As is my tradition, here's a full summary of the latest HH novel which so far is only available limited edition. Most came to this series expecting more exploration of the primarchs, there is very little here. He is technically overseeing a withdrawal in order to allow his men to safely retreat, but spots Abaddon's banner in the distance. Katsuhiro is nearly killed in a major assault but is saved by Keeler and her psychic powers, an obvious Imperial Cultist in the making. Except for Forrix, the characters and storylines were uninteresting. What a dumpster fire that review is, it beggars belief. [Spoilers] Siege of Terra: The First Wall full summary. Some of the events are out of order as this is a book which very much jumps back and forth. Demonic activity starts to pop up inside the Inner Palace, little things like screaming faces appearing in things. hide. He kinda DID slay Abaddon. *The battle for the upper levels of the Spaceport reaches its peak as Sigismund launches a counterattack. Some of the events are out of order as this is a book which very much jumps back and forth. Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2020. For the best viewing experience, as well as events we recommend using old reddit version -, Press J to jump to the feed. It's a key transport facility (a gigantic city-sized space elevator that goes into the mesosphere) which would allow him to land Titans. Magnus' arrival, Utterbight, and all the slaughter has reduced the Emperor's Shield to just encompass the Sanctum Imperialis. Angron is rampaging around uncontrollable, Fulgrim is sitting on a chair made out of corpses and the EC are already starting to ignore frontline duties and collect slaves for god knows what, and Mortarion isn't even trying to get through and is instead lobbing poxes into the Palace walls. Layak tells Abaddon to let him meet whatever fate the Gods intend, but Abby refuses to do that and leads a charge into the loyalist lines to rescue Kharn. *Later on Dorn is surprisingly upbeat with Khan, Malcador, Valdor, and Sanguinius despite losing the Spaceport. Together they defeat Utterblight. He's embittered and apathetic from the whole experience, meeting up with Soltarn Vull Bronn and dismaying at the state of things. All that matters to Dorn is holding out until Guilliman arrives. They land on Terra and commit a ritual to summon the "essence" of the Nurgle Daemon Prince Cor'bax Utterblight inside the Palace Walls. However this is according to the traitors plan, and they launch an airborne assault on the upper levels of the Spaceport led by Abaddon, Layak, Kroeger, Kharn, and Berossus (from the Uriel Ventris books). The Siege of Terra series was announced in May '19, and so far 4 books have been released, with Saturnine being released in March 2020. He wants to "experiment" and see if just as worship of the Chaos gods empowers Chaos, worship of the Emperor might too empower Him or at the very least draw away worship for the Chaos Gods to feed on. share. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. This one became a chore to finish. The First Wall is the 3rd novel of the Siege of Terra series.. 60 comments. Horus regains his focus on the here and now and agrees, but Mort and Fulgrim aren't reliable enough for such an operation. Pretty bold of Mortarion given he was literally forced to embrace Chaos against his will. Since that first reference in 1988 it has been expanded into several games, a miniatures line, and now a 60+ volume book series. He is quasi-openly insulting Perturabo and is broken from the fact that the Primarch used him as a sacrifice while he docked the Iron Blood. Verified Purchase. Instead he gives Layak and Abaddon to Perturabo while Mortarion agrees to send Typhus. Longinus was, according to certain traditions, the name of the Roman who pierced Christ's side with a spear, so there are some interesting implications regarding that. Much to Forrix's frustration, Kroeger forgoes a long WW1 style bombardment and just unleashes a shorter volley. However before Kharn can land the final blow, Rogal Dorn arrives. Kharn is utterly consumed by the Butcher's Nails and Khorne, roaring and snarling and rarely forming coherent sentences. The attack is launched with a general traitor offensive in both the north and south by Fulgrim and Mortarion. Originally the Horus Heresy was a three-line reference in an early Warhammer 40k rule book. Sort by. As he does so Perturabo sets down from the Iron Blood and the two come face to face. Valdor gives Amon the new name "Longinus" in honor of the new role. I think this sentence sums up the nature of 40K perfectly. Eventually, Dorn decides to commit to the defenses of the Spaceport and sends Fafnir Rann and bolsters its garrison to 18,000 Imperial Fists and 800,000 Imperial Army. Just as in the last book, he's literally swelling with the powers of Chaos to the point where he sort of just sits in his throne and mentally scans the Warp or fuck with the Emperor. report. The powers of Khorne swell him to the point where his muscles are bursting out of his power armor. Though the outer defences have fallen, the walls of the Palace itself remain inviolate as Rogal Dorn, the Praetorian of Terra himself, uses every known stratagem and ploy to keep Horus's vast armies at bay. Sigismund is tempted to lead an attack on Abaddon's location and fulfill Keeler's request, but ultimately decides to instead buy time for a retreat. He puts Kroeger in command of the attack, believing his bluntness would confound Dorn, who expected a more strategic and subtle stroke (Gav Thorpe doesn't understand military strategy, but w/e 40k isn't meant to be realistic). I listened to this one a couple weeks ago and I cannot remember the slightest bit of the ending it was the forgettable. She essentially tore a huge chunk of the fucking Roman Empire out from the (Roman) Emperor’s arse. The Daemon Primarch's are unable to penetrate the Emperor's psychic shield, which by this point encompasses the whole of the Palace. So many Daemons start to manifest on Terra that from orbit you see splotches of red/green/blue/purple color from their mass. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Finally Dorn gets a hit in and mortally wounds Layak. Keeler stands up to Dorn and refuses to back down, and Dorn just sort of storms away. Poor Forrix has to deal with phosphex, abandoning his own wounded, and his lieutenant/friend Gharal is killed much to his dismay. Angron destroys a Capitol Imperialis and Leviathan but tries to press on through the walls and is forced back by the Emperor's psychic shield.

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