For the longest time now we have been told that we have no right to tell victims of abuse how they should feel or act about it. Which also doesn’t address whether the “1 in 4” study has a flawed methodology, whether anyone is saying that Dawkins was raped, or whether anyone is telling Dawkins what to feel. “I don’t think he did any of us any lasting damage.” – Richard Dawkins, Unless he was referring to himself and his clones, which is unlikely considering this is followed by a discussion about how other boys were molested as well, then it seems pretty clear that he did not “clearly [state]that this was ‘his’ reaction.”. Concerning the context, I also take offense at the word “pedophilia.” It has no place in this context. In the latter case, the majority of all sex probably is sexual assault. They exist like sand on the seashore. But don’t assume they don’t exist. Making no distinctions certainly puts things “out of context.”. I agree that it’s absurd to charge children as adults. When people speak about sexual assault, it rarely is actual rape – but in everybody’s mind it registers as rape. First, “context” does not mean “I point to vaguely related things and don’t actually present direct evidence, ergo I’m right.” “Context” means “examining the evidence in light of outside factors.” In other words, in order to demonstrate, as an example, that there are a bunch of people saying that Dawkins was raped, you need to actually link to people who have said that Dawkins was raped, not people who said that nonconsensual sex is rape. So, Creationists often try to pick apart the validity of the find itself (often referring to Piltdown Man), rather than addressing that it was found exactly where we predicted it would be. And I don’t know how much clearer I can make it: no, you’re not. However, there are many people far less scrupulous than James who don’t realize that “out of context” has a meaning and is not code for “thing that makes somebody sound bad.”. Data is rarely clear in a vacuum, and is rather influenced by other data surrounding it that gives you, the observer, a sense of perspective by which you can accurately determine meaning from what you are seeing. Only very few priests were bona-fide pedophiles. Actually, I’m going to treat them like god, which is generally the subject of that particular line of argument, and do exactly that. When people speak about sexual assault, it rarely is actual rape – but in everybody’s mind it registers as rape. If only any of them had anything to do with your point, that would be meaningful. My reply was written a bit in haste and not really focused enough. Your heartfelt private division between sexual and sex does not matter in the CONTEXT. No, it actually doesn’t. And then your repeated references to the “mob” making all of this up when you seem to be the originator of most of these ridiculous parodies of the actual arguments being made. Please avail yourself of the ability to use them. The inspiration for this feature and today’s entry comes in the comments for yesterday’s post about Dawkins. I’ll leave you with one more link. I enjoyed this as well, and what you said did make me clarify points that I was obviously not clear on. By all means, think that I don’t have any references debunking that study that Ms. Mag bruited about. He was raped. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. There is no limit to the contexts mobs can and will invent. Definition of take something out of context in the Idioms Dictionary. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it. “Is it possible for a ghost to have a baby?”, “It doesn't do for people, especially doctors, to go about 'thinking' things. He’s a fairly unremarkable guy who has his every action re-written in order to fit the new context that others have developed for him, such as in this, one of my favorite scenes: The “context” of the scene that we see is that Brian is running from a mob of fanatical devotees who want him to lead them, and he loses his shoe in the process. Study guides for every stage of your learning journey. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thanks for this reminder on the importance of keeping God’s truth in context. Burden of proof is on the person making the claim. He took pains to say that that was his experience and opinion. “And this remains a red herring because nobody had sex with Dawkins, they molested him, which is sexual but not sex.”. but Indeed it talks about Christ being FIRST before every other thing and all things created through him. I’m not insulting you with that. Writers pull words and phrases from a talk or a book. What does take something out of context expression mean? even if only one woman got pregnant from rape, shouldn’t she not be forced to carry her rapist’s baby?)., Birric Forcella –, Here is a petition, widely circulated that wants Dawkins to RETRACT his statements and wants to force him to interpret his experiences according to the wishes of the mob, “We are very glad that Dr. Dawkins did not suffer any ‘lasting damage’ from the abuse he experienced as a child. Leadership is reserved for the ‪#‎BRAVE‬.”. Yes, you did. Not all sexual assault is sex. Particularly, the is no possible context in which you could assume that that teacher molested other children, molested other children in more severe ways, or even raped boys. Wherever his finger lands, he will take as advice. That’s a lie. “As soon as I could wriggle off his lap, I ran to tell my friends, many of whom had had the same experience with him.” – Richard Dawkins. In the latter case, the majority of all sex probably is sexual assault. But that world is fictional because nobody is making that claim, so here in reality you standing by your point is you standing by a stuffed animal with “Ferocious Tiger” written on it. ( Log Out /  Of course it does not excuse those teachers’ abuse of power, but that aspect has nothing to do with the age of the victim. But the situation is worse than that. By all definitions Dawkins was sexually assaulted, or don’t you think so? I guess that is erased, too. If you really want to try again, stay on point. Out of context things are often used in the service of comedy.

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