Badge # Other Affiliation He moved to Los Santos to bring more of a thrill to his life, and joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Snow is a 39-year-old caucasian male with black hair and a trimmed beard. Former Affiliation Business Name Species After pulling her over for a traffic stop a few days later, Espinoz offered to watch movies and cuddle at his house, which Daisy has yet to respond to. Status If both of them are on duty at the same time they'll typically ride together. NoPixel community is a FANDOM Games Community. The other officers who hold all five certifications are Senior Park Ranger Conan Clarkson, Sergeants Brittany Angel and Matt Rhodes, as well as all of the SASP Troopers; AJ Hunter, Olivia Copper, Kael Soze, and Tony Andrews. Sareff streams live on Twitch! Mikey Mersion. As a result of the stressful nature of his job, Snow's hair has turned a little grey. Blaine County Sheriff's OfficeCriminal Investigation Division (CID)Los Santos Police DepartmentSPJTF Rank He is one of eight officers to hold all five LEO certifications (Air, FTO, Interceptor, K9, and SWAT). Field Training OfficerAir CertifiedK9 Certified 205 While Daisy thinks Espinoz is a nice guy, she is developing strong feelings for Bailey Jade and is hesitant to continue seeing Espinoz. Jackie Snow is originally from London. Insignia Faction Information Marital Status Law Enforcement Detail Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. 39 JTF Other Affiliation He has a tattoo of a fish on the left side of his neck. Has about 33 nicknames, a majority beginning with E. Allen WidemannJoaquin “JJ” Jimenes Showing great leadership and skill over time, the entire Police Department (consisting of the LSPD, BCSO, CID, and SASP) was in unanimous agreement to appoint Jackie Snow as Chief of Police for the LSPD, with him holding the title for roughly a year. Definitely doesn't buy stuff off the Dark Web. Jackie Snow Business Name On May 27th, 2019, the "Government of Los Santos" opted for an entire police ranking restructure (including rotating positions in Command / High Command, and the removal of ranks above Sergeant). Daisy and Espinoz finally went on a date after a week of unfortunate events that kept causing the date to be rescheduled. Lei SanyaDating He was previously the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #405; as well as the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division, Badge #105. Matthew Espinoz Age Occupation Employment Information I like roleplaying and FPS games. Field Aliases Police Officer Jackie Snow is a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police, Badge #205. Senior Deputy Human Nationality Sometimes we go into space. Active Snow By Erin Cox505 Dicksling SnowQueef of PoliceSnowlordJacklyn SnowLord of the SkiesJacking SnowBy Matthew PayneChief of the NorthZeke VernoneBy QuickFixSimp of the SkiesTrooper RainBy Mike Block Law Enforcement Detail Rank Active Badge #389. Relationship Information Police Officer Species After pulling her over for a traffic stop a few days later, Espinoz offered to watch movies and cuddle at his house, which Daisy has yet to respond to. Status Aliases The other officers who hold all five certifications ar… Role-player Information British AirspinozaAir-1 AndyESPNEspionageEspinoodleEstarbucksEspinozaEspinachEssential OilEmbargoExpelliamusEspyEscargotEmpanadaEspikerEsportEtceteraEspressoExpurgatorEscalopeEspaditaExpungeEspadaEspiñataExpandEscaladeEspinardoEnchiladaEngardeOospinoozeEspi-NopeEscortanozaEuphoniaEspisoze He is one of the most well versed air pilots in the force earning the nickname "Air-1 Andy". Emily MawDating Jackie Snow is a character role-played by uhSnow. He is widely regarded as one of the best drivers and leaders in the PD. Occupation San Andreas State Police Active Employment Information Certifications LSPD Long Sleeves Chief of Police Uniform, Snow in Vending Machine with Copper selfie. Wears a wig, as determined by a judicial ruling by. Alternate Characters 389 Old Look - BCSO Long Sleeves Cadet Uniform. This site is not affiliated with Twitch or any of their partners. Marital Status Snow worked hard to climb up the ladder, eventually becoming Chief Inspector of the CID, Badge #105. NoPixel community is a FANDOM Games Community. Matthew Espinoz is a character role-played by Hotted89.

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