[67], The complex houses irreplaceable works of art: mosaics, the best collection of early icons in the world, many in encaustic, as well as liturgical objects, chalices and reliquaries, and church buildings. About 2000 manuscripts should be stored in boxes. 78, where Barbara and Antonina, two young ladies at Constantinople, are thanked for a present of two racanæ, which they had alleged to be of their own workmanship. We have also given money for the purchase of mattresses and for their transport, which we beg thy Love not to disdain, but to supply them to the place for which they have been sent. These were damaged fragments that had been left behind when the books and manuscripts were moved in the eighteenth century. [39][40][41] Only among the New Finds two additional palimpsest manuscripts came to light containing additional passages of the Old Syriac Gosples. Recently, the Sinai Fathers came in contact and agreed to work together with the University of Leuven (the Department of Early Christian and Byzantine Studies), which also concurrently initiated in 2018 the same work in the person of the quite capable new researcher Maxim Venetskov, under the guidance of Professor Peter Van Deun. Feilden, Bernard M.. Conservation of historic buildings. [31][32][33][34][35][36][37], In February 1892, Agnes S. Lewis discovered an old Syriac Gospel palimpsest manuscript in St Catherine Monastery’s library that became known as the Syriac Sinaiticus and is still in the its possession. The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry has begun renovating the western part of the Saint Catherine Monastery's Library - which includes 4,500 manuscripts - alongside restoring the monastery's church buildings, the Director-General of Research, Archaeological Studies and Academic publication in South Sinai Abdel Rahim Rihan announced Saturday. The monastery received 9000 rubles as a gift from Tsar Alexander II of Russia. These were subsequently hidden when the floor above the room gave way during an earthquake. [68], Icon of the enthroned Virgin and Child with saints and angels, 6th century, The oldest known icon of Christ Pantocrator, encaustic on panel, 13th century Byzantine icon of Saint Michael the Archangel. This remains its name today, … Prior to September 1, 2009, a previously unseen fragment of Codex Sinaiticus was discovered in the monastery's library. [citation needed], The oldest record of monastic life at Mount Sinai comes from the travel journal written in Latin by a pilgrim woman named Egeria (Etheria; St Sylvia of Aquitaine) about 381/2–386. Photo credit: Christopher Chan/Flickr. The manuscripts that are found at the Holy Monastery of Sinai are either the offerings of notable rulers or of simple pilgrims, or they are the work of the monks living at Sinai, written to supply some needed text. For a better view experience we use cookies. The New Finds correspond to these languages, and are stored adjacent to the library. Zaza Aleksidze (Tbilisi, Georgia); André Binggili (Paris, France); Sebastian Brock (Oxford, UK); Michelle Brown (London, UK); Guglielmo Cavallo (Rome, Italy); Steve Delamarter (Portland, OR, USA); Alain J. Desreumaux (Paris, France); David Ganz (Cambridge, UK); Paul Géhin (Paris, France); Jost Gippert (Frankfurt, Germany); Sidney Griffeth (Washignton DC, USA); Getachew Haile (Minnesota; New York, USA); Dieter Harlfinger (Hamburg, Germany); Hikmat Kashouh (Metn, Lebanon); Vasilios Karsaros (Thessaloniki, Greece); Grigory Kessel (Vienna, Austria); Daniela Mairhofer (Princeton, NJ, USA); Heinz Miklas (Vienna, Austria); Christa Müller-Kessler (University of Jena, Germany); Panayotis Nikopolous (Athens, Greece); Pasquale Orsini (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Central Institute for Archives, Italy); Bernard Outtier (Paris, France); Claudia Rapp (Vienna, Austria); Giulia Rossetto (Viennna, Austria); Alexander Treiger (Nova Scotia, Canada); Agammenon Tselikas (Athens, Greece); Nigel Wilson (Oxford, UK). 125 The meaning of the word rachana, racana, or racahina, is uncertain. It occurs again in XI. The monastery is named after Catherine of Alexandria. Many were evidently created by Latins, probably monks, based in or around the monastery in the 13th century. The oldest icon on an Old Testament theme is also preserved there. The large icon collection begins with a few dating to the 5th (possibly) and 6th centuries, which are unique survivals; the monastery having been untouched by Byzantine iconoclasm, and never sacked. [24]The monastery library preserves the second largest collection of early codices and manuscripts in the world, outnumbered only by the Vatican Library. 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