Make sure that you’ve got your receipt to initiate a return. I used queen sheet set from Target and it had ample enough to go around the bottom of the mattress. Your email address will not be published. Breaking in a New Mattress – Tips & Tricks. While most companies will donate your returned item rather than resell it, they could potentially reject your claim if you’ve abused the product. Try not to get discouraged if you don’t love the way your new bed feels straight away. This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional. Yes, this technique is helpful, especially for memory foam and latex surfaces. I have a bad back and needed something semi-firm. Highly recommend to those looking for a firm mattress with a padded (but not pillow) top that helps cushion. A few bloggers suggest waiting to put your mattress protector and sheets on your new bed only after the corners have fully extended. Explore Serta’s 2020 product catalog. Why Do You Need to Break in Your Mattress? It should make your bed feel softer. So, in addition to sleeping on the firm surface, sit or lie on it when you’re watching television, reading, working, etc. The Results May Shock You! If you want to sleep on it before the 24-hour mark, just remember the mattress won’t feel its very best until it expands to its full size. But when nighttime rolls around and its time to go to sleep, waiting to use your new bed can be inconvenient. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. Showrooms may not always provide a real-life experience, but they can help if you’re deciding between two models. Higher-density models may take longer to break in, but they should last you a lot longer. Everyone from grandchildren to adult children loves this mattress and wants that room to sleep in. However, sleeping on an unexpanded mattress is still more comfortable than the floor or a sofa, so if you wish to sleep on your new bed the day it arrives, you certainly can do so. Sleeping on your mattress before it’s fully expanded may just be a little uncomfortable (but it’ll still continue to expand regardless of whether you’re sleeping on it or not), and retailers don’t want the first night on your new mattress to be full of tossing and turning. I was striking out looking for a mattress that was firm but not TOO firm. You may not like it. Generally speaking, there is a fair amount of air in these beds, causing them to be broken in more quickly. I think we have been sleeping on this mattress now for over a month. Before plopping your bed on the old foundation, check to make sure the two pieces are compatible and that your foundation isn’t worn out, sagging, or broken. Comfortable combination of firm and plush. Find out if the company offers any accessories to help ensure your satisfaction. And it gives, just a little, enough to not jam into your shoulder or hips when you sleep on your side. You might have purchased a firmness level that’s not compatible with your weight or sleeping position. It's cool says my menopausal beauty, that's great - night sweats suck. I loved it, slept so well on it and I have joint pain that often keeps me awake at night.This is like I am on a cloud, a well anchored cloud. You even know what to look for in foundations and bed frames that are best for foam mattresses. Got this Sertapedic 300 firm queen to replace a well loved king size firm. Experience our most powerful temperature regulating iComfort memory foam technologywith the Blue Max 5000 Luxury Firm model. Therefore, if you’re in a particular hurry to break in a new mattress, try keeping your bedroom a few degrees warmer than normal. I just won't tell anyone. I am 6'2" and 270 lbs. You finally ditched your worn out mattress and you got yourself a fresh new bed. Eventually, the mattress should be broken in, though that may not mean that it feels comfortable. The delivery men were completely fast and professional. I got a ten in pillow top bed can i sleep on it before the 24 hr mark . Serta offers a variety memory foam mattress models to choose from, making it easy to find a mattress customized just for you. Seven different people or couples of all shapes and sizes all said, "I slept better than I ever have." Low-density memory foam often feels like a comfortable cloud the first night, but it could leave you feeling like you’re sinking into a hole a few short months later. Check and see if you can exchange what you’ve got for something softer or firmer. Take a look at how much time you spend sitting or slouching or whether you engage in high-impact athletic activities. After all, they’d rather deal with the expense of supplying you with a different bed than losing you as a customer altogether. Good question! If you bought your bed online, chances are it came compressed or rolled in a box. Now personally I am a fan of the hybrid innerspring encased in foam bed, but my mom needs a bed that is not only comfortable, but easy to get out of, the last thing she needs is something else fracturing under the strain of pulling herself out of a foam bed. A subsequent one, shortly thereafter, was too soft. Once it’s laying flat, you can remove the plastic wrap and the mattress will be ready for bedtime within minutes! This medium-plush all-foam mattress features Serta’s durable Foam Core to help ensure proper support and years of outstanding comfort. We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here. The higher the quality, the longer it might take due to the durability of the materials, so that’s something else to keep in mind during this process. There’s some variation in the time periods of latex. Foam beds need a solid, flat mattress foundation. The reason for this distinction is that springs can buckle or deteriorate more rapidly when your body weight is overly concentrated. Pay particular attention to those that mention situations similar to yours (low back pain or having arthritis, for example). Putting sheets on the mattress before it’s fully decomposed doesn’t interfere with the decompression? Sheets will not interfere with a mattress’s decompression. I am totally satisfied. While some mattresses expand quickly, there are others that have a harder time expanding. There’s no miserable sweating either. However, memory foam fresh out of the box is more versatile than aged foam. This Serra is a firm with a quilted like top that I don’t really notice being any different from a flat. She has been talking about how her bed was getting old, and wondered out loud if a new bed might be more comfortable. This bed is absolutely perfect! Memory foam needs a bed frame with either a solid flat surface or a slatted base. They removed the old mattress and took it with them. Eventually I took the hint and ordered her this mattress. It should make your bed feel softer. HIGH QUALITY & SLEEK DESIGN: Crafted with 9.75″ of ultra premium memory foams. While you may not always need a new foundation, you might need to get a replacement if you’ve switched the type of bed you’re now sleeping on. It’s a good idea to vacuum the mattress at least once a month to remove loose foreign debris and any hair. We’re devoted to helping others get the sleep they need to lead their happiest, healthiest lives. I am 200 lbs she is 150, together we weigh a lot, but not to much for this mattress. Laying down on the mattress and rolling around for a few minutes as well as standing on the end of the mattress and walking around the edges should make it expand faster. I knew as soon as I lay on the plastic that it was the right one and off it came! Shop Serta\'s memory foam beds. If the first night on your new bed isn’t all you’d dreamed it’d be, give it more time before calling for a return. My mother bought a memory foam mattress and it is literally perfect firmness for me so I decided to buy the same exact one. You might just need to learn how to break in a brand new bed. If you are tall you might want to check the length. If I am rich then because I won the lottery I may get something different. It could take up to sixty days. I slept on one of these Sertapedic Eurotop 300 Innerspring beds when I stayed at a hotel last month. The second reason why brands want you to wait to sleep on their beds is the risk of off-gassing. The materials may give off an off-gassing odor for a day or two. It’s been a week since we received and set up the first Serta. Your favorite pair of shoes might have given you a blister the first day you wore them, too. The springs are naturally designed to adjust to your weight, and the pillow top section above them isn’t overly thick or firm. Another explanation is that the back pain could be caused by your lifestyle. NOTE: For this one, I first lay on it when it arrived OVER the plastic and would recommend the same.

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