Paul said Mt. The staff was exceptional. The back of the boat was engulfed in diesel fumes...miserable. The highlight of the trip for me was the elephant encounter. of Shur] in Arabia Felix. 16:12; 21:21; 25:18, “He put him in mind, that when Abraham was come alone out Walk with Lion was a highlight of my life. Is there any historical evidence which might resolve this dispute of the ages? defines Arabia Happy as where Hagar and Ishmael lived and where Mt. corrections. Incredible experience! Cathy has done an amazing job this week! Arabia in the Bible was never considered The schedule was a bit rigorous and demanding, but it was very enlightening and enjoyable. Such a unique experience that grows your faith and understanding of the Bible. c.       At no point in history has the Sinai Peninsula been defined [read less], I had a wonderful experience visiting the Grand Canyon. [4] Enrique Báez, “Petra,” ed. She accompanied us on the trip and was a delight to be with and took care of every need. Hagar and Ishmael lived in Arabia Felix (Saudi Arabia). In future, try to go to Antelope Canyon on a week day!! The Biblical teachings at the sights were spiritually enriching, the relationships developed with our group were very loving and special, and Rhonda was outstanding, taking such good care of us and making the trip very fun too. In 1979, Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in which Israel agreed to withdraw from the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula. I would highly recommend using Living Passages for anyone, and I would use them again in planning another overseas tour. Just need to tighten up a few details that I'm sure they'll clear up. Top notch, as always, with Living Passages! You don't have to worry everything is planned out for you and you are with like minded people. I'm here in Africa and having the most blessed time of my life! We had a group of 40 who went to Greece and Turkey on a "Footsteps of Apostle Paul" tour and cruise. [read less]. The food was okay, but then I'm picky because I'm from a place where there are a lot of great restaurants. of Mesopotamia into Canaan, he had been made happy, not only in other It was breath takin... [read more]It was Amazing! 4:25: Mt. of Arabia Felix but that Midian moved back to join tribes with Ishmael in Shur. Plane tickets to accommodations and agenda. Plane tickets to accommodations and agenda. You don't have to worry everything is planned out for you and you are with like minded people. We saw so many wonderful sites and they handled the details. We had both just retired, so we were very thankful to be able to do it with a group of Christian brothers & sisters. The wait staff was terrible and, despite multiple attempts to ask for ice water, to which no one responded, one traveler got light-headed. It turns out that Midian is another uncle of Esau, born to Keturah, whom Abraham married after Sarah died, and along with Ishmael, Abraham “sent them away from his son Isaac, eastward to the east country.” (Gen. 25:1-6). The planning and provisions were far beyond ... My sister and I had the trip of a lifetime and it was all because of Living Passages. God... [read more]My husband and I just got back from our second Living Passages tour, the Footsteps of Paul. We learned that "Westerners have watches, Africans have time." The location of the Mount Sinai described in the Bible remains disputed. Pretrip information was appropriate. This was our first time outside of the US and Living Passages made it an easy trip with all their planning. Truly an unforgettable experience! God bless you, Rhonda! We have been in safaris seeing lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, monkeys, jackets and so many more animals. The Thank you Rhonda for the incredible memories youhave given us. Options during layovers and rooming options. Worth the time and the money to experience this once in a life time trip.��� [read less], This was a "dream come true" adventure for me. [read less], ON our trip to Petra, Jordan too much was planned for that particular day and we did not get to stay in Petra and explore a bit mo... [read more]ON our trip to Petra, Jordan too much was planned for that particular day and we did not get to stay in Petra and explore a bit more. They took care of all the fine details. probably emended the text to make the sense of the passage clearer. A trip with Living Passages is truly a blessing and a growing experience for your personal walk with the Lord! On February 16, 2020, Dr. Robinson and his son Matthew climbed Mount Sinai of Saudi Arabia. Hugging an elephant is incredible. See these incredible historical sites for yourself on an exclusive luxury tour to Saudi Arabia. Sinai is in Arabia (S, C, G). A trip with Living Passages is truly a blessing. ", "Israeli Completes Pullout, Leaving Sinai to Egypt", Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) (1977) MERIP Reports 60, p. 20,, Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pages, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 14:50. Ephesus located in Turkey and Masada near the Dead Sea were some of my favorite locations we visited on our journey. Everything from amazing, off the beaten track historical sites to luxurious... [read more]Our trip to Israel with Living Passages was wonderful! [read less], What a wonderful company! Parts of the northwestern regions of Saudi Arabia are somewhat like the wild west. included or omitted and (b) whether the clause should be introduced by gar word Hagar sounds like an Arabian term used to refer to a mountain in the Twice an hour or less which is by far too little time to allow for potential delays. My daughter and I throughly enjoyed our African Safari with the Creation group! I think I have some nice photos. I was delighted that I had a great roommate and didn't have to pay the single supplement. They occupy much of the coast and not a little of the adjacent country which extends into the interior and contains a population that is unspeakably great as well as herds of animals that are unbelievably numerous.”[1] This sounds like Midian. Russ and Rhonda both did an outstanding job in organization and Russ did an Incredible job in teaching us about the Canyon. We can't wait to sign up for another trip with Living Passages, as this one was the best in our lifetime! Highly recommend them and will do other tours with them. Secondly, the proof that hagar was ever used to Everyone on this adventure is praising God and giving Him the glory for the breathtaking beauty of Africa...especially the morning sun! Outstanding company and I would use them again. For many thisexcursion will be the greatest memory made. to Josephus, at the time of Abraham, Ketura’s son Midian settled in Troglodytis, Sinai by saying: Mount Sinai is located in the land where Ishmael lived: is not translated in English. It was well worth the cost of the trip. it reaches to the Red Sea.” (Josephus Antiquities 1.238–239), c.       Moses Seeing all the animals at Shikwaru and at the other locations was amazing. I had a wonderful experience visiting the Grand Canyon. My family enjoyed the experience of a lifetime on our Living Passages trip to South Africa. In future, try to go to Antelope Canyon on a week day!! Highly recommend! Everything was well planned out a... [read more]I have traveled with Living Passages throughout the Mediterranean and had an amazing experience. Professional yet personal. It was nice being able to si... Great trip - I enjoyed having the three meals a day and not having to find a place to eat for lunch. We’ve seen amazing countryside, cheetahs, wildebeest, lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, wart hogs, hippopotamus, rhinos and many native birds!!! Sinai is not located in the Sinai Peninsula: a.       interpretation, Lightfoot seems correct in charging that it is not likely

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