koii unase kah de hame.n bhuul jaae.n google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Year - 1957 Naushad! This is the pakad or signature phrase of Bihag. 5. Thank you, Subodh for another excellent article in your series, hoping, as you are assuring us, that we would now be getting offerings from you regularly. saara.ngaa terI yaad me.n nain hue bechain So far, we have taken up the following nine music directors’ songs: 1. jo har dam tumhArI khushI chaahate hai.n What can you say about him? google_ad_channel =""; Thank you. Waheeda Rehman has been brought up by four uncles, each one of whom has a passion: Religion, theatre, physical fitness, and Rock Music. Madan Mohan has so thoroughly exhausted the range of this raga that he left no room for anyone else to try anything. janm-maraN sab haath me.n tere he shakti he maataa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NNVtknr_VY, Back in the 70s and 80s, it seemed like there were only 2 recordings to choose from when it came to khayal performances of Raga Nand – one by Padmavati Shaligram-Gokhale and the other by Kumar Gandharva. ra: abhii na jaao chho.D kar ke dil abhii bharaa nahii.n – (2) I present a few songs in Bihag, along with related ragas Maru Bihag, Nat Bihag and Nand. CHANDRAKANTHA.COM . Looking forward to songs from the Carnatic repertoire based on Bihag. For a long time that was the only recording I knew of. I think by now the structure of the raga would be apparent – you need to hear what is common between ‘…aur mere geet’, ‘…beqaraar kyun’ and ‘…naacho ri’. Many Maru Bihag compositions including the film song cited above ‘Tum to pyaar ho’ as well as khayal bandishes such as ‘Rasiya ho na’ and ‘Tadpat raina dina’ use the same template for the mukhda. It is beautiful, although Bihag is not very prominent in it. He was not counted as one of the top 5 composers of his times: Naushad, Shankar Jaikishen, SD Burman, C Ramchandra and OP Nayyar. Here is a lovely studio recording of the late Veena Sahasrabuddhe singing Bihag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkyVvaCxr5A. I had not heard it before. Jyoti was married to GM Durrani. In brief the traditional Bihag of the north Indian variety skips re and dha in ascent and begins the ascent from ni rather than sa. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy were the MDs and there were some new songs but most of the original songs were retained with Rahul singing a few. I am compelled now to take you back straightway to KL Saigal who sang many a song in this basic Raaga. Tabla Repair "Learning the Sitar" "Learning the Tabla - 1" "Learning the Tabla - 2" "Devi Sthotra Kadamba Mala" "An American in Hyderabad" "Elementary North Indian Vocal" "Music of South Asia" … 13. The shehnai is played by none other than the great Ustad Bismillah Khan. They are privileged because of their intimate understanding of ragas, whereas people like me have to rely on their ‘ear for music’. in reshamii raaho.n me.n ik raah to vo hogii It is not rare to find a Hindi song associated with two distinct raagas. Looking forward to more from you. The same can be said of Prabha Atre’s interpretation of Maru Bihag, posted by Sudbodhji above, as well. YouTube presents a very large choice in Bihag. This is what he does for the theatre chacha. Music and However, some (hardliners or otherwise!) What's New A song Lataji sung for Naushad both in Hindi & Tamil which I’d like to share with you all. I run a Facebook page called Lyrical wherein I often give theme based songs. This is a fantastic article Subodhji, Long time no bhajan; even though you already know that Bhajans are my favourite genre’ of music. dabii dabii ha.Nsii.n me.n ik, hasiin saa savaal thaa Extraordinary selection & very fine explanation. 1)' Panchhi ud gaya...'/ 1953 / RAMI DHOBAN / Ram Murti / Ninu Mazumdar / Hemant https://youtu.be/2rGglqCduEI 2)'Rothi hai duniya...'/... 'Kaun albeli akeli...'/ 1953 / RAMI DHOBAN / Ram Murti / Ninu Mazumdar / Hemant https://youtu.be/66k4EX8fCXE. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Songs of the 30s through the 60s. Pardon me for bringing in non-film songs and non-hindi songs. However, to my ears it sounds closer to Bihag. Dear Mr Bhandarkar. Song #2 Do naina matvaare tihaare ham pe zulm karen…. Anyway, thanks a lot for your inputs. – AK), 3. Song #12 Har ek baat pe kehate ho ke tuu kyaa hai.. Now, I turn to our second Raaga Yaman. jo roz yuu.Nhii jaaogii to kis tarah nibhaaogii dil diyaa dard liyaa -2 Lyrics were penned by Pt. That brings us to the end of Part I in the Best of Hindi Songs composed in Raag Yaman or Kalyan. dil diyaa dard liyaa -2 The fact is that even a novice in Raagas, that’s what I am (since I am learning together with you), this was the first song that I became aware of the Raaga in which it was composed! I cannot understand ABC of ragas but that does not stop me from enjoying my music. Just stumbled upon this blog. Even though, in later times, Raagas could be performed any time of the day, traditionally, these were based on the time of the day. Visitors' Comments Tujha sathi shankara is beautiful. Tour (Info Index) Thanks for reviving this beautiful memory. O If we remember Woh Kaun Thi and Mera Saya a lot better than Anita, the primary reason would be Madan Mohan’s music. For whatever reason, ‘Ya bhavanaatila’ was not included. Thanks Mr Venkataraman for your beautiful comments, and the clip from Ustad Bismillah Khan. Loved the penultimate para before the songs :). mai.n jaanataa huu.N, meraa naam gunagunaa rahii hai vo Baag Laga Doon Kaliyan Sang Chham Chham Nachat Bahar Aayi Pawan Deewani Chit Nandan Aaye Hoon Main They are listed in either in table format or as a list alphabetically with movie names, raagas (multiple listings indicate multiple ragas for that song), whether they also encompass many other ragas (*) or whether the listing is somewhat inaccurate or we're unsure (?). Katyar Kalejat Ghusli is a milestone film. Regards. Hemant Kumar She also said that nobody could really hope to equal Basanta Choudhury in the Bengali original, and that her own performance came “nowhere near Suchitra Sen.” She credited the director for helping her lot during difficult scenes.

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