On an ongoing basis, ESMA will have a number of duties including: MiFID II and MiFIR apply within Member States, Transparency calculations, suspensions and restoration, Transparency data collection, interface to support double volume cap, MiFID II transposed into national law of Members States, Publication of ESMA opinion on ancillary activity under MiFID II – market size calculation, ESMA published one Consultation Paper (ESMA70-156-71) to gather views on draft RTS on the trading obligation for derivatives preceded with one Discussion Paper (2016/1389), Instrument refernce data collection, provisions to NCAs and publication, ESMA opinion on traded on a trading venue under MiFIR, ESMA published the final report and the final draft RTS specifying the scope of the consolidated tape for non-equity financial instruments, ESMA published the final report and final draft RTS on packaged orders, MiFID II/MiFIR amending regulation published by the Commission (2016/1033), ESMA issued the opinion on MiFID II standards on ancillary activities (2016/730 including the Annex), ESMA issued the opinion on draft RTS 21 position limits (2016/668 including Annex), ESMA issued the opinion on draft RTS 2 non-equity transparency (2016/666 including Annex), ESMA published and sent to the Commission its third set of Technical Standards (2015/1858), ESMA published and sent to the Commission its second set of Technical Standards (2015/1464), ESMA published a Consultation Paper on draft ITS (2015/1301), ESMA published and sent to the Commission its first set of Technical Standards (2015/1006), ESMA published its Technical Advice to the Commission (2014/1569) and a Consultation Paper on draft RTS/ITS (2014/1570). Sie kann den Entwurf auch lediglich teilweise oder mit Änderungen billigen, sofern dies aus Gründen des Unionsinteresses erforderlich ist. 10 0 obj In einem solchen Fall wendet die Kommission das gleiche öffentliche Anhörungsverfahren an, das auch für die ESMA verpflichtend wäre; entsprechend ist sie gleichfalls verpflichtet, den Entwurf an das Parlament und den Rat weiterzuleiten. ESMA, having completed the technical standards and technical advices, has contributed to the smooth implementation of MiFID II/MIFIR by issuing Q&As, and Guidelines, which will be updated when necessary. Die Kommission darf den Inhalt des von der ESMA ausgearbeiteten Entwurfs nicht ändern, ohne sich vorher mit dieser abgestimmt zu haben. Subscribe and stay up to date with the latest legal news, information and events... We use cookies to deliver our online services. MiFID is the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2004/39/EC). London E14 5AB Learn about regulatory developments, industry trends, market conduct issues and more through our webinars. 13 0 obj Bankruptcy, financial restructuring and insolvency, Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity, Environmental, social and governance (ESG), Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/63 amending RTS 13, RTS 14 published in  the Official Journal, RTS 18 published in  the Official Journal, ESMA’s Final Report (MiFID II/MiFIR draft Technical Standards) page 32, RTS: Passporting published in the Official Journal, ESMA’s Final Report (MiFID II/MiFIR draft Technical Standards) page 56, RTS: An exhaustive list of information to be included by proposed acquirers in the notification of a proposed acquisition of a qualifying holding in an investment firm, Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Statement, MiFIR Articles 4(6), 7(2), 14(7), 20(3), 22(4) and 23(3), MiFIR Articles 1(8), 9(5), 11(4), 21(5) and 22(4), MiFID Articles 61(4), 64(6),(8), 65(6), (8), and 66(5), MiFID 10th subpara of Article 32(2) and the 10th subpara of Article 52(2), MiFID point (a) of the 1st subpara of Article 27(10), MiFID point (b) of the 1st subpara of Article 27(10), 07/07/2016 – can be extended for further 3 months until 07/10/2016, MiFID Article 2(3), and 2nd para of Articles 4(1), 4(2), 16(12), 23(4), 24(13), 25(8), 27(9), 28(3), 30(5), 31(4), 32(4), 33(8), 52(4), 54(4), 58(6), 64(7), 65(7), 79(8), 25/07/2016 – can be extended for further 3 months until 25/10/2016, MiFIR Article 2(2), 13(2), 15(5), 17(3), 19(2), 19(3), 31(4), 40(8), 41(8), 42(7), 45(10), MiFID 3rd subpara of Articles 34(8) and the 3rd subpara or Article 35(11), MiFID II / MiFIR Delegated Acts, Regulatory and Implementing Technical Standards update. Developed by industry professionals, FIA Training helps market participants better understand the way markets work and the rules that protect them. Entsprechend ist ein technischer Durchführungsstandard ein technischer Durchführungsrechtsakt, der die einheitliche Anwendung gewisser Bestimmungen im zugrunde liegenden Rechtsakt sicherstellen sollte. MiFID II provides for a regulatory framework governing DRSPs globally and each of them more specifically, where appropriate. /Length 6 0 R Sie können auch früher im Amtsblatt veröffentlicht werden (und in Kraft treten), wenn sowohl das Parlament als auch der Rat die Kommission zuvor darüber in Kenntnis gesetzt haben, dass sie keine Einwände erheben werden. endstream /Type /Page The RTS have been submitted to the European Commission, which has three months to approve them through the endorsement procedure. With respect to the latter, an addendum has been published on 18 February 2015, MiFID II/ MiFIR published in the Official Journal (MiFID II and MiFIR entered into force 20 days after publication in OJ – i.e. Global |  rules on the admission of financial instruments to trading. Können sich die Kommission und die ESMA nicht auf den Inhalt von RTS oder ITS einigen, kann das Parlament oder der Rat den Vorsitzenden der ESMA und den zuständigen Kommissar zu einer Ad-hoc-Sitzung zur Diskussion ihrer Differenzen einladen. << /Resources 11 0 R Die ESMA hat wiederum sechs Wochen Zeit, um den Entwurf der Kommission zu ändern oder zu ergänzen und eine förmliche Stellungnahme abzugeben. MiFID II is the successor to the MiFID I Directive.

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