Steam pasteurization involves heating a product to a specific temperature for a specific period of time. The key to steam pasteurizing almonds … Hence, its most common method is called high temperature short time (HTST) treatment. The process of steam pasteurization can take up to several hours, where the almonds are heated to at least 165° F. Since acrylamide forms at temperatures above 250° F, steamed … The goal is to ensure through steam pasteurization that the almonds don't carry bacteria from the fields to consumers. Pasteurized vs. unpasteurized almonds. I buy Trader Joe's raw almonds (I think all almonds are pasteurized) in one-pound bags, and roast them in my air fryer at 450° for 10 minutes. H2O Express ™, our patented steam pasteurization process, was approved by the Almond Board of California for treating shelled and in-shell almonds packaged in boxes, totes, bins, breathable … The FDA has approved steam processing as an acceptable means of pasteurizing almonds.

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