "The Weight of What Was", Rick, Jim, and Delia all travel into old Grandview to try finding Melinda. Change ). omg but either way, (4 me anyways) jim or payne, the show would be ruind! Add the first question. Melinda's friend detective Carl Neely discovers the truth. The crush went away after he met Jim, Melinda's husband. Mohr did most of … i only found out bout andrea when i bought the 1st season. He feels that he is taken for granted too often, and likes to tell people this. .. She died by choking on what seemed to be a cheeto. She finds him teaching an occult class at Rockland University. They very much left the door open so that Professor Payne could also come back & at least star in a few eppy's if nothing else. He is a widower; his wife, Kate, having died before his first appearance in the series. She'd rather it was Payne, i'd rather it was no one but if it came to a choice between Payne dying or Jim dying i'd choose Payne dying. At the beginning of season two, Melinda Gordon first seeks Rick Payne's help to save her deceased friend, Andrea Marino, who is being attacked by a dark spirit, Romano. He said he would be back, and he and Melinda hugged. He said he would be back, … Hopefully nobody's dead... especially not Payne.. or Jim. Rick Payne was a main character on the show Ghost Whisperer, and was portrayed by Jay Mohr. Jim and Delia are aided by a ghost named Tessa, who is an ancestor of Melinda's, and locate the trapped Melinda. During the same time when Eli showed, up, Professor Payne moved away from Grandview to teach elsewhere. Rick Payne is a professor at Rockland University portrayed by Jay Mohr. Rick, Jim, and Melinda go as far as breaking into Gabriel's home. I guess we will find out in September of this year.!!!!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pretty much, I agree with lil_leanne92 on everything.

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