Science, College of Business, Showker Hall, MSC 0202, the academic literature. Our study focused on the US based organizations only. IEEE Spectrum 42:42, supply chain management practices: the Hong Kong manufac-, turing perspective. This paper examines the, methods used in evaluating and selecting SCM projects, used by the management at three publically held multi-, national organizations. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The leaders are using a hybrid approach that combines different traditional approaches; they rely far less on financial methods for portfolio management, and have an explicit and established approach to portfolio management with management buy-in and support. At, develop a contingency plan, and a senior decision maker. %���� Both AutoChem and PetsFud, have had SCM projects killed by project review boards for, public relations and/or legal reasons. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. They largely ignore intangible factors. At the, end of the interviews each participant received a draft, manuscript of the interview, and was asked to review it for, accuracy and add comments where appropriate. Logistics management is that part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward … The technologies that enable SCM, business solutions typically span vertical architectural. Arlington, Va.: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Task Order 1. Traffic W, Segars AH, Harkness WJ, Kettinger WJ (2001) Process management, and supply chain integration at the Bose Corporation. processes should be documented well before evaluation. supply chain management, production planning and inventory control, order fulfillment and supply chain coordination. BevGiant, AutoChem, and PetsFud required that someone outside of, the IT group take the lead role in managing large SCM, projects. program management that involves coordinated manage-, ment of projects with a common strategic objective. While project evalu-, ation and selection methodologies have been abundantly, available to business decision makers, information on, utilizing them in the context of SCM projects is limited in, Department of Computer Information Systems & Management. Through a review of the literature, 11 critical success factors were identified, with underlying subfactors, for successful ERP implementation. Major ERP package vendors have recently used the concept of Best Practice (BP), which is related to transfer the past successful experience to the new ERP projects, to make the implementation effective and efficient. While this, consideration is specific to SCM projects, similar consid-, eration may be applicable for the projects in other areas. • Elements of global manufacturing risk are managed by a variety of implicit and explicit methods, typically embedded in strategic and financial evaluations. Therefore, even major ERP vendors cannot guarantee the success of implementation. x���|83�b�x �`%[v��l�R��A��Dx$�ɑ��?U�vs�&�°4��{Uux�n����m�㏇G������&�xx�l�sx�m�:/�u���O������g��Y"�����X��?�(��J�\<�x����E��Or���N ���e��� KgB&9��))*�ծ�?����.dY�,O���*OX*���n���Lݨb2��a��T�W�6{�J?.p�`��دϟi�P�d@gVɴ(�B Ch����~ ��v����86�9зp�B�ı�h%�e��vEZ��-���������I_Y*�?���@���. This chapter reviews the perspectives of fostering supply chain management (SCM) in global business, thus describing the theoretical and practical concept of SCM; the applications of SCM; fostering SCM through knowledge management (KM) in global business; the strategic success factors of SCM; and the significance of SCM in global business. Metrics used were. project and they may have varying degrees of risk aversion. 8. J Enterprise. The practices identified here sho`uld provide the foundation of practical guidelines that can be used during the planning stage of SCM projects. ment buy-in and support in R&D project selection. However while significant progress has been made in the awareness and articulation of financial risk there appeared to be little evidence of systematic management of risks associated with the globalisation of manufacturing despite the fact that ill-advised internationalisation projects could risk companies’ futures. Here, we offer an introduction to the case study method for OM researchers who may have little background in field based research. levels (business, application, and technology architectures), and integrate horizontal inter-organizational processes and.

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