Being Quick on your feet lead to you jumping to conclusions. You can check this article about the best Subreddits to follow. Their economic policies aren't very popular. The most important part is that the community on Headcycle is more mature and controlled than what you might find elsewhere. As we celebrate Slashdot's 20th anniversary this month, we thought we'd take a moment to highlight a few of the notable or interesting stories and discussions that have happened here in the past decade and a half. Since then it has grown to be read by Do you get tired of aligning with racists? I post fairly regularly on soylent. My own personal experience has been that Slashdot's karma system is not at all rewarding people who introduce novel arguments. Fifteen years from now, your alarm goes off at 7:30 AM, pulling you out of a dead sleep. Slashdot's 10 Most-Visited Stories of 2017, Google Has Demonstrated a Successful Practical Attack Against SHA-1, FCC Chairman Wants It To Be Easier To Listen To Free FM Radio On Your Smartphone, IT Decisions Makers and Executives Don't Agree On Cyber Security Responsibility, a complete list of Slashdot's 10 most-visited stories of 2017, See a Random Slashdot Story From the Last 20 Years, each time choosing a different story at random, When an AI Tries Writing Slashdot Headlines, asked me to train a neural network to try to generate more, Slashdot's 20th Anniversary: History of Slashdot, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Acquires and Will Free Up Science Search Engine Meta, The State of Slashdot: Https, Poll Changes, Auto-Refresh, Videos, and More, Slashdot and SourceForge Sold, Now Under New Management, bought Slashdot and sister site SourceForge in 2012, completed the sale of its Slashdot and SourceForge businesses, DHI Group Inc. Then they were shocked someone else had a different opinion. Now let's focus on the last story, that actually mattered, about the small intelligence spin-off firm that embedded spyware into apps. Lots of guns. It's not that simple. advantages over Reddit: * Readers are given a clue _why_ a post was moderated* Moderation is limited to +5* Less circlejerk* Less groupthink* Can't edit posts. videos that, You've probably noticed that Slashdot's been running some video lately. The most dangerous form of stupid comment is not the long but mistaken argument, but the dumb joke. Isn't that the only reason it exists? Reddit is just Usenet in 2018. Other times and other places had/have different standards of what was tolerated. Am not a Trump supporter, not even american, but this is so dumb that it feels like a massive false flag. As a content creator, you can drive tons of traffic from Pinterest if you do it in the correct way. If this theory worked, companies should temporarily fire people, see what they can divine about what will shortly pass, then re-employ them and fix the problem. The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. Copyright © 2020 SlashdotMedia. While we snack on popcorn. 15 years is a long time on the internet. This is an abuse of the anthropic principle. Steemit has been working off of blockchain technology and is designed to produce an attractive design. Most people don't want what you want. Imagine when the first regulars went to the site. Personally I don't have any plans, but if you need to get ahold of me for all the way to the bank was more than enough. * Unicode fucking works* Markdown formatting works for code* Sub-reddit for every possible fetish, er, I mean interest. Slashdot not all that different in some regards, the large size of dinosaurs is evidence that gravity is fake and craters are caused by electric impulses rather than meteorites, "Toxicity" is what makes a community healthy, "The problem" is that reddit's not a business, Twitter Flags Trump and White House Tweets About Minneapolis Protests for 'Glorifying Violence'. Many websites have come and gone over that time, and many that stuck around haven't had any interest in preserving their older content. That's why it's alt-right. Uhh how do we know subreddits aren't serving zero day exploits thru these same customization features. Going forward we expect much better uptime. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, except now it turns out that most of the people doing that shit are fronts for the alt-right, like "Identity Evropa" who were just caught doing exactly that: [], "White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter", A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to ongoing protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to a Twitter s. alt-right is synonymous with neo-nazi/white supremacist. We are not responsible for them in any way. "I was raking in the dough and living the high life, but yeah, we screwed you and probably society. Left does what they accuse the right of doing. So let me get this right, a "white supremacist" who belongs to a criminal organization is a Trump supporter. I'm going to handwave a lot about it, but if you cut through all the bullshit its people saying mean things I don't like (free speech) and helping Donald Trump. They have just as much a right to representation as anyone. But now that I see in /weddingplanning that I should vote for Trump, I have totally changed my mind. You just used the logical fallacy known as. In many cases I was directed to Reddit by a search engine that "thought" the Reddit content was relevant to my query. in the 1980's it was considered OK to make fun of Gay people. Hell it could be an attempt to look like false flag, too! However I'd want to set my own MEPR visibility threshold somewhat higher than the default, while favoring the humor dimension. The search engine is the saving grace of Reddit, Twitter, etc. Snapzu limits abuse when it comes to leaving downvotes. If you want to be rewarded for making "comments which inspire critical, independent thinking", you might want to take it easy with the pseudoscience going forward. wiredmikey writes with the press-release version of news that we'll probably be updating as more details trickle down to the editors: TheNextCorner writes with news on where CmdrTaco has been hiding. Never found it. Galileo's square-cube law works for all current land-walking animals. The communities in each of these sections are committed to various things of value. You could have tried anything else. Except someone with an immediate need is asking a question and apparently nobody in the thread except me (who can't post because apparently I'm posting 'too much') has the right answer. Boldfacing an argument doesn't actually make it stronger. They should be "channels". At this point, *nothing* about US politics that I haven't experienced myself, is in any way trustworthy, or worth of being considered real. r/The_Donald made national news. Unknown Lamer. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. []. Eventually this core group simply wears out. Digg’s content works best if you have rich media content to provide. Bates contends that what's old is new when it comes to media, and that people would rather be right than get along. You think so? It's true that Trump looks bad all on his own. You're exactly what this post was describing. I tried reading the linked article but gave up after reading 3 paragraphs that contained many words without making any concise statement. The main difference between slashdot and reddit is that reddit is more popular-- no site that relies on free, unverified accounts to do moderation can avoid being gamed *if* someone with deep enough pockets-- or possibly a large brigade of volunteers-- is interested in gaming it.

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