Crawfish Roll - $5.75 Shumai (4) Tuna Combo - $15.95 Deep fried chicken & vegetable w. tempura sauce Salmon Roe(Ikura) - $5.25 Outside: blacken tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, Inside: spicy tuna, crabmeat & avocado. Salmon Roll Outside: spicy mayo, Eel, cucumber inside with avocado on top, served in eel sauce & masago, Inside: coconut shrimp, cream cheese, avocado. Cucumber Wrap (5) I-10 Roll Red Snapper Teriyaki, Ice Cream Spicy Tuna Roll Salmon(Sake) - $4.50 Shrimp Outside: salmon, tuna, seaweed salad w. eel sauce and spicy mayo. Outside: mango, tobiko & coconut sauce, Inside: crabmeat tempura, cucumber Outside: avocado, eel sauce, spicy crabmeat, Shrimp, cucumber, crunch topped w. crab, masago, eel & spicy mayo, Real crab mix, kani, avocado, cream cheese, jalapeno, tempura fried, eel sauce, siracha, Inside: raw fish, snow crab (no rice) Outside: eel sauce & spicy mayo (deep fried), Inside: eel, avocado & soybean paper Outside: snow crab & eel sauce, Inside: shrimp, crabmeat & cucumber Outside: eel, avocado, eel sauce, & tobiko, Inside: shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado Outside: sweet scallop, crabstick, crunchy, dynamite sauce, Inside: shrimp tempura, crawfish, & cucumber. Harumaki Baked Salmon - $9.95 Seaweed Salad Shrimp teriyaki, 2 pcs shrimp tempura, dumpling and California roll, 4 pcs tuna sushi Crazy Yellow Tail Roll - $13.95 Japanese Style Stir Fried Noodle w. Vegetable Steak - $9.95 Shrimp (Ebi) Snow Crab Roll Red Snapper(Tai) - $4.25 Caterpillar Roll Diced salmon mixed with masago & sweet chili sauce, topped with wasabi yuzu Cucumber Wrap(5) Michelob Ultra, Sapporo Salmon Skin Roll - $4.95 Shumai (6) - $4.75 Hic Pink Lemonade Chicken Tempura Roll (5) Nabeyaki Soba - $11.95 Hibachi Scallop - $10.95, Included House Salad, Clear Soup, Hibachi Shrimp (2 pcs), Hibachi Vegetables, With Fried Rice or Noodles, Hibachi Vegetable - $13.95 Fried Oyster Roll - $12.95 Salmon Skin Roll Tempura shrimp & cucumber topped w.baked spicy salmon, masago and eel sauce Jolly Roll Soba: Japanese Buck Wheat Noodle, Vegetable Udon Or Soba - $9.95 4 tuna, 4 salmon, 4 yellowtail Budweiser Pinke Lady - $12.95 Broiled sliced of eel over rice and eel sauce Sea Urchin(Uni) - $7.25 Shrimp Sushi Bridge - $33.95 Chef’s choice of 16 pcs of sushi, a Crunchy Roll & Rainbow Roll Salmon Teriyaki - $15.95 516 / 2,300g left. (Eel and cucumber inside, avocado and masago on top w. eel sauce) Sushi Deluxe - $18.95 Hibachi Dinner - $10.25 (Shrimp tempura inside, snow crab on top w.eel sauce) Salmon Avocado Roll - $4.50 Shrimp Teriyaki - $15.95 White Tuna (Escolar) Spider Roll Red Dragon Roll Cucumber Wrap Roll - $ - $9.95 Steak Scallop - $9.95 Crabmeat (Kani) Hibachi Shrimp - $20.95 White tuna,avocado,snow crab inside,fresh salmon,thinly iced lemins,balck tobiko on top, Crabmeat(Kani) - $3.50 Spicy tuna avocado inside, salmon, tuna, eel on the top w. masago crunchy eel sauce Eggplant Broiled sliced of eel over rice w.eel sauce and sesame seeds, Served w. Clear Broth Onion Soup, Hibachi Vegetable Fried Rice, Hibachi Vegetable - $7.95 Samurai Roll Shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, eel, topped with crawfish, scallops, baked in spicy sauce, eel sauce, scallions, hot oil & miso sauce. Ichiban Roll - $12.95 (Shrimp tempura and cucumber Inside, spicy tuna on top) Fried sea bass, cucumber, soy paper wrapped inside, eel sauce and yum yum sauce Egg (Tamago) Balsamic Tuna, Tuna (Maguro) (California inside, spicy tuna on top w. spicy mayo) Upgrade to an imported beer, frozen cocktail or large hot sake for a small upcharge! Crawfish Roll Blue Moon, Chardonnay Boston Roll - $4.50 Shrimp - Small $4.95 | Large $7.95 Crunchy Roll, Sushi Lunch - $10.95 Crabmeat (Kani) Udon: Japanese Thick-Wheat Flour Noodle, Nabeyaki Udon - $11.95 Squid(Ika) - $4.25 (Salmon, crabmeat, asparagus inside, deep fried w.panko, topped w.sriracha, wasabi mayo & eel sauce) Pepper Tuna - $8.95 Double Spicy Roll (Snow crab & crunchy inside, mango on top w. mango sauce) Sushi & Sashimi For 2 - $43.95 Shumai Double J Roll Vegetable 25 %7 gFat. Yakitori (2) Crazy Yellowtail Roll Fanta Orange Soda Green Mussel(2) Hibachi Scallops & Steak - $23.95 Salmon Skin Roll Chicken Tempura Roll (5pcs) (Snow crab, cream cheese, avocado in soy paper topped w.eel sauce & yum yum sauce) Tuna Roll 4 pcs tuna sushi, spicy tuna roll & tuna avocado roll Served W.Soup Or Salad, White Rice, Gyoza, 4 Pcs California Roll And Choice One Of: Tofu Teriyaki Avocado Salad - $4.95 Shrimp Avocado Roll - $5.50 (Shrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado, lettuce in sesame soy paper w.sweet chili sauce on top) New Castle Red Snapper (Tai) Outside: spicy kani, Inside: crab meat tempura wrapped in seaweed, spicy crab meat. White Tuna (Escolar)

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