Other species which may take up nest boxes include: 0000060581 00000 n Blackbirds 0000012945 00000 n 0000360186 00000 n 0000415935 00000 n 0000038515 00000 n 0000045412 00000 n So, even if the nest boxes you put up now aren’t adopted by breeding pairs in the months ahead (sometimes it takes more than one season before they’re first used), they will also serve as a safe and dry roosting place to get birds through the long cold nights. 0000045599 00000 n 0000055997 00000 n 0000051364 00000 n This chart shows you which type of nest box and opening hole size different species of garden bird will use: Different species of songbird favour different nest box hole sizes, with extremes being a small 25mm hole for blue tits, and 45mm for starlings. For birds which use a box with a hole at the front, the most important thing is the size of the hole. 0000045032 00000 n 0000003644 00000 n The ideal site for Swift Nest Boxes is under the eaves or on walls facing north, northeast or north-west out of direct sunlight. Placing bird food and bird feeders near your nesting box will help attract birds to your nesting box. So avoid south-facing aspects, plus also exposed west-facing aspects which are likely to get blasted by wind and rain. Nuthatches Offers many bluebird nesting box options including the ultimate bluebird box (pictured on left) which has a cleaning door on one side and a viewing window on the other. 0000051441 00000 n 0000058118 00000 n 0000058875 00000 n Both styles include the pole and pulley system and all the necessary hardware to set up and install your Purple Martin house. 0000059877 00000 n The best time of year to clean nest boxes out is early autumn, with the old nest being discarded and any other materials brushing out. 0000002786 00000 n Eastern Bluebird, Chickadee, Wren, woodpeckers, Wood Duck, Screech Owl, and Purple Martins. And this can be witnessed by keeping an eye on the nest box entrance at dusk, when all of a sudden a Blue Tit, Great Tit or even a few Wrens (who despite their strong territorial instincts often roost together) may disappear through the hole and hunker down inside for the night. In addition, a nest box put up ahead of the very cold weather also provides a warm shelter for roosting birds. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Place five metres above the ground, with clear adjacent airspace so swifts can access it in a high-speed direct flight. 0000044061 00000 n Heartwood also makes bee keeping supplies for all you bee keepers. We typically carry these two styles of martin house made by Nature House. 0000002396 00000 n Where you site nest boxes in your garden is important both to the likelihood of the box being used by birds, and the health and welfare of the birds once in it. Nest Boxes, also known as Bird Boxes or Bird Houses, basically come in two types – with a hole at the front and open-fronted. Here is a diagram with nest box key design features. For more information on attracting birds to your garden, read our guide on "How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden". 0000013206 00000 n So a wall or fence which is covered in ivy or other vegetation is ideal. Sometimes a nest box will be taken in its first season, but often you have to wait until the following year. 0000057357 00000 n A tree, wall or even a high fence post can be used to secure the nest box too, but generally, the nest box should be at least 1.5 metres above the ground. 0000013515 00000 n Coal Tits This bluebird box is our favorite and a go to for most bluebird box applications. 0000054183 00000 n The number one rule is never to position a nest box where it gets day-long direct sunlight, as it will simply get too hot inside and any young birds will perish. After that and if it hasn’t been, then moving it to a different site is the way to go. 0000008913 00000 n 0000060270 00000 n Certainly, these birds are capable of doing all the important work themselves, but by monitoring you will be treated to a very interesting and amazing process. a timber beam – and in an open building such a garage, large shed, porch or stable. In addition, cleaning the box out will also remove small parasites and other invertebrates (earwigs, for example) which will often also take up residence in the box. 0000055232 00000 n 0000007282 00000 n If it isn't removed, species such as Blue Tit and Great Tit won’t use it again.

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