Is there any proof of how valuable/useful their collaboration was? They have a lot of influence over a large audience but they don’t have the celebrity status which makes them more approachable. Social media influencers have incredible power to affect consumer decision-making, fueling business development by setting trends that determine what products or services the masses buy into. Photographer Jesse Driftwood is a great example of a macro influencer with big reach and high levels of engagement. Want to build a successful influencer program? Tiny mistakes like these can have lasting impact on a brand’s reputation, which is why it’s important to choose the right mega influencer to partner with. Or you can involve influencers directly in the campaign in which case they would build hype around your product launch, create and share unique content about your product, and drive their audience to action. Social media influencer Louise Thompson starred in TV series Made in Chelsea. Knowing the authority of a website is a good high-level indicator of the strength of any domain and, since it’s ranked out of 100, it fits perfectly with our framework. This lack of relatability, or trust, is why we’re seeing a shift back to peer-to-peer engagement. Illustrator Anna Ivanir has an 8,511 following and 11.94% engagement rate. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from brand advocates. If a brand’s target market is a match with the micro influencers’, it could definitely be a partnership worth exploring. And because of that, their priority is maintaining that strong connection with their followers. On Facebook, you can look at some of the popular/active groups relevant to your product or service and find out who is running them. Consider more content quality and niche topics as priority. Who is linking to the website – you want to see who they associate themselves with, What is the average number of shares for recent relevant articles. Agorapulse have an influencer ambassador program in which a group of people that love their product support the product’s growth in different ways. This is an easy way to find influencers who are already discussing your topic or your competitors online. The other problem was that they didn’t really find influencers. There’s a very good reason why Google trends shows massive growth in search traffic for influencer marketing. If I use Ahrefs (great tool) to assess the authority of a website, this is what I’ll get: The Ahrefs Rank is a ranking system which is based on the analysis of all the websites that Ahrefs have indexed (millions of websites). You’re probably familiar with brand sponsorship faux pas like the infamous Scott Disick and Bootea copy-and-paste caption debacle. One way to figure this out is by looking at your social media audience sentiment towards your brand by performing sentiment analysis. You can be very successful working with social media influencers but it requires a good bit of work upfront. We have created a simple framework that you can follow to evaluate influencers. You can then see who is talking about these topics and Brand24 will show you an estimated influence score for these people. What differentiates them from their bigger counterpart, the macro influencer, is a smaller reach. They don’t necessarily have a big audience but they are very well connected. The code offers a discount or some added value for buying your product or service. This is the point where things get serious…. But what about British band Little Mixes’ similar slip up? The same stands for positive product reviews on social media or product review sites. In fact, marketers have seen such success from influencer marketing that almost 40% of them plan to increase their influencer budget in 2018 and beyond. Earlier on we talked about different stages of the ‘Influencer Sales Funnel’ and the KIPs you need to measure for each of the funnel stages. Boasting 1.1m Instagram followers, she is no stranger to working with brands and also owns her own clothing line called Pocket Sport. An influencer identification tool is a quick way of finding the most relevant influencers. Managing a public figure – Mike Horn (Horn Media), Scott Disick and Bootea copy-and-paste caption debacle, $100 per 10,000 follower general rule of thumb, pay social media influencers $100-$500 per Instagram post, micro influencers are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement, 7 Ways of Repurposing Content on Social Media for Maximum Results, The Ultimate Checklist for Writing Instagram Captions as a Business, How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode (+ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube), Terms They know their target audience inside and out. They are celebrities, whether that’s in the traditional sense of actors, singers and TV stars, or internet personalities that have risen to prominence in recent years. This statement is more significant at a time when Instagram users are becoming increasingly disillusioned with unrelatable content. To figure out who among the influencers on your list you should reach out to, you need to evaluate them first. If I share a tweet to my 75k followers the potential impressions it will have is 75k, but the actual impressions could be 2k. And finally, are you seeing more visits to product landing pages? If you don’t want to go through that expense, you can provide UTM’ trackable links. And sometimes, these efforts are hard to track and measure. Traditional advertising still has a place in overall marketing strategy, particularly for businesses targeting an older clientele. Lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Lily Pebbles is a macro influencer with a following of 435,000. They can help build awareness, generate interest and drive sales. Do they have an authentic voice that your target audience can relate to? This may seem complex at first, and it would be if there weren’t any sentiment analysis tools available to do this job for you. It really is that simple! Promo codes are also an easy way to track the impact of influencers on sales because you can create specific codes that you can later track even beyond first purchase that a customer makes with the code. There are many methods you can use to find influencers and some of them are free and some are paid. At the awareness stage, you want to measure every metric that can tell you how many people potentially saw your brand’s message and how many of those people took an interest in your brand by following you, engaging with content (comment, like, share, click) or mentioning your brand. The most common kind of influencer on Instagram right now is the micro influencer, who has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Unfortunately, their influence score is zero and it’s time to take them out of the diamond of influence. These are the three main KPIs to measure if you want to understand how influencer campaign impacted a) brand awareness and b) brand perception among your target audiences. Finding influencers on social media can seem daunting to brands. From a weighting point of view, the topics are broad enough so that each category gets the same weighting as part of the overall formula. Businesses share a responsibility with influencers when they post advertisements on social media, as they may be liable for false or misleading content. At the end of the day, you are trying to affect the behavior of your current and/or new audiences through influencers. Thinking a step beyond buyer personas and developing. Others have high authority on social media but a neglected web presence. You'll be surprised how quickly we reply! How many links from other authority sites those articles earned, etc. The Bureau reached out to brands and marketing agencies following a thorough review of influencer marketing practices across various industries, including health and beauty, fashion, technology and travel. Instead of a simple product review, create an experience for your influencers to share with their network.

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