Zoom Video Webinar Housekeeping Slides. Raise hand. GoToWebinar Housekeeping: Fielding Questions • Please continue to submit your text questions and comments using the Questions panel For more information, please. Title: Webinar Housekeeping 1 WELCOME TO THE ORH WEBINAR SERIES! A Guided Tour of the Rural Veteran Outreach Toolkit Nancy K. Dailey, MSN, RN-BC . Webinar Housekeeping ; Webinar is set for … Housekeeping … Another showstopper is the housekeeping slide. In addition to keeping it short, keep any slides that introduce the topic clutter free. Webinar Housekeeping • Webinar will be recorded • No audio for audience, please ask questions via the Q&A panel • All slides, recordings and documents will be shared post webinar • Attendee view allows … Once you leave today’s webinar, you will receive a survey on the presentation, and we would appreciate if you would complete that and provide your feedback. Housekeeping is content unrelated to your topic that you or someone else feels the audience should be aware of. GWTGInfo@heart.org Note: … A lot of companies actually create a housekeeping slide to show what is available in the webinar console. Please view the notes on the following slide … Housekeeping Slide. In fact, your introductory slides should have two or three sentences, max. The speaker can either highlight what is on the slide or simply let the audience view … Submit questions to Q&A. You will also receive a follow-up email within 24-48 hours with a link to view a recording of today’s webinar. Housekeeping Items • Today’s webinar is scheduled to last 1 hour including Q&A • All dial-in participants will be muted to enable the speakers to present without interruption • Questions can be submitted via the Go To Webinar ‘Questions’ screen at any time • Get the slides … Intro slide with a catchy image along with big readable webinar title; Opening question in a corresponding layout that will focus on the question you want to ask; Agenda slide with a place for main webinar parts; Slide for webinar “housekeeping… Don’t list all housekeeping, achievements, and objectives on one or two slides. 3. Add and customize the following slide to your webinar presentation deck to demonstrate the following: Adjust VoIP audio settings.

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