It’s very rugged and reliable, and pretty heavy to boot. On the contrary, the noise handling of the PG58 is not impressive. The Shure PG58 is cheaper than the venerable SM58, but it’s no slouch. The SM58 is a lot better with features that help it deal with noise. Shure provides 3 versions of the PG58. Shure PGA58. The microphone itself is the same. They each has a silver metallic grille that is very rugged and durable, ready for heavy-duty usage. All other standard return policy conditions apply.. Close So, let’s take a look at further details about this product. In brief: It is a great professional-quality XLR microphone with a sleek design, internal shock-mount, pop filters, and an on/off switch. PG58 is a good fit for both recording artists and background voiceovers. INCAE Business School Relies on Shure MXA910 to Transform Classrooms into Cutting-Edge Spaces. The PGA58 is a professional quality vocal microphone with an updated industrial design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence. Which is better with handling noise: Shure PG58 versus Shure SM58? Some say it performs just as well, if not better than a 58. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. The first and most famous version is PG58XLR. But each version differs in the accessories. Legendary Shure quality construction ensures exceptional performance in rigorous environments. Shure SM58 comes with an off-black color and is a little bit slimmer, while Shure PG58 comes with a darker black color and a little bit bulkier. It’s great for stuff like small live gigs, karaoke, and even studio applications! Enjoy Extended Returns thru Feb 01, 2021!

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