Create an Exceptional, Spacious Sleep Environment with the Stearns & Foster BELLEVILLE Firm Queen Mattress Tuft & Needle also offers a significantly cheaper alternative compared to the Serta iComfort Mattress. #mrc .top-rated .model-photo { As such, once you find yourself along the edge of the bed, it’s harder to roll back into the center than it is to roll off. Review Subject Required ... DIMENSIONS -- 112'' wide x 103" deep X 42'' high European round bed stocked in the US in white velvet – Luxurious Florence Round Bed . European  round bed stocked in the US in white velvet  –  Luxurious Florence  Round Bed . height: auto; When you lay down on this bed, you’ll find yourself sinking in and the material contouring around your body, almost like the bed is giving you a hug. } font-size: 18px !important; Slept in a different bed for 4 months. Research. The mattress has a medium feel that will appeal to most people since it is not too hard or too soft. } display: table-cell; display: inline-block; Comfort #mrc .pros-cons th { Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush Mattress Review. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); display: block; font-size: 10px; As you likely know, Serta is one of the largest mattress brands out there. Built to be extremely durable for support night after night. You can check to see current promotions or our Mattress Coupons page to see the deals that we’ve spotted today. You lay on all of them and eventually they all start to feel the same however, once we laid on this one we knew. Try remembering to do it seasonally, that should help you keep track of time. font-style: normal; It will still have a true memory foam feel, but you’ll get a much firmer sleeping surface, which should help your back. text-align: left; Yes, the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 comes with free shipping in the United States through It highlights the features, benefits and our impression. The iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Plush is a medium comfort bed. I am now trying it out. I hate shopping for beds. MATTRESS ONLY. } font-size: 16px !important; A PrimaCool™ Performance FabricStretch-knit... iComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Plush King size Mattress by Serta, Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 1000 Plush Pillow Top KING size Mattress, Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 300 Plush Pillow Top KING size Mattress, Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 13.5" inch King size Elite Plush Mattress, IComfort Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm King size Mattress by Serta, Serta iComfort Blue Max Touch 1000 Cushion Plush Mattress Twin XL, Simmons Beautyrest Plush Black Memory Foam with BlackICE Scarlett King Size, Serta I Comfort Blue Max 300 Firm Queen Mattress, Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 300 Plush Pillow Top Queen size Mattress, Masterpiece Henry Extra Firm Mattress King size, Florence Tufted Round Bed in White Velvet, Round 82 inches Mattress Luxury Medium Firm, Lux Estate Belleville Ultra Firm Queen Size Mattress by Stearns and Foster. var BCData = {"csrf_token":"63fe9bbd39d1748b76606ca831b0bd1f0ff161b81036949120312cbafa9a5707","product_attributes":{"sku":"127","upc":"747935803626","stock":null,"stock_message":null,"weight":null,"base":true,"image":null,"price":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$1,599.00","value":1599,"currency":"USD"},"tax_label":"Tax","sale_price_without_tax":{"formatted":"$1,599.00","value":1599,"currency":"USD"},"non_sale_price_without_tax":{"formatted":"$2,499.00","value":2499,"currency":"USD"},"rrp_without_tax":{"formatted":"$2,699.00","value":2699,"currency":"USD"},"saved":{"formatted":"$1,100.00","value":1100,"currency":"USD"},"retail_price_range":{"min":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$2,699.00","value":2699,"currency":"USD"}},"max":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$2,699.00","value":2699,"currency":"USD"}}}},"instock":true,"purchasable":true,"purchasing_message":null}}; Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. width: 25%; *Required Field Please Complete All Required Fields. 1'' Serta Support... Velvet and silk Ivory Loveseat Royal Palace Collection -- great with matching chair  in your hallway , living or bedroom  Elegant white velvet... On Sale margin-bottom: .5rem; #mrc .comparison-features .bottom-bolt { Velvet and silk Blue Loveseat with crystals  Royal Palace Collection -- great with matching chair  in your hallway , living or bedroom  Read our Mattress Buying Guide. margin-right: 15px; TempActiv Gel has millions of Gel beads infused into the memory foam to control our body heat by trapping and then removing the excess heat. Amazing mattress and competes with highend memory foam mattresses. display: block; Theme designed by Papathemes. font-style: normal; If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the comfort firm will offer more support. The Blue Max 1000 mattress is not cheap, but it’s not expensive either—it’s in the sweet spot for a lot of consumers. The Serta iComfort Blue Max is built to last seven to ten years in accordance with Better Sleep Council guidelines. color: #196e8e; For petite people, this bed is fine. Was this helpful? (15) Kinda shocked me at first. I have back issues and have had surgeries. ©2020 Copyright - a Red Ventures company. #mrc .top-rated th:nth-child(3), #mrc .top-rated td:nth-child(3), #mrc .comparison-features th:nth-child(1), #mrc .comparison-features td:nth-child(1) {

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