There were 5,274 farmers' markets in 2009, compared to 2,756 in 1998. The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Strolling of the Heifers 2016 Locavore Index: Which states are most committed to locally-sourced food? Local food is food that is produced within a short distance of where it is consumed, often accompanied by a social structure and supply chain different from the large-scale supermarket system. [18] Locavores seek out farmers close to where they live, and this significantly reduces the amount of travel time required for food to get from farm to table. Looking for new dinner recipes? Think again. In the 2016 Index, the three top-ranking states were Vermont, Maine and Oregon, while the three lowest-ranking states were Nevada, Texas and Florida.[9]. A range of local, State, and Federal regulations guide marketing, food safety, licensing, and other activities related to food production and sale. The fewer steps there are between your food's source and your table the less chance there is of contamination. "AAAS: Climate-friendly Dining ... Meats | Environment | Science News. Here are the top eight big, umbrella-style reasons you might want to consider eating more local foods. Web. [13], Launched in 2009, North Carolina's 10% local food campaign is aimed at stimulating economic development, creating jobs and promoting the state's agricultural offerings. [4] The American Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 states that: (I) the locality or region in which the final product is marketed, so that the total distance that the product is transported is less than 400 miles from the origin of the product; or(II) the State in which the product is produced. A quilt of public and non-profit organizations work to shape food policy and regulations. Federal, State, and local governments regulate the operation of all food processing facilities, including small-scale processing. [6], In 2008, the United States farm bill was revised to emphasise nutrition: "it provides low-income seniors with vouchers for use at local produce markets, and it added more than $1 billion to the fresh fruit and vegetable program, which serves healthy snacks to 3 million low-income children in schools".[7]. Before starting a business, it is important to determine the types of food that can be produced in small-scale facilities and to contact the agencies that regulate licensing and facility inspection. According to a study conducted at Lincoln University in New Zealand: "As a concept, food miles has gained some traction with the popular press and certain groups overseas. Numerous studies have shown that locally and sustainably grown foods release more greenhouse gases than food made in factory farms. [20], Critics of the local foods movement question the fundamental principles behind the push to eat locally. Each of these varied marketing techniques joins farmers and consumers in the local food system. Local food represents an alternative to the global food model, which often sees food traveling long distances before it reaches the consumer. When you know where your food comes from and who grows it, you know a lot more about that food. [3] Using metrics such as these, a Vermont-based farm and food advocacy organization, Strolling of the Heifers, publishes the annual Locavore Index, a ranking of the 50 U.S. states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. "The Local Food Movement Benefits Farms, Food Production, Environment.". ATTRA. [25], The only study to date that directly focuses on whether or not a local diet is more helpful in reducing greenhouse gases was conducted by Christopher L. Weber and H. Scott Matthews at Carnegie-Mellon. In-season, locally grown tomatoes burst with flavor that's easy to forget if you only eat ones that are artificially ripened with gas. This method not only aids in reducing the use of pesticides and pollutants, but also keeps the soil in good condition rather than depleting it. At farmers' markets, 63% had an interaction with a fellow shopper, and 42% had an interaction with an employee or farmer. 75% of shoppers at farmers' markets arrived in groups compared to 16% of shoppers at supermarkets. The Myth of Sustainable Meat and the Danger of the Local,, "Book Review: The Locavore's Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet",, Articles with limited geographic scope from October 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 12:46. In 2005, there were 1,144 community-supported agriculture organizations (CSAs). [3], The concept of "local" is also seen in terms of ecology, where food production is considered from the perspective of a basic ecological unit defined by its climate, soil, watershed, species and local agrisystems, a unit also called an ecoregion or a food shed. In May 2010 the USDA acknowledged this definition in an informational leaflet. Local food systems operate within the existing framework for all food regulations and policies. Strawberries fresh from the field make the long-shipped specimens of winter seem hardly worth the effort to chew them. These latter criticisms combine with deeper concerns of food safety, cited on the lines of the historical pattern of economic or food safety inefficiencies of subsistence farming which form the topic of the book The Locavore's Dilemma by geographer Pierre Desrochers and public policy scholar Hiroko Shimizu. General OneFile. Along with tasting better, fresher food lasts longer too. Contact your State agriculture department or extension office for more information about what is legal in your State. Websites now exist that aim to connect people to local food growers. Some evidence of this growth includes nearly tripling the number of farmers’ markets, and the initiation of thousands of farm-to-school programs across the U.S. Local foods have often topped consumer and food professional surveys of food trends. Many States allow some foods made in home kitchens, or cottage foods, to be sold to the public without meeting commercial food safety standards. Deprivation leads to greater appreciation. [4], In the USA, the local food movement has been traced to the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, which spawned agricultural subsidies and price supports. Instead of having a single relationship with a big supermarket, you develop smaller connections to more food sources. [28] Adrian Williams of Cranfield University in England found that free range and organic raised chickens have a 20% greater impact on global warming than chickens raised in factory farm conditions, and organic egg production had a 14% higher impact on the climate than factory farm egg production. Local eating can support public objectives. Local food is defined as the direct or intermediated marketing of food to consumers that is produced and distributed in a limited geographic area. Web. Sustainability Glossary: What Do These Eco Buzzwords Really Mean? Local and regional food systems have grown in popularity over the past decade as shown by the increasing supply of and demand for local foods. Generally, direct farm marketing operations require some level of liability insurance. Farmers who run community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs), sell at farmers markets, provide to local restaurants, and have the demand and hence the economic support for raising more types of produce and livestock. [5] The contemporary American movement can be traced back to proposed resolutions to the Society for Nutrition Education's 1981 guidelines. Many pick-your-own businesses have both farm liability and commercial business insurance policies, but coverage depends on the size and type of your business. 11 December 2011. [citation needed]Studies such as Christopher Weber's report on food miles have shown that the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in production far outweighs those in transportation, which implies that locally grown food is actually worse for the environment than food made in factory farms.

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