2. Good Performance. I've been using the first gen ntorq 125 (2018 model), Having a very satisfied ownership experience, Power is just the best, Its instant and in controllable manner.Easy for new young riders.It is the best touring scooter in its segment, It just glides on the highways, Thanks to its weight scooter feels well planted on high speeds (80-90) cross winds does not move the scooter a bit !.Since i've used it more on highways i have returned economy of fab 47-50 kmpl, In city you can expect till 40 kmpl.The only down side of this scooter is it needs to be serviced at least thrice a year, That is 1500-2000 per service (depending on work ), I will recommend tvs annual service policy it will save some money.If we didn't service it timely, The scooter tend to have squeaky panels and loose body parts.Otherwise it is the best scooter over all !. Follow us on 17 th Aug 2020 6:00 am. The pillion experience is better than any other scooter in the market. I'm shakkir cp , daily user (6000km) Using race edition before I buy I hoped tvs solved all the problem of 1st model but still the problems there .I know this is the best performer and stability with handling.Poor build quality and comfort OK. After 3rd service claimed 37km/L before 41km/L Handle position is not good making pain to hand handle bar changed 2times and fine . Know exact mileage, ownership experience, common pros and cons of NTORQ 125 though customer reviews. Read TVS Ntorq 125 reviews from genuine buyers and know the pros and cons of Ntorq 125. The 12 inch tyres provide a great grip, even in the rain. Overtakes are pretty easy. Mileage is too small & fuel tank also. When i booked this scooty after watching power drift review oh boy oh boy when i saw first time the time i saw it it's the scooty that i want it's the new generation youngsters scooty the looks it has the power it has the sound it has that's not in any scooty of this segment the comfort it provide awesome. Buying this bike was very hassle free i did not had to wait for months long i just got the bike next day itself. The display is not working properly when i riding in but pair mode the navigation is totally different, wrong and is not update with the change of locations it's showing same as i set when start riding. Mileage 29-38 Maximum (Bullet is good enough) Now i can ride safely and check who is calling. Check out the down payment and EMI options in your city. next vibration, higher initial vibration in the scooter segment Normally the problem starting after 15000 km with normal ride Here started 2500km after clutch greasing problem not solved.2nd type vibration facing economy speed (40-55km)and the problem mentioned 3rd service but not solved .Next one common issue starting problem want to hold 4or5 sec self to start and using kicker after 24 kick to start Service response not good ,not bad.All is manufacturing defect.TVS still not solving any issue I don't know why? Also, find reviews on Ntorq 125 from BikeWale experts. After 5 day of ntorq bought At morning its idle sound frequency change up down .Up down up down continuous for 2 min some time 1.5 min But when i bought this makes only 1 time up and down 1 frequency .But now it does same thing in afternoon and evening while start.And on tvs service centre no one rectifying my problem. Q. I had a confusion between Ntorq and Activa 125 BS6, which should I buy. You get performance and comfort in a single package. This scooter is a hoot to drive! Q. Which was very promising by tvs. After that, I called the service center again andtold them all the problems. 4. and no respond of mail. I have taken this ntorq bike last 3 months back i am very happy to ride now its have a bluetooth connectivity to see my last rides and any caller i'd and there are so many modes to ride. I have taken this ntorq bike last 3 months back i am very happy to ride now its have a bluetooth connectivity to see my last rides and any caller i'd and there are so many modes to ride. The suspension is stiffer than the Activa or Access but it's not as stiff as Aprilia.

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