Rolling Gunner is a new game inspired by an arcade classic. In the case of the incredibly small team behind the Rolling Gunner, the conversation begins with former Cave alumnus Daisuke Koizumi, a long-time scrolling shooter veteran whose previous credits include genre staples like DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou and Akai Katana. It really boils down to whether or not you like shmups. fast-paced, intense atmosphere that enhances the action in a satisfying way. Part of me is really hoping for a theme song where the lyrics sing “ROLLING GUUUUNNNNEEERRR!”. Now bring on Raiden V. Physical release “Late 2019”. Disclosures: This game is developed and published by Mebius.It is currently available on Switch. Xyga Post ... Edit: in Mark_MSX's video review here the FPS counter pretty much never drops below 60 in any situation, so there's definitely something amiss. Although all difficulty levels will send players navigating through danmaku-style clouds of projectiles, there’s a lot more leniency here than most shooters. But when you do get a peek, it’s worth taking a second Now, it’s very much possible to keep one’s entire collection of media on a hard drive the size of a pack of cards, if not smaller. actual game. Fortunately, Rolling Gunner does, with a plot centering on an energy system used to power vehicles. All of this leads to a fascinating set of dynamics where players must find the right moments to build up and trigger the burst modes to maximize their scoring opportunities and have a better chance against gnarly end-level bosses. After serving as programmer for seven of the studio’s titles, Daisuke Koizumi undoubtedly understands how a successful shooter requires components like an intriguing play mechanic and meticulous balancing. ... Ms. Please don’t pull a Tiny Troopers XL and only make 5K. Every run is a chance to do better, without being locked out of seeing the whole game due to simply being stuck on a certain part. We aren't just a news and reviews site, we are a community. Accompanied by former Zuntata wingman Hirokazu Koshio (credited as Cosio) on music and sound design, Koizumi’s dojin crew have set out to create a world-class scrolling shooter on a platform that has become surprisingly friendly to them. On one hand, it feels a bit lazy. Once this occurs, you can trigger a ‘power-up mode’ which intensifies the strength of your shots. Flying alongside your ship at all times is the “rolling gunner,” a secondary cannon that can rotate around your ship to help take out enemies coming from all sides. in Switch Generally favorable reviews There are four different sizes of medals and the conditions for earning larger (and more valuable) ones are based on many factors including type of shot used, whether the enemy is a moving ship or a stationary weapons placement, and the distance between the player’s ship and the enemy when destroyed. These are magically attached to your ship, so collection goads you into coming dangerously close to enemies. can challenge your own high score, but they aren’t online leaderboards, just There are currently no topics for this game. They developed the Rolling Gunner system, a weapon system mounted on a fighter jet that could render busterium inert. Approximately 10 hours of play were devoted to the single-player mode, and the game was completed multiple times (single-credit clears for novice and casual mode, credit-fed clears for original and expert mode). By GC Staff on August 30, 2019 in Reviews. As fun as the moment-to-moment gameplay was, the actual graphical presentation didn’t feel like anything special. Colorblind Modes: There are no colorblind modes, though players can configure the “hitpoint” indicator or hitbox on their ship to be green, blue, red, or invisible. The game appears to be a standard bullet hell at first glance: a fancy ship dodging through curtains of colorful bullets shot by other fancy ships and robots over the course of six stages. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. you have a bomb. Developed by Project Rolling Gunner and published by Mebius (with a physical release planned this year by Mastiff and Physicality Games), Rolling Gunner was released on June 20th, 2019, for Nintendo Switch. There are no options to resize or recolor text. 10 months ago. Rolling Gunner is a new game inspired by an arcade classic. Yang: Rainbow Six Siege Is a free upgrade right? You’ve also got a rapid Thankfully, the gameplay in Rolling Gunner runs deeper than its shallow script. Maybe... Stevie G: Sam & Max Save the World for me. Today’s game, Rolling Gunner for the Nintendo Switch, Probably the game’s biggest exploring at least a little bit. - Busterium quickly replaces all other energy sources, and BAC basically takes over everyday life; people forget how to do most things for themselves, because BAC does it for them.

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