Shown by {}, Universal Set: all things we are interested in. Quantitative Aptitude – Modern Maths – Progressions – Q4: Let a1, a2,……..a3n be an arithmetic progression with a1 = 3 and a2 = 7. Doctors that are neither Artist nor Players => Only Doctors i.e. Here, 2, 3 and 4 are elements of set S and an element is generally denoted using the symbol Є (belongs to) like this: 2 Є S. When a set is very large and cannot be contained it can also be denoted in the following way: B = {x: 0 (A ∩ P) + (D ∩ A ∩ P) = 22 +3 = 25, 4.) To visualize set operations, we will use Venn diagrams. Permutation and Combination – Distribution of Objects U is the set of whole numbers from 1 to 15. We will work with Venn diagrams involving two sets (two-circle diagrams) and three sets (three-circle diagrams). Permutation and Combination – Fundamental Principle of Counting, Permutation and Combination – Distribution of Objects, How to find Rank of a Word in Dictionary (With or Without Repetition), Basic Probability Concepts for CAT Preparation, Sequence and Series Problems and Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation.

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