This tenor ukulele is built with the sturdy mahogany that is the most popular tonewood. Kalas are not the cheapest brand out there, but they are, I think, absolutely the best value uke you can buy. I highly recommend the Kala line and I am saving up to purchase another. The Kala KA – SMHT solid tenor ukulele is an amazing Kala Ukulele to buy for high-quality tone and great sounds. Mango 4CUSTOM This custom tenor features solid premium mango with curly maple bindings and padauk appointments, a beautiful gloss finish, and Honduran mahogany satin finished neck. The sound is typically crisp and clear, with plenty of sunny, island-inspired tonality, and the options are almost dizzying, there’s so much to choose from. For now, here are our three top choices. The Kala MK-C concert ukulele features a mahogany top, back and sides with a nice satin finish that doesn’t pick up a lot of fingerprints. Great ukuleles all! A wonderful feature of the Kala KA – C concert is the ultra thin travel line that is designed to go anywhere. I highly recommend Kala for quality, sound, and affordability. This is one of the custom Kala models that Corey plays and gigs with. The sound, the feel, and the look make this tenor an excellent choice in this price range. Now, we are sure you are well informed on the best Kala ukulele to buy. This includes Saddle and Nut heights, fret work and intonation checks, and a thorough inspection for cosmetic flaw. Asides, the musical instrument features satin finish, walnut finger board as well as Aquila super Nylgut Strings. The ukulele is an outstanding instrument that can be recommended to any musician regardless of their expertise. The Kala KA – GCE ukulele is has an attractive look, thanks to its Mahogany top, sides and back. This Classic Mahogany Soprano Ukulele comes at a lower price. Also, the mahogany wood always promises good sound and tune. Not only does it come with quality, sound, and affordable, it also comes with great features compared to other models in the same price range. Whether you’re looking for a ukulele to take along with you to the beach or a new instrument to wow your audience, it’s likely that Kala has something that hits all the right notes. Pinterest. The satin finish doesn’t pick up a lot of fingerprints, and the walnut bridge and fingerboard offer more natural warmth to the appearance. Some think it plays differently, or would be harder to play. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, this is quite possibly the biggest sounding concert Kala has ever made. Having gone through this eye-opening review; and have carefully weighed the pros and excellent features of each of the best Kala ukuleles available. I bought a Kala from you guys a year ago. The selling point was the process of inspecting and tuning my new ukulele before shipping. 8) Kala KA – SMHT Hard Mahogany Tenor Ukulele The Kala KA – SMHT solid tenor ukulele is an amazing Kala Ukulele to buy for high-quality tone and great sounds. The Kala Ukulele comes in different categories that suit your level of expertise. The Kala MK – S Makala Ukulele comes with a DVD that is specially made for beginners that are willing to learn this great instrument. I finally decided to upgrade from my entry level Cordoba, so I visited the site. Besides, it is the preferred size for solo performers who look for a full and balanced tone. It has a Walnut fingerboard which assists the instrument to play comfortably. Like all Elite models, it has a bone saddle, graphtech nut, and oval mother-of-pearl fret markers and logo. On top of that it’s quite affordable. So, come here and pick your Kala ukulele. As with the rest of our ukulele reviews, these are highly subjective rather than strictly empirical. One important characteristic of this musical instrument is the tenor sizing. Furthermore, this package also comes with a gig bag to keep the instrument safe. And always, we are dedicated to giving you honest and expert service and advice! Nearly every component of the Bamboo model is made from solid bamboo, making this one of the least expensive all-solid-wood ukuleles you can buy. The bright classic sounds of high G and the depth and range of low G.If you’re looking for something a little different, something that you’ll feel right at home playing but will give a unique sound, then this might be a perfect choice for you. Made with exotic Indonesian ebony laminate, it features contrasting Maplewood binding. This musical instrument is crafted with a solid mahogany back sides as well as a solid mahogany top. You want to start training right now. The ukulele comes with an effective die-cast tuning machine that enables the instrument to stay right in tune. I probably play the Mya Moe most often, but the one I love the most, and the one that I think has the best action and tone is still that first spruce top Kala. This beautiful ukulele comes in tenor and concert sizes, so you can take your pick or add both to your collection if you’re really in the mood to treat yourself! You don’t need any electronics for this uke. The Kala MK –S Makala Soprano Ukulele offers sound, playability and a vintage look that is exceptional. Further, it has Geared Tuners that make the tune easy. The Kala KA – SLNG has numerous endearing features that make it an excellent choice when you decide to get your Kala Ukulele. They are exquisite. This MK-S is the best entry-level ukulele that is very affordable. Lots of them – like the colorful plastic ones – are fun additions to any collection, while others are fairly serious investments. These are all outlined with perfectly mitered wood purflings and shown of with a glassy smooth finish for a well protected and exquisite looking custom ukulele. There are some notable features that are worthy of mention here. They even have one that’s finished to resemble a kiwi fruit! Cedar Top Acacia Tenor 5 String ATP-CTG-5, Cedar Top Acacia Baritone 8 String ABP-CTG-8, Solid Spruce Top Figured Maple Sides and Back. This hard case is essential to keep your instrument in safe condition anytime you are on the go. We can categorically tell you that this brand of Ukulele is a great choice for music lovers who desire a well-designed, high-quality Ukulele at a decent price. Enter to Win the Luna Ukes 15th Anniversary Giveaway! The Kala Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit is the perfect choice to meet your needs. The volume is exceptional and it has that “open” or “broken in” quality you can get from a high quality solid western red cedar top. This finish is done in a unique process. The body and the neck are made of mahogany. Onboard tuner, tone knob, and pickup let you create incredible soundscapes. They missed a minor accessory and had it sent out the next day. And like all custom Kala’s it features a hand tuned top, bracing for optimal tone and volume, and includes the Kala hardshell wood case and Nomad humidifier. Now that I see that they’ve combined the two, I may have to go that route instead! The neck is mahogany, and the fingerboard is walnut. Aloha! The install on the pickup and the setup of the ukulele were both perfect. I believe they are the best selling ukulele line in the world market at this point. Therefore, their instruments are proper for beginners or taken to the beach, perfectly designed, hardwood ukuleles to be manufactured with experts in mind. The Kala KA – 15T Ukulele comes with lots of eye-catching features. This instrument is a quality Kala ukulele to purchase in order to enjoy all the amazing features it has in stock.

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