Share Share Tweet Email. Learn More. Here’s where this game’s reverence for its predecessors is most apparent. Streets of Rage 4 is a solid tribute to the genre it arguably helped shape, but this feels like more of the same with a fresh coat of paint rather than an all-out reinvention. It’s an added bonus that Streets of Rage 4 is positively gorgeous, boasting a luscious hand-drawn art style that echoes the arcade classics perfectly. Play against a friend in Battle Mode for 1v1 competitive fights. Many of the designs are the same but have been reimagined in a way that looks truly fantastic. Combine this with the basic foundations of combat, and you’ve got a fascinating dynamic that maintains the desired simplicity while working in just enough depth to keep you engaged for extended play sessions. Such a mission is achieved by beating the crap out of everyone, whether it be petty thugs, corrupt police officers or disco dancers hoping to strut their stuff on the city streets. By Chris Harding. No more worrying that you’ll run out of your precious continues. The little I saw didn’t immediately live up to expectations I’d developed for a 2D brawler series that had its last official last entry in 1994. Finished in about an hour, but I’ve played for over 15 hours so far. (Again, too many modern beat-em-up developers assume you’ll always be playing co-op and design every encounter and especially enemy stamina levels around that. It’s an idea that incentivises aggression and building upon combos, encouraging you to learn the act of juggling and dodging in a way that few beat-em-ups can muster. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. You’ll encounter plenty of unlockable characters too, including retro sprites from the original trilogy that somehow fit in perfectly against the modernised visuals. Need a boost? I will continue to play an absurd amount of this game in the years to come, and I’m glad to fit it into rotation when deciding which in the series I want to dive into with friends. You can do that at the end of a string of combos or any time, really, to quickly knock an enemy back in one hit. Streets of Rage 4 now supports up to four players, locally, and two-player co-op online, which is a godsend these days. And do any apart from the big bad remain unique fights? These characters with movesets that date as far back to 1991 still snap into place perfectly in this game and don’t miss a beat. The combat is fierce, the music is banging and its sense of style is simply marvellous. ), 2) How spongey are standard enemies? Streets of Rage turned my living room into an arcade with some of the coolest music my tiny brain had ever heard at the time. Streets of Rage 4’s design treats the core gameplay loop as a precious formula, even as it also understands where to improve upon archaic arcade-like mechanics, updating them to feel modern and less punishing. Simplicity aside, the core ideas of Streets of Rage have aged beautifully. The credits include names like Yoko Shimomura, Harumi Fujita, Keiji Yamagishi, Olivier Deriviere, who have composed music for games like Street Fighter II, Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man 3, Ninja Gaiden, Gitaroo Man, Vampyr and more. Double Dragon Neon’s levels stretched on for what felt like infinity. Beat-em-ups, as a genre, have faded in and out of fashion over the years. Streets of Rage 4 received generally positive reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic. When Streets of Rage 4 was first announced, I was wildly skeptical. It makes the game look and feel like the lost sequel we should have gotten decades ago. Be careful you aren’t overly generous, though, as death comes swiftly to those who don’t ration out their unique skills. You’re encouraged to accumulate a constantly growing score in search of new playable characters and other secrets, all of which require multiple playthroughs to unlock. Enabling this mode made me retroactively appreciate what I originally saw as a “new” art style after first seeing the initial trailer, and highlights how much care went into preserving the original style while a new take at the same time. Every. The stories in the original Streets of Rage games were never meant to be anything more than echoes of B-grade action movies. Seen at outlets such as MTV UK, Kotaku and Trusted Reviews (obviously…, A wide selection of excellent characters to choose from, Ample reason to replay the campaign for unlockables, Honours and builds upon the classic series' legacy, The campaign can be finished very quickly, Lack of voice acting removes the charm of some moments. 20 or so years have passed since my SEGA Mega Drive and all of its games were flogged at a car boot sale to make room for the PS1. Holding that same button lets you unleash a strong attack to catch any foes who come into striking distance. ), As a side, I was always more of a Final Fight kid growing up, so I hope to see Capcom either do or commission something similar in the vein of those games. (Other games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 have also done back-to-back fights, but setting it in a Streets of Rage game feels like the designers doing some catching up on action movie canon. The game’s music has always been where the mix of old and new feels the most apparent. This game is magnificent. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. Streets of Rage 4 Co-Op Review.Better than a golden turkey. This soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission, and it needed to be in order to build on the legacy that Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima created with the original games. What’s on offer here is reminiscent and nostalgic, and still a great time, but it ultimately lacks the oomph to elevate it beyond the games that came before it. We've ended up with a beautiful beat-'em-up that's perhaps a little too loyal to the original games, but is ultimately a blast to play, especially with others. Video Producer, Kotaku. The core loop remains the same: identify enemies based on their attack patterns and find the moves that will interrupt them and knock them out. If that’s not enough for you, playing the game gives you the opportunity to unlock Every. Tetris Master. When Streets of Rage 4 was first announced, I was wildly skeptical. It’s a small but welcome improvement that introduces a nice risk/reward mechanic. With SEGA leaving my house, so did Streets of Rage. Cherry, this game’s equivalent of Skate (my all-time favorite character), is quick on her feet. Whether you’re a fan of the originals or a newcomer to the series, knuckle up and get ready for a great time. Streets of Rage 4 Review: This Is How To Bring Back A Classic. The majority of encounters are rather basic, with boss battles occasionally forcing you to learn move patterns and avoid highly telegraphed attacks. I feel a lot better about it now. 0. Streets of Rage 4 makes a valiant attempt to drag the old-school franchise into the modern age. Streets of Rage 4 is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 0. The combat is fierce, the music is banging, and its sense of style is simply marvellous. Streets of Rage 4 is an enchanting retro surprise, bursting onto the scene and overcoming many of the justified grievances fans might have with reviving such an esteemed property.

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