But these are the contenders. What day is today? Instead, the full annual trek is covered by successive generations. But if it’s an older female, “she will eat him shortly after he dies,” Scott says. Male bees or drones if you will, only exist for one reason, to mate with the queen. Some males appear to wait for an ideal opportunity to dismount without prompting the female into a cannibalistic rage, though scientists have yet to determine and still debate which is the more adaptive trait for the males: permitting their own consumption in order to complete the process and improve chances of fertilization or making a clean getaway to mate again. But not to paint a completely ideal picture, males sometimes fight to the death, and they often commit infanticide. A pair of sockeye salmon mate in a British Columbia river. Leaves provide very little energy and nutrition and are difficult to digest. However, it’s important that the slug find a mate of its own or comparable size, because if the penis doesn’t quite fit the anatomy of its mate, it gets stuck and the slug is unable to pull out after copulation (which can last for hours). Male spiders “have two sperm-transfer organs, called pedipalps,” which they insert one after the other in the females’ two sperm storage areas, Scott says. Some of our website features may not function as a result. Soaring high above the ground, they use their extraordinary vision to spot prey at extreme distances. When the little male anglerfish successfully sniffs out a female, he bites her releasing an enzyme that fuses them together permanently and then he dwindles into nothing but a small parasitic  lump of sperm attached to her. While scientists have postulated all kinds of evolutionary reasons for sexual cannibalism, their theories are often confounded by three core conflicts: So while there might be an adaptive reason for these relationships it is equally likely that the (usually much larger) female might just decide that a given male will make a better meal than a mate. Male giraffes take a mouthful of the female’s urine to determine if she’d be a good mate. Here are 9 animals that are probably having more fun than you right now. If the female is particularly interested in a certain male, she may even pursue him, rubbing her neck against him to try to get him to rub her rump so she can pee in his mouth. When they collected the data loggers a year later, they made an astonishing discovery about where the terns had flown for a break from the winter weather. Homosexuality is widely practiced (by both genders). Even more impressively, a female leatherback turtle was similarly followed on a journey of 12,744 miles (20,500 km) from its Indonesian breeding ground to feed off the Pacific coast of the US by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US. Famous for their dance moves, male bird of paradise put a lot of effort into attracting females. Your email address will not be published. They first begin their ludicrous lovemaking with some nose rubbing. Though similar to the tree squirrel, it's not related. But a puzzle remains. Rather, it is thought that the male is simply giving the female a gift, by regurgitating food into her mouth. Animals have developed many weird and wonderful mating rituals, but not all are romantic! Male Argiope often mate with females who have just molted, and therefore can’t eat them. We're having fun imagining what life must be like as another creature. For a small duck that generally weighs a little more than a pound (640 grams) and measures around 16 inches (41 centimeters) long from head to tail, Argentine lake duck can have a penis up to 17 inches long, giving them the largest penises of any known bird. In some species, males provide the single biggest food source for the females of their kind. The birds had witnessed midsummer in both hemispheres, and totalled an average of 55,900 miles (90,000km) travel outside of the breeding season to do it. The ruby-throated hummingbird has an estimated flight range of around 1,400 miles. Fun is in the eye of the beholder, and for some, that means rest and relaxation. ", We are all wondering if long-haul migrants can survive without intact staging areas where they can fatten up. That is an impressive trip, but the annual movement of caribou 2,982 miles (4800km) across North America is the current record holder for terrestrial migration according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Once the female stands still long enough to allow the male to mount, coitus is extremely brief, lasting only a few seconds at most, once again proving it’s not the size of the neck, but how you use it. I will never tire of debunking this seriously outlandish human evolution theory from Dr. Lieberman and his followers. Large mantises have been known to eat lizards, mice and small birds – making a male a small snack. No wonder they’re so proud. The cheetah's top speed is around 60 to 65 miles per hour (96.5 to 104 km/hr) and it can sustain this for nearly 1,600 feet, which is a half-kilometer. When it comes to epic journeys as individuals, birds are the ultimate champions. "It's intriguing that the Dutch terns migrated so far to the east, whereas birds from Greenland and Iceland travel considerably shorter distances," says Phillips. Though scientists haven't observed spawning, which they're thought to do at great depths, they have recorded pulses of eel larvae coming from that direction. Even the smallest species are capable of magnificent feats. There have even been accounts of eagles being able to take off with loads in excess of 15 lbs (6.8 kg). These gentle great apes — the closest living relative to humans — are constantly having sex with each other, and for any number of reasons. And if hunting seems like too much of a chore, they can always steal food from hyenas, or simply look for signs of vultures gorging on a ready meal. When it comes to their dagger-like penises (and some even have two) flatworms use it for more than just reproduction. Researchers have suggested that the birds are helped on their way by global wind patterns. This is the longest migration of any mammal. Should the rain from the main vein be acceptable, she will expose her non-quilled underbelly and allow the male to copulate for 2-5 minutes. (Read more about why some animals mate themselves to death.). After her first batch of eggs hatch, “mothers first regurgitate food for newly emerged spiderlings and then let the spiderlings eat her,” says Catherine Scott, a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto in Scarborough. (Related: "Tough Love: Male Parasite Stabs Female in Neck With Penis."). But when it comes time for sex, that's when the fun really starts. In turn, they are extremely inquisitive, excellent problem solvers, and even playful (check out this account of an octopus who stole a diver's camera). They sometimes give birth in this passive position — and even die (their bodies are often found still hanging off tree branches). For males in the animal kingdom, attracting a female isn’t always easy. A number of species have had the misfortune of being domesticated by humans, including various beasts of burden and livestock animals. A female parasite of the Caenocholax-Strepsiptera genus is burrowed in a cricket. 4. Female spiders often get a bad rap as femme fatales that eat their mates, but mother Stegodyphus lineatus spiders die for their young. After selecting a suitable partner, the two parrots will begin “kissing” one another, locking their beaks and playing with each other’s tongues, making these birds one of the few animals to engage in kissing.

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