And the rack itself is well designed, able to cradle a large bird securely in the pan without any slipping or sliding. 49. A small roaster (14 x 10 x 3”) is good for turkeys up to 12 pounds. The oval shape is ideal for accommodating poultry, roasts, and gravy. Get the Best Cherry and Olive Pitter for You! A bit daft about the garden, she’s particularly obsessed with organic tomatoes and herbs, and delights in breaking bread with family and friends. 90. The pan itself has a good heft and is well-balanced, and the 5-ply construction provides excellent heat distribution with no hot spots and even browning throughout. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. £59.90 £ 59. Unlike many roasting pans, this one has a flat bottom (many of the other examples are too thin for this – they’ve got to have bends to increase the strength) and works well with induction ranges as well as regular flat glass stove tops. 4.3 out of 5 stars 23. FREE Delivery by Amazon. And again, the product description on Amazon says a tempered glass lid is included, but a reply from Calphalon indicates that no lid is manufactured for this item. Shoppers describe it as cheap and flimsy, and recommend replacing it with a sturdier one composed of stainless steel. Rectangular pans offer a bit more versatility when cooking more than one item, because of the extra area the right angles provide. We feel that the Viking Large Roasting Pan is the best fit for most people. As Seen on TV. Get it Wednesday, Nov 25. The cast stainless steel handles are securely riveted in place and will stay cool on the stovetop, and they are ergonomically designed for comfortable and safe usage. Precision construction ensures each piece has a standard uniform thickness of 1.5 millimeters (5/8”), and is designed for efficient functionality on all stoves – electric, gas, halogen, and induction. the reviews of verified purchasers at Amazon. Bayou Classic. The aesthetic of the mirror finish is flawless, elevating this pan to the level of functional art – one reviewer calls it “mesmerizing.”. My husband insisted that all those pans are too expensive (even though I adamantly disagreed with him) and he ended up buying TeamFar Roasting Pan, 15 Inch with V Rack & Cooling Rack Set Stainless Steel for $40. The length, including the handles, is 17.5”. The curved corners make whisking sauces easy and effortless, and the entire piece is finished with a lustrous mirror finish that compliments any kitchen. Also, there are a number of comments about the lid not fitting properly, as it often slips into the pan itself. It needs to be able to handle the heat of the oven and the weight of your roast without warping, twisting, or popping out of shape. Next time (if there is one… I’m hoping not! But if not, an easy solution for smaller cuts is to add some chunky veggies and herbs on the bottom, to prevent the drippings from burning (and you can’t say no to the healthy addition of roasted vegetables!). 1 / 60. I love the content here at Foodal. Also, it does NOT work with induction unless you find a hybrid, such as de Buyer’s Prima Matera line. 2 – 4 quarts. A heavy-duty roasting pan with a lid should also be able to hold the bird regardless of the weight, and the drippings that accompany the bird. The down side is, you will have to wash it…. Here’s the skinny on disabling them. $19.99. As you’ll be lifting a pan with X pounds of weight out of a hot oven, the shape, style, and construction of the handles deserves your attention. I do not think you really have to worry about the aluminum seeping into the meat or anything, at least I really hope not. Both the pan and the rack are dishwasher safe. $9.99 reg $12.99. Is Grilling the Healthiest Cooking Method? If you can purchase multiple size pans, great. so I just “made it fit” into a glass casserole I had… biggest thing I could find. Stainless steel with a clad disk bottom of either aluminum or copper is a very good option. According to the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, “sucs” is the term used in French cooking for the browned bits, and it comes from the French “sucre for sugar, derived from the Latin “succus” for sap. Type. I love making informed choices, and now I know what to look for when buying a roaster. Anyway, thank you for the VERY informative and THOROUGH guide. Sophisticated in style as well as construction, this roaster has sleek lines and radial corners, and it is professional on all fronts. Stovetop performance is another area to think about. Thin construction can cause buckling or warping, in the oven and on the stove. Copper has the best properties in terms of conductivity and even heating, and it makes the transition from oven to stove easily. Tri-ply or multi-ply cladding (aluminum and/or copper sandwiched between layers of stainless) offers superb performance in terms of even heating without hot spots, and has all the aesthetics and durability of stainless steel. Remember that you’ll also have a multi-pound roast adding to the overall weight, and you want to be able to handle it easily when it’s hot from the oven and loaded with goodies. When deciding what size to get, a few points should be considered: You’ll want a pan with a large enough capacity to accommodate the largest items to be roasted without touching the sides, and one that will allow adequate air circulation for proper roasting and browning, including on the bottom. It’s thorough and answers every question about these products I could have wanted to ask. The ‘just make it fit’ scenario can be nerve-wracking Kate, glad it worked out for you! Almost all of them ship with some sort of rack, but they are usually afterthoughts. So glad you enjoy the content jessemspringer, relevance rocks! The bottom on this bad boy is very thick. Remove the turkey from the oven once a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of meat reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The other complaint is about the design of the bottom of the pan, which has a trough running around the perimeter. But it turns out at least on amazon that the specs for that are incorrect. The three-layer construction combines the efficiency and durability of stainless steel along with the superb conductivity of aluminum, which delivers quick and even heat distribution along the bottom and walls of the pan. Don’t like them? You may want to consider the Calphalon LRS1805P Contemporary 16-Inch Roaster for significant savings over the Viking. Going to have to return it and keep looking. Look for the Goldilocks mean of 3-4 inches in depth for the most efficient roasting. Aside from the thickness issues noted above, the only other major complaint is about the nonstick rack.

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