Basil again has divine connotations in Indian scriptures, consuming its a few drops of extract with a tsp. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Blocked Milk Duct - Symptoms, Causes, Remedies. Finding spoiled milk in the fridge is usually an unwelcome surprise. Does vinegar and yogurt cure a stomach upset caused by ulcers? It will take a few days. Are There Any Remedies I Can Try To Cure A Stomach Upset? This was before I realized it was bad. It is the part of daily diet of an individual , However Consuming spoiled milk is a rarity, bad smell and taste are easy give always, but it is not an impossibility, mistakes happen, particularly when the milk is taken after its expiry period. Begin your day with a banana or papaya. A Doctor should be summoned if the symptoms worsen or if you start running a fever. Although modern milk is pasteurized, this basically means that both good and bad bacteria have been killed to increase its shelf life. It would relieve the symptoms pretty fast. Generally you should thow it out if it smells because it's spoiled. Dont come to Quora for emergency medical advice, but in this case your kid should be just fine. Make the child drink a glass of hot water with a tablespoon of cider vinegar or lemon juice. Is it dangerous to drink spoiled milk? Simple Remedies To Treat Flatulence In Kids, The Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ). I just drank about 4 oz. Spoiled Milk Remedy using Natural Treatment. Sour milk has beneficial bacteria compared to the bad ones in spoiled milk. Enigma'07, May 28, 2004 #5. And for that reason, if milk is really in the danger zone, and is super old, and MOLDY, and ripe with harmful bacteria, I truly can’t imagine a toddler drinking more than an accidental sip of it. If the symptoms fail to cease or if there is no improvement in the situation, a pediatrician's guidance is recommended immediately. Drink it throughout the day. So be careful to check the expiry date of the milk you are consuming. How to make homemade sanitizers to fight against COVID-19? Boil a liter of water and to it add 100 grams of glucose or ORS available over the counter. Yes you can, believe me. I mean, I've smelled athletes feet which were like perfume compared to this stuff. Immediate aftermath:  You might feel a sour taste, burping, gas or discomfort. Warm the honey slightly before ingestion for better results. I Experience Sharp Stomach Pains But No Loose Motion-What Could This Be? Home Questions Asked View Remedy is a health blog , created in mission to provide people with cheap home remedies for some diseases. Apple Cider Vinegar:  It has anti pathogenic properties, Take two tablespoons mix it with adequate water in a day. But the stinky beverage shouldn’t have such a bad reputation, especially if it’s based solely on the liquid’s scent. It was the most unbelievably horrid smell I've ever witnessed. Somebody once spilled milk that had been a few months past its best before date in my workplace. Pasteurized milk also has a shelf life. It is different from spoiled milk. We tried everything to get rid of the smell from deoderant to bleach! You have ingested a whole lot of bad bacteria and they have thrown your digestive system out of gear. Lemon Juice:   Squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it with sweetened with a little honey adds a pinch of salt to it. Karva Chauth 2020 – Moonrise Time, Pooja Vidhi & Muhurat. A teaspoon of mint juice with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and honey are excellent remedies, especially in children. Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Drinking Milk Off Late? It took us 3 weeks before the smell had died down. Milk is the main source of protein diet for large sections of the population who are vegan by choice or religion or culture. Do take care the next time you feed your child. However they can be consumed only for a short period of time. Essential oils:  Oils like Thyme oil and oregano oil have antibacterial properties, they can be consumed. There are a lot of things you can do to ward of infection. It is the part of daily diet of an individual , However Consuming spoiled milk is a rarity, bad smell and taste are easy give always, but it is not an impossibility, mistakes happen, particularly when the milk is taken after its expiry period. Indigestion is the result of drinking spoilt milk. I checked the date and it was 5/25, but it was still sour. of it. Avoid any sort of vigorous exercise; Rule of thumb is listening to your body and respecting its wants. So chewing a clove of garlic can reduce your symptoms very much. In certain cultures particularly Eastern Europe consuming sour milk is a culture. My DS drank about 6 oz. Copyright © 5066 Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC. Better to consume them with your meals prepared in them. Amyway, I drank down some strong alcohol, perhaps it kills off the bacteria . of honey would rectify the digestive system. If the body is down allow it to recuperate before you start your exercise routine. You can sweeten the same by adding honey. Indigestion is the result of drinking spoilt milk. Can you really drink milk without knowing it was spoiled?! If you experience any of these symptoms, try the following home remedies. Try giving ginger tea. Garlic:  It aids in digestion and is believed in Indian tradition to a divine origin, It is said that when a few drops of amrit (nectar of immortality) dropped from the sky on earth, they turned into garlic. of sour milk. Spoiled milk contains lactic acid, making it great for tenderizing steaks, among other common tasks. These remedies are cost effective and faster in healing. Medicines and Remedies. You can add three drops of garlic oil to soya oil (half a cup) and apply gently on the stomach. It is easy to digest and would ward of ill effects of dehydration.

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