The Night She Disappeared WARNING This book had a different style of writing. The Night She Disappeared. Square Fish. From a different story, I think Kayla would be perfect friends with Cheyenne from Girl Stolen because they both get kidnapped. Drew yells, "drop your I’ll have to get spoilery to fully explain, but I’ll warn you ahead of time so you can avoid the spoilers if you like. "John" points his gun up at Kayla. Clues!!!! She also works part-time as a delivery girl at Pete's Pizza. Word Count 51,517. April Henry. And "John" is bleeding, Kayla had attacked him. They are sorted alphabetically by the television series' title. e-Book; $10.99. Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Books-a-Million; Bookshop; IndieBound; Powells; Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. Any themes, scores, or songs which are billed under a different name than their respective television series' title are shown in parentheses, except in cases where they are officially billed as "Theme from [Series' Name]", "[Series' Name] Theme… Discipline: Language Arts Subject: Book Reports Grade: 6 . The Night She Disappeared was inspired by a real-life case that happened nearly 30 years ago. In Glogpedia. The Night She Disappeared. Square Fish. 9 Total Resources 2 Awards View Text Complexity Discover Like Books Audio Excerpt from The Night She Disappeared; Name Pronunciation with April Henry; Grade; 7-12; Genre; Mystery; Realistic Fiction; Year Published 2012. He asked if "the girl in the orange Volkswagen" was working delivery that night and was told a different girl was. The Night She Disappeared by April Henry Plot Diagram Drew tries to shout, "police" to scare "John", but he doesn't even hesitate. A book like April Henry’s The Night She Disappeared is great at crystallizing my reading tastes. ISBN: 9781250016744. He by JMLEMMAS886 Last updated 6 years ago. Square Fish. A man ordered some pizzas to be delivered to what turned out to be a false address. Each chapter showed the situation in the perspective of different characters - even the villain. Kayla Gets Kidnapped. "John Robertson" sees a black mini cooper with a Pete's Pizza sign. For example chapter one would show the situation in Kayla's view, and then Gabie sees that it's Kayla and she's okay. Author: April Henry. 256 Pages, Ages 12-18. g BUY THE BOOK Trade Paperback. The Night She Disappeared by April Henry Arnela Pekic Rising action Rising action Literary element climax Rising action A funeral is held for Kayla since everyone thinks she's dead because of Cody's note. EVIDENCE!!!!! Name: Emma Strohecker Block: 3/7. Timeline. On Sale: 03/05/2013. It’s good for what it is – but that “what it is” is not really to my taste. The Night She Disappeared by April Henry.

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