We lived in the main lodge and made long daily runs for fishing. Own or manage this property? Jeffrey, Francois and Genevieve are great. The lack of weeds, and the fact that Gouin has a healthy supply of whitefish, ciscos and suckers, almost guarantees pike spend much of their time in very deep water. BOOK EARLY, We also availed ourselves of the expert guide(s) who helped us understand where, when and why fish were at the numerous areas during the given weather periods. Chalets Gouin - Hunting and Fishing Each of these Boats include: The prices and the periods are per person per night. I have few opportunities to do so throughout the year. Float planes are among the last avenues to clean air, pure water, and giant hungry fish, which is why most of my life float planes and Canada have had a special adventurous appeal. Imagine drifting peacefully along with the current, enjoying the water and your natural surroundings to the fullest. A little experience is required, an instruction manual on standard operating procedures will be provided, feel free to ask any questions or you can always buy the guided package if you are not comfortable going alone. We have lodge, 4 outpost cabins and 1 houseboat. Also Don’t forget to bring your documents. ), the company will pay back the deposit required at reservation and will be discharged of all other responsibilities. Everyone is always engaging, professional and friendly. It has been five consecutive years we return each spring. The lake is mostly "clean" rock and sand, so bottom-bumpers like "Spoonplugs" and big crankbaits would score well for seasoned structure anglers. Our houseboats sleep 4 to 8 and come with all the creature comforts of a traditional fishing cabin! It's a six hour drive north of Montreal, half of it over graded gravel. Some of the more popular amenities offered include free wifi, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge. Includes 2 motorboats equipped with a late-model 20 HP 4-stroke motors) . Leeches : 6 $/dozen, taxes included It was an interesting spot, and an important one to all walleye anglers tapping Gouin. But if your limited dollars must stretch to the maximum, such fishing is largely out of reach. What are some of the property amenities at L'Aventurier du Gouin? From the pick up at the parking lot for the 40 minute boat ride across the reservoir to the serving staff for your daily meals to the cook who somehow manages to produce truly 5 star meals in a kitchen smaller than some closets. The boats are clean, motors easy to use and super reliable. "Fish here," he said in his friendly French-Canadian accent while watching the fathometer. Staying at the auberge allows for truly five star meals. We hoped for shallow-water northerns, but all we could locate in creek mouths, coves, and on points were small fish under five pounds. One important plus of Beaudoin's lodge (with 10 housekeeping cottages) is it's accessible via road. They kept their legal limits of 60 fish (10 per angler), weighing to about 3 pounds, and released many others. All rights reserved. "I hope we can catch walleyes and pike like that again some day.". The lodge is great and the location is quiet at night. The customer will be responsible for loss and damages he caused (fair wear and tear excepted). As it turned out, rotting wood on the bottom is an important key to walleye location on Gouin. Catching your limit can take 3 days or ten minutes (really no lie). 122 Each of these “floating cabins” sits on three 50 ft. floats for safe, smooth sailing. Large shoreline areas of sand, rock and fallen timber are exposed now, and grass is growing where there once was water. We started for pike, hoping for big fish off points and deeper humps, but after two hours of casting Lindy "Gator" spoons and bumping trolled plugs, I told G.F. to find walleyes. The lake is large, clear and literally jammed with bright-colored brookies. Is parking available at L'Aventurier du Gouin? We love being generous as they all are deserving and their combined efforts makes our stay problem free. The customer will be responsible for loss and damages he caused (fair wear and tear excepted). Food is grest, none of that lodge typical food. You don't have javascript enabled. L'Aventurier du Gouin is simply a great place for Walleye and Pike. And our houseboats can carry up to 4 smaller boats on their sides—or you can simply fish right off the back! So first timers should book a guide to allow you to survey the various areas the fish may be, depending on … Type d'hébergement unique en pourvoirie au nord de la Mauricie. On the last morning of our trip Matt and I hiked in two miles to Bennett Lake, a 20 minute drive from Gouin Reservoir. Joignant la beauté des paysages à la quiétude d’une étendue d’eau regorgeant de dorés, de brochets et de truites, la pourvoirie les Chalets Gouin est l’endroit de prédilection pour un voyage de pêche au doré réussi.Des pêcheurs provenant des quatre coins du Québec et même d'ailleurs y trouvent leur compte depuis plus de 25 ans. All have enjoyed. une destination de pêche incontournable au Québec. L'Aventurier du Gouin is accessible only by floatplane or boat. All in all a remarkable place made even more special by the professional staff that all seem to somehow invoke a really close family atmosphere. The owners, Genevieve and Francois have developed a truly unique product. Although the lake is old by U.S. standards, it is enormous in size, and continues to give up incredible numbers of fish, especially walleyes. Hotels near Pourvoirie Domaine Touristique de La Tuque, Hotels near Centre Municipal de Ski La Tuque, Hotels near Parc des Chutes de la Petite Riviere Bostonnais, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl Airport Hotels, Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport Hotels. In the just over two hours drive to Saint-Michel-des-Saints, "moose crossing" signs replace "railroad crossing" ones, and large animal tracks are more likely from wolf or lynx than dog or cat. All told, they caught about 100 walleyes that day on Gouin. A boat house 20 x 48 with 3 rooms with 2 beds for a total of 6 single beds, hot water and toilets with running water, lighting solar and propane Houseboat 87 for rent on Reservoir Gouin durant votre séjour ! Guests can enjoy an on-site restaurant and a lounge during their stay. I have returned here six times over the, years with various friends and we all have always caught our limits, have been very well treated and always enjoyed our stays. Spend a week and your guaranteed that you will get your fish I went with ,y daughter and wife through the years. Book early because our houseboats book up fast! Joignant la beauté des paysages à la quiétude d’une étendue d’eau regorgeant de dorés, de brochets et de truites, la pourvoirie les Chalets Gouin est l’endroit de prédilection pour un voyage de pêche au doré réussi. But this isn't necessary at Gouin. This stands as a true testament to the clearly qualified cooks that ensure that their guests are professionally pampered. Worms : 6 $/18 worms, taxes included, Rentals The problem is finding the right place at the right price. Looking for a truly The reservoir is full of old, flooded timber in many places, but much of the lake has a comparatively infertile sand bottom.

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