2016, the painting underwent a new work of restoration, which made possible a There seems to be a metaphor for I look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future! Optimist ans pessimist are nouns. The loss of the original substance of the paintings was considerable. This painting represents an abbey surrounded by some oaks. While the essential message of the Abbey in the Oak-wood of 1810 is the passing of the earthly life, its fog-bound ruin and blasted, leafless trees inevitably evoked the contemporary state of Germany. Friedrich said, "The artist should paint not only what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him. But some oaks and the abbey break up this horizontal line, emerging from the dark land to the bright sky. Later he attended Harvard, where he studied English Literature, after graduating in Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. irrational, the emotional, the visionary, and the transcendent, as a Paintings. Between 2013 and Find more information regarding cookies on our Data Protection Declaration and regarding us on the Imprint. As it was displayed at the Berlin Academy exhibition, perhaps it was painted for the express reason of being shown there. It is an oil painting on canvas, approximately 110 x 171 centimeters, … The Abbey in the Oakwood is a dark painting both in tone and in color choice, with the palette comprised mostly of shades of black, brown, gray, and dark and faded yellow/orange. The artist used an old abbey surrounded with shrubs (Friedrich). review is the artwork which gives its name to the blog: As we have said, the painting shows a clear contrast He mainly developed landscapes (nature was a symbol of all the divine and true things), with Gothic ruins, cemeteries, knotty trees, at night time and with cold atmospheres, which transmit a sensation of sadness and worry. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Just like with The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, Caspar David Friedrich painted The Abbey in the Oakwood during the Romantic era of art. But even more curious, why are there people entering this derelict abbey? crooked tombstones and the crucifix in front of the Abbey’s gate –as the same This grand abbey is now in ruins, and the graveyard really accentuates the fall of man’s structure. The cemetery, located in the foreground, is desolated and not well-tended. Friedrich’s The Abbey in the Oakwood is a painting full of the power and terror of nature, as well as its eternalness, but it also shows how human life is temporary in the grand scheme of the universe. And there is no definite background or horizon. There is a theory in Germany that the Gothic architectural style is derived from the shape of the oak tree and its branches. Those have two functions: On the one hand they are providing basic functionality for this website. from the two arms or crosspiece of the crucifix. The religious element and the Hereafter are portrayed by using the This website uses cookies. Thanks for you analysis. Anything that is the result of human effort and intervention will inevitably fall, and Empire is not immune to this truth (as stated by the painting). He has been considered a symbolic or magic-realist painter. The texture is… realistic at best. This is due to a misunderstanding. I’m a bit of an art history geek myself and this is a really interesting piece to analyze. Expansion and the beginning of the USA imperialism, Khartoum, an example of colonialism in Africa. Once you have passed through the grave yard and gone through the door are the trees supposed to be the afterlife? There are some interesting points to be made, however, that may pertain to the answers. All museums of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are temporarily closed. The visionary gleam of the heavenly realm is completely detached from the earthly regions, which are still sunk in darkness. The signatures on both works also led to new and astonishing findings. This entire work reflects humanity’s role in the universe, and that role is shown to be very small and inconsequential, as the architecture (traditions of humans long dead), cemetery, and people themselves are shown to eventually be erased and essentially sucked into nature (the trees and the sky surround the ‘pieces of civilization’ almost patiently, as if they are waiting for their old property to return to them). Libraries remain open. The moon peeks out behind the curtain of the sky, its crescent shape barely visible and hovering on the right side of the work. The Abbey in the Oakwood. The institution itself of the church (the abbey as a medieval tradition) has fallen and is decaying, while the things that predate such man made objects are shown as eternal (the trees, the moon, the sky, even the idea of the heavens/cosmos and possibly the divine itself is infinite, while the human part of religion crumbles). with the tombstones and the bare oaks immersed in the darkness. Seriously, it's an amazing time (intellectually and otherwise). While they have greater longevity than man-made structures, even the mighty trees’ clocks are ticking down. From 1906, they were subjected to intensive restoration work of varying quality. (Friedrich personally requested they were hung together at the exhibition), I will need to research if there is anything within the paintings that connect the two together or if there was an outside reason that Friedrich decided to create these two paintings together.

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