[16], There are many recipe variations around the traditional ingredients, some of which include hard-boiled eggs, bacon, onion, mustard or white wine. It all smells of a buttery sea—and tastes much the same. [14][15], The original pie in the legend included sand eels, horse mackerel, pilchards, herring, dogfish and ling along with a seventh fish. It's free—people just contribute something, which we give to charity. Cornish locals like to dance, sing, and make good pastry. [1], Stargazy pie is a pastry-based fish pie which, by tradition, is filled with whole pilchards. An then us had a bet o scad Its famous Christmas lights illuminated the harbour (this was monumental, the 50th anniversary—but that's another story), and the aroma of roasted chestnuts mixed with the salty air. Critically, the pilchards must retain their heads, which then poke through the pastry top, appearing to gaze at the stars. The story goes that many years ago—it's not known exactly when—winter storms were thrashing the village with all their roaring anger, as they do. Using a slotted spoon, transfer bacon to paper towels to drain. Copyright © 2020 Saveur. According to the modern festival, which is combined with the Mousehole village illuminations, the entire catch was baked into a huge stargazy pie, encompassing seven types of fish and saving the village from starvation. [11] One set of lights even represents the pie itself, showing fish heads and tails protruding from a pie dish underneath six stars. Pour filling over sardines; top with reserved bacon, the hard-boiled eggs, salt, and pepper. It’s a whole savory, filling meal built into one centerpiece. It started here. The chapter, entitled "The Devil's Coits, etc", reasons that the Devil discovered the Cornish would put anything in a pie and decided to leave before they took a fancy to a "devilly" pie, returning to Devon. Stargazy pies are a traditional Cornish dish, with pilchard heads poking through the pastry, gazing up at the stars. A merry plaas you may believe It's all a bit fish-come-Jabberwocky. Critically, the pilchards must retain their heads, which then poke through the pastry top, appearing to gaze at the stars. You can use pretty much any buttery pastry crust, and some recipes even suggest using store-bought puff pastry. It's on Tom Bowcock's Eve—and only then—when the Stargazy Pie is cooked and eaten. Morton Nance went on to restore the traditional song sung on Tom Bawcock's Eve, played to the local tune "wedding March". Other alternatives to the main fish can be crayfish and rabbit or mutton. A aech wed clunk as ealth wer drunk "My wife Dorothy made the first one," Guard explains. Along with the fish, the other traditional ingredients are thickened milk, eggs and boiled potatoes. As with many parts of Cornish heritage, a legend has appeared about its origins. Newspapers that should know better, like the Irish Examiner, have called stargazy pie “disgusting It's said to be born of famine, in Cornwall's tiny port of Mousehole. He also went on to confirm that the origins of the festival dated back to pre-Christian times, though it is unclear at what time the stargazy pie became part of the festivities. His description was regarding the festivities prior to 1900, though he doubted the reality of Tom Bawcock, suggesting it was in fact "Beau Coc". The position of the fish allows the oil that is released during cooking to drain into the pie, adding a fuller flavour and ensuring the pie is moist. The village children will cast paper boats out from the shore. The entire catch (including seven types of fish) was baked into a pie, which had the fish heads poking through to prove that there were fish inside. STARGAZY PIES AND PASTIES. In Cornwall it retains its beauty, especially in December. As Christmas approached, the villagers, who relied on fish as their primary source of food, were facing starvation. The latest in food culture, cooking, and more. This easier version is a nod to the Cornish pasty. There is a possibility that Tom Bawcock's Eve is an evolution of this festival. The words are English, by the way, peppered with Cornish—an ancient Celtic language spoken only by those with beards and a love for wonky stones. On a lightly floured surface, roll 1 disk of dough into a 12” round. Salty and formidably traditional, it's seasoned with coarse pepper and parsley. a raunen shark to sy! The history of Stargazy Pie would make a great action movie. An ling an haak, enough to maak An wen up caam Tom Bawcock's naam This Christmas, the Ship Inn will once again be flooded with visitors, all eager to sample a taste of maritime heritage. In 2007 contestant Mark Hix won the BBC's Great British Menu with a variant of the dish. Morton Nance went on to restore the traditional song sung on Tom Bawcock's Eve, played to the local tune "wedding March". We praesed un to tha sky. All rights reserved. Disgusting things people eat", a lifestyle feature by the New York Daily News based upon the book by an American author, Neil Setchfield. a raunen shark to sy! Instructions Make the crust: Whisk flour, mustard, and salt in a bowl. [16], For presentation, one suggestion is that the pilchards be arranged with their tails toward the centre of the pie and their heads poking up through the crust around the edge. Every year, this pub dishes out free Stargazy Pie to all: from fishermen to school kids, to hordes of tourists, great baking trays of steaming pies emerge from the kitchen.

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