to those famously affordable sticks, the Purchased at Guitar Center, NJ, for vocal recording in home studio. Barry White I'd probably use a CAD. this mic translates is impressive but once there I didn’t find nearly as much that makes that guitar such a joy to play, Having no transformer helps produce a more accurate transient response, though the way transformers affect high frequencies is part of what makes them sound 'musical', so it would be wrong to equate transformers with 'bad'. The Shure KSM27 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that I've used in the recording studio. other mics with shock mounts couldn’t eliminate. well-framed bass note articulation with beefy Originally rolled out as the entry-level model in Shure’s studio-leaning KSM line, the 1" diaphragm FET condenser is a good fit for the SM Series with its improved specs, rugged housing and low-key looks. Along with the SM27, I had the opportunity to try the SM137, which is a rebranded KSM109. SM27 also came in handy during a session Paid $299. I would highly recommend this mic to people recording instruments like guitar, double bass, saxes, and clarinets. The mic also has a -15 db pad. The Shure KSM27 is a condenser microphone that I have used both in the studio and live. For Switches are provided for two settings of low cut (flat, 6dB/octave at 115Hz, or 18dB/octave at 80Hz) and for bringing in a 15dB pad. But, depending on your experience and willingness to experiment, this could be the ultimate microphone for a one-mic kind of person with a $300 budget, or a great third mic for someone looking to evolve a beyond the [SM57] and the [SM58]…. Summing up, the performance of the KSM27 is closer to that of a high-end model than its UK price might lead you to believe and the standard of engineering is excellent. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Enter the SM27, Shure’s side-address cardioid condenser that promises to be a worthy candidate for any working guitarist needing a jack-of-all-trades mic in the $300 (street) range. For Billy Ray Cyrus probably an NT1-A. A versatile, entry-level large-diaphragm condenser mic with a particularly well balanced performance. First Look: Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Series. most of their mics as being able to handle mic is also equipped with an internal shock So, I can’t say this mic is for just anyone. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. model in Shure’s studio-leaning KSM line, requires 48-volt phantom power. It gets you a crisp, present sound, and while I've always thought of the former KSM27 as a mic suited for female vocals, it works just fine on my baritone-to-tenor range. Mastering Essentials Part 3 - How loud should I master? venerable Shure SM57 and SM58. Burl Audio, under the direction of owner/designer Rich Williams, has developed some of the best new recording equipment over the last eight years. Learn more. To make it interesting, I also set up an AKG C 414 TL II and a Sanken CU-41. I think it's best suited for guitar or to add a slightly warm sound to instruments or vocals. */, Copyright ©2020. The SM27 is a different color (charcoal grey, rather than champagne). Thread: Shure KSM27 vs. advantage—for example, harnessing its (This content has been automatically translated from French). There’s also a low frequency Win! fit for the SM Series with its improved specs, I'm planning on getting another one. X-Series Martin dreadnought accurately captured All Rights Reserved GK Backline 600. ratio. Like the SM27, the color also switched from Champagne to charcoal grey, but unlike the other model, it switched names drastically.

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