To easily make lots of money in Shenmue II, your best bet is to play Big or Small. While the Kowloon in the game is fictional, it is based on the Kowloon Walled City (Japanese: 九龍城 Kyūryū-jō or 九龍城砦 Kyūryū-jōsai) located in Hong Kong, before its demolition in 1993. Ren will lead the way but don't run too far ahead of him or he'll lose you and go back to the hideout. If you want to you can listen through the whole thing and hear a lot of recorded conversations from people you've met throughout the game, and if you fast-forward through it so that the timer reads about 650 you'll hear Joy talking to Gui Zhang from Shenmue on the phone. Luckily Yang isn't the most strong-willed of people and will tell you about a wiretapper named Huang who can help you find Zhu after a little "persuasion". To escape when the guard opens the door you'll have to pass a command QTE: X, A. Some skill and maybe even some luck will see you through the fight though, and you'll win $2000 for beating Greg. Welcome to Kowloon, the ancient walled city. Ryo arrives by bus and you'll start inside the gate on Dragon Street. Hit him and the scout will leave again. No matter what you choose you'll lose and will have to knock - when Yuan opens the door press left, right, A in a command QTE to knock her out and get inside. The Dancing Dragon Building is in Ren's rival Don Nui's territory so he won't go there with you. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Find Star Gazing Point in Stand Qr and enter to find a street fight with Zhouhong Kong, the one-eyed fighter. There are three rooms like this on the floor before you can move up to the seventh. If they see you in the open when the light is on you'll have to free battle all of them. There are a few command QTEs to get through that will slow down the pursuers and allow you to get away. Manage to take him out twice and you win $1000. Back at Ren's hideout Wong will remove your cuffs, and then it's time to get revenge on Yang for this little setup. Now you have stairs all the way to the tenth floor. You'll have to press up, A in a command QTE to knock him into the closet followed by left in a standard QTE to lock him in. Try to memorise as much of the layout as you can because it'll come in handy later. On the last corner another guard will arrive and the command QTE will be right, B, A. To win this you have to hit him once within the 30 second time limit. When you're in Thousand White Qr pick up a map from the dispenser next to the Great View Building. On the 12th floor you'll have to cross a plank to the other side of the room. Now head to Small Dragon Garden in Stand Qr and fight the Passive Raid master, Whenyuan Ma. This one's a freebie a couple of corners away another guard will be approaching. He has Joy as a hostage so agree to fight him. If you want to find them there are another few dummy sticks hidden in the room, but you don't need to bother. After saying goodbye to Ryo's friends at the Man Mo Temple in Wan Chai it's off to Guilin... We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Take the elevator inside up to the 11th floor, then take the stairs up one more floor. Take a breather before you go up because it's about to get a lot harder, then go on up. This time he'll give you a map of the lower basement of the Thousand White Building and make an appointment to meet you there in two days time. On the 15th floor Don Nui will catch up and chase you so that you'll have a chase QTE. On the next floor head for the nearest staircase to find it guarded. Don't waste it because you're going to need it to get into Greg More's street fight. When she comes towards you you'll have to pass a command QTE: down, Y. If you don't she'll see you. This is one of the many gambling games in the sequel, and you’ll find it at the Fortune’s Pier … Like when you crossed the pole in Lucky Plaza, Ryo will keep losing his balance so you'll have directional QTEs which will cause Ryo to fall to his death (so you have to start climbing the building all over again) if you miss - REMEMBER TO SAVE AFTER EVERY PLANK. Ren will teach the miner bird to say that you're in the closet and will jump behind the couch. Ren knows another associate of Zhu named Yang who'll be able to help you find him - he can be found in a herb shop at the Great View Building. Kowloon (Hànzì: 九龍, Pinyin: Jiǔlóng, Jyutping: Gau2 Lung4 On'yomi: Kyūryū) is visited by Ryo Hazuki near the middle of Shenmue II, after he leaves Aberdeen and Wan Chai. When you try and enter the third door Ren will arrive. The Yellow Head Building is the big building in the middle of Kowloon that all the districts are placed around. When you reach the top Ren will call you, then you should go through the door into the office. To defeat Chunyan attack as much as you can so that you give her very few opportunities to get any hits on you in, and try to keep her between you and the edges of the ring. Welcome to Kowloon, the ancient walled city. Now you have the task of walking across the narrow planks to the other side. The scout will tell you to meet him at Dragon Street at 7:00pm. It was informed by Ren that Yuanda Zhu is hiding here. Ahead of you there should be a guy who looks like a wrestler guarding a doorway. The Yellow Heads of Kowloon are a depiction of the various gangs that operated and governed the actual Kowloon Walled City. Do Zhu's Chawan sign and you'll get a note telling you to meet someone at room #503 of the Moon Child Building. This fight is where Predictive Explosion will come in handy, so when you see the B button appear next to your energy bar press B and towards Zhou.

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