Yum-O! And I added water until a nice dough came together – about 3 tablespoons. Thank you so much for your perspective on this, Kath. This is a fantastic post!… Do you think they would be just as tasty rolled into little balls almost like Kix cereal to save some time? Thanks for being such a down to Earth part of the real food community! Required fields are marked *. Believe us, this green waffles recipe tastes just as good as it looks. ... Life ® Cereal. LOL! Do you have a busy schedule? Call us @ 1-855-750-0424, 7 days a week from 9am-6pm EST. Just because a food is made in large quantities doesn’t mean it’s “heavily processed.” Now I haven’t actually been IN the plants, but I don’t think just because they are make in one means that all nutrition is lost. I don’t believe that all processed foods are inherently evil, but I think we have to call a spade a spade in this instance. Is it nutritious to only eat cheerios every morning? I started with good old rolled oats, since they are the base of the store version of Cheerios. RELATED: BIOHM Super Greens Smoothie Bowl. Is it unhealthy to eat cheerios? Cereal for breakfast at my sister’s house Cholesterol levels can reduce by around 5 to 10 percent. I did some searching and found some old posts where I mention Cheerios: Recommendations for eating well while traveling Neat! In conducting this 'Cereal Battle, Part 2', I purchased THE name brand, General Mills Cheerios; a store brand version, in this case Kroger; and a discount brand called Millville, a.k.a., Aldi. about | privacy policy, Copyright © // 2020 Kath Eats Real Food Jump to top. Another long time reader who doesn’t really get this post…also, I think it’s worth mentioning that General Mills (and cheerios specifically) were involved in a pretty big public backlash recently about the usage and labeling of GMOs in their products. In this toasted oats recipe, we use rolled oats, but what are they? In fact, there are many healthy oatmeal recipes out there that can offer the same health benefits. Allow to cool off the stove for 5 minutes. With a little guidance from the General Mills test kitchens, we developed this recipe for a toasted oat cereal like Cheerios. Add oats to bowl. COMPARE NUTRITION. I think it would have been helpful to address the differences between you making it at home and GM making Cheerios in the factory. When I saw the first photo I was a little skeptical, but that looks so easy and fun to make! It took me about 2 hours to make just a cup of O’s. Questions? Enjoy your healthy oats recipe of goodness. Well that’s pretty amazing! While I do think Cheerios are likely a better option than many other cereals on the market (especially when comparing sugar content! Cheerios are made in Buffalo so I am always graced with the smell each morning, but now I can make my own!? Melt coconut oil and stir in maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt. If you can point me to a post I’ll go re-read what I wrote, but I don’t think anything has really changed. The homemade version seems to require much more sugar though, which kind of bummed me out. Can you make cereal at home? I think you did a great job working with GM to replicate a toasted oat cereal, but it would be beneficial for you to address that those are NOT the ingredients that GM uses to create their version. You can see an example here: http://www.heirloom-organics.com/guide/va/guidetogrowingoats.html. Fun project! Good old-fashioned rolled oats are great breakfast food options for your gut since they're filled with so many nutrients. This conversation was sponsored by General Mills. I’m not likely to try this on my own but it’s still fun to know it could be done if you wanted to! Oats offer many health benefits, especially in healthy overnight oats. And cut it into eight sections. Thanks for the tip, Matt! Have you thought about doing a post that would give your readers an update on your definition of “real food?” I’d love to hear what you consider when choosing foods to buy and eat, and when you make exceptions (like eating a dessert on a special occasion!). I would prefer that no foods use them because they are tampering with nature, but they are also not something that I freak out over. After watching the preview for Fed Up (that food documentary) this morning, it makes you want to take a second look at what is in the foods you buy. Like I said in the post, based on what I know about how Cheerios are made, the two recipes are very similar. Allow to cool off the stove for 5 minutes. https://www.katheats.com/what-is-real-food. Share them in the comments section below! People usually add them in stews and soups. Follow this recipe for toasted rolled oats for a healthy and delicious breakfast cereal. Could these also be made with another flour that all-purpose wheat, since lots of people need gluten free, and I have an organic version that is, but id like to have a make my own oat cereal, even in little cut squares, would be great! Thanks! It’s always worth trying something like this one time even though I totally agree that this is not something I would do all of the time. Unlike instant oatmeal, cooking rolled oats won't turn it into a gooey mush. Knead dough a few times and form into a circle. And it was fun to look at all those old posts! So I’m wondering why you’ve chosen to embrace Cheerios as “real food,” which seems to be a shift in your perspective from the beginning of your blog. While you’ve successfully made a toasted oat cereal, you did not make Cheerios thus proving your own point that real food is “minimally processed and maintaining it’s natural integrity”. Thanks for the thorough reply! “While the recipe for commercial Cheerios is confidential and contains a few extra ingredients, mostly to keep the Cheerios dough at an optimal pH and to preserve the cereal, I consider this to be a very close replica.”. That’s where all the potent healthful benefits come from. So that’s exactly what I did. Ingredients WHOLE GRAIN OAT FLOUR, CORN STARCH, CANE SUGAR, SEA SALT, TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE, WHEAT STARCH, VITAMIN E (MIXED TOCOPHEROLS) FOR FRESHNESS. Gut-Health Hack: Did you know whole oats are a great source of prebiotic fiber? They have something for everyone, and I can respect that. Preheat oven to 350° and line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. I don’t think Cheerios are the ultimate real food, but if you’re going to eat cereal, I think they’re one of the best (the best?) Why, yes it can! Spread oats in a shallow layer on a cookie sheet. I had to taste the dough here too, and boy it was yummy!!! Quaker® Overnight Oats - Blueberry, Banana & … The dough to stay together the best if I pinched it out instead of rolled. This Homemade Toasted Oat Cereal Recipe will remind you of those O’s you loved as a child. Oats also contain a resistant starch, which is a type of prebiotic fiber that your body cannot digest. Before having kids I preferred cereals in the crunchy/granola style, but now that I keep Cheerios on hand for M, I have some too. Are you are looking for a prebiotic-rich breakfast that is low-effort? In a medium bowl, add water one teaspoon at a time using just enough water until dough forms (about 3 tablespoons total). But it was also very soothing. Slow food is art, and that takes time sometimes, but always worth it. I enjoy cooking but there are times when I think it’d just be too much. I would also love to know how to make rolled oats from oat seeds. Oh! As this starch travels through the digestive system untouched, it helps to promote a healthy gut. And once she was done I iced her in a coconut butter + pumpkin spice frosting and ate her on the spot! I feel like kids would love doing this as a fun activity and then you get to eat it at the end, double win! They turned out wonderful!!! And I gave them a quick blend in my food processor. Sure, eating oats straight from your garden would be less processed, but ready-to-eat cereals were invented because of their convenience. Oats are also complex carbs, which means you won't be plagued with cravings. Obviously many readers enjoyed this, but personally I would much rather read one of your delicious recipes kath. In the mean time I mixed together the remaining ingredients for the dough: salt, brown sugar, corn starch, all-purpose flour, and baking powder.

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