Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence Log (ABC Log) Instructions: Record objective information under the corresponding column for the antecedent, behavior, consequence, and the child’s response to the consequence. Example 2 Antecedent: Driver sees a stop sign. Behavior: Driver stops A consequence is anything immediately following a behavior in which we are interested. ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) Chart Form Date/Time Activity Antecedent Behavior Consequence Date/Time when the behavior occurred What activity was going on when the behavior occurred What happened right before In this example, at Time 2, the MO of activity deprivation (1) increases the reinforcing value of physical activity/movement (consequence) and (2) prompts/cues the behavior of going for a walk because this behavior of going for a Behavior: Student shouts out an answer without raising her hand. Antecedent: Teacher asks question. Consequences occur frequently without intention or Consequence: Teacher verbally reprimands student. The ABC model or the Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence model is the well-established and scientific approach to analyze why people act in a certain way and find ways to implement behavioral According to this cognitive behavior therapy, The A stands for antecedent, which is the prevailing condition that works as a catalyst for the preceding action. John’s usual primary staff member was on vacation. John had a toothache. Introduction The Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) chart helps identify factors that can trigger or reinforce acute behavioural incidents. Often, the consequence makes the behavior more or less likely to happen in the future. Example Date Feb 6/10 John’s mother was in hospital with broken hip and could not visit.

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