SewCanShe | Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials. The quilt sandwich is the quilt top, basted onto the quilt batting and quilt backing. Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. A walking foot is a specialized pressure foot that grips the top of the quilt sandwich, advancing it through the machine at the same rate as the quilt's back, which touches and is moved along by the sewing machine's feed dogs . Start quilting in or near the middle, where you hopefully have a nice seam running down the quilt to help you sew in a straight line. I've gotten questions over the years about why I am using it for one project or another. All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. If not, you can also find a generic guide bar and tape it to your walking foot. Some people swear by using a walking foot when sewing with stretch fabrics. ... 21 Teflon foot. If the distance between quilting lines is too far because your quilt is made of large pieces, consider adding another line of stitching partway between each seam to strengthen the quilt top. I love that! Did a walking foot come with your sewing machine? 4. 2. Whether you sew right on top of the seam or next to it is your preference. Once you’ve adjusted your stitches, make sure that your tension is properly adjusted. When it was time to quilt my Pretty Pictures Quilt, I was really in a hurry! When I was using my old Bernina 1530, I never felt like it made enough of a difference for me. Quilting gloves are a must for your hand, arm, and back muscles. If not, you can likely find one on Amazon. If you are a beginner quilter wanting to make your own quilts, the first step is to study how to properly use a quilting presser foot. Continue quilting in one direction only (top to bottom) until you reach the edge of the quilt. Straight line machine quilting is best accomplished by replacing a regular presser foot with a walking foot, often called an even-feed foot. But today I’d like to tell you about 3 reasons to own a walking foot that have nothing to do with quilting. it is also called a piecing foot. Then I ran the edge of my guide bar right over the previous stitching line. Come back every day to see the featured free tutorial. Make sure that you have plenty of room to the left side of your sewing machine for the quilt to spread out, if possible. Anywhere. Directly on the other side of the seam allowance, the piece will be lower, creating a ditch. →. This helps to create more professional looking quilt lines and reduce bulk in the harp space of your sewing machine. When the machine is running, I pick up the quilt in front of me and put it on my lap (or over my shoulder) to help the quilt move through the machine with as little resistance as possible. I think it depends on the sewing machine. Don't turn the quilt around and around to sew in opposite directions, this causes rippling between the lines. I decided to quilt straight lines 1/2'' apart, but then I decided to skip every 3rd and 4th line. In dressmaking, a 1/4″ (or 6.3mm) seam allowance is perfect for curved edges like armholes and collars. (you will love this sewing tip), ← Pretty Box Pouch {free sewing pattern with a tutorial}, Adorable Free Fabric Doll Pattern - Meet Katy! This gives you more even stitches. SewCanShe | Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials, How and When to Use the Walking Foot on Your Sewing Machine. Her tutorial is so awesome that I'm sure you'll love it too. Anytime. The movement of the fabric in both front and back direction is made possible as the feed dog with its motion presses up against the pressure foot and the sewer provides extra support to the fabric by guiding it with one hand. I'm going to show you my straight line quilting technique using pictures that I took while quilting the last quilt shown above, because you'll see how to use the edge of your walking foot as a guide, plus the guide bar for the larger gaps between lines. Come back every day to see the featured free tutorial. This is basic straight line quilting with the lines about 1/2'' apart - I use the edge of my walking foot as a guide. Try to center the top on the batting. It's better to hold the weight of the quilt with your hands and arms and let the sewing machine's feed dogs pull it through at a measured pace. The regular metal presser feet usually refuse to move over fabric like pleather, vinyl ( polyethelene fabrics ) and leather. As you do, watch the position of your needle to keep it just to the side of the seam. Try your best to not push or pull the quilt through the sewing machine. Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. Try your best to not push or pull the quilt through the sewing machine. In general, a walking foot makes sewing thick layers easier because the presser foot on top of your fabric moves (or walks) too, in addition to the feed dogs underneath. The first foot I used was a custom modified version of the standard Juki quilting foot but I could not have the needle fully down with the presser foot up and rulers didn't fit under it from the back. This is where you want your stitches to fall. Get the Sushi Roll Mini Quilt pattern! In theory, this means that the top layer will move at the same speed as the bottom and middle layers. They were all about 1'' apart. The walking foot is a specialty sewing machine foot that costs more than other feet and can take some fiddling to put on. Also known as a “Patchwork Foot”, this quarter inch foot has a built-in guide that keeps your fabric in-line… a consistent, accurate seam allowance that is exactly 1/4 inch (or 6.3mm)… no matter how fast you sew!. As you can see above, my second line was about 1/2'' from the first and I simply used the edge of my presser foot as a guide. Gently roll or fold the right side of the quilt to help it move through the machine. On this mini quilt I sewed diagonal lines in one direction first, and then turned it around and sewed more diagonal lines to make a grid. A pressure foot is an attachment used with the sewing machine to hold the fabric flat as it is fed through the needle and stitched. To learn more about basting, check out our article on quilt basting techniques. To install the walking foot, remove the foot already on the machine. Select the seam on your quilt top you want to begin your stitch-in-the-ditch quilting on. Your sewing machine can be your most valuable quilting tool, once you know how to make the most of it! If your walking foot comes with an attachable guide bar, that's awesome! High quality needles and thread. I wouldn't even attempt straight line quilting before it. 3. If my presser foot seems to be pushing the top layer instead of moving smoothly over it, I'll often switch to my walking foot. You might think your wavy line looks weird or not right, but when you let it blend with a whole bunch of wavy lines - they look beautiful together. This side will be raised. This prevents puckering and tiny pleats from occurring when you change the direction of your quilted lines. In general, a walking foot makes sewing thick layers easier because the presser foot on top of your fabric moves (or walks) too, ... Straight line quilting with a walking foot. September 28, 2014 By Carolina Moore & filed under Quilting Blog, Quilting Fundamentals, Quilting Techniques. When you reach the edge of the quilt, lift your presser foot, cut your threads and begin again on another row. Follow along to learn how to use a presser foot for stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. Stitch all the way to the end of the seam. Your backing should be at least 1″ larger than your quilt top on all sides. Here are examples of situations where I like to put on the walking foot before sewing: The walking foot is a must-have accessory for straight line quilting because it keeps the layers together and prevents the top layer from getting pushed ahead of the middle and bottom layers. This is my free Fat quarter Fancy Quilt Pattern. Your batting should be at least 2″ larger than your quilt top on all sides. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! If you have a walking foot and you use it when sewing with knits, let us know what you think! But then I bought a Janome Memory Craft 14,000 that came with 2 different walking feet (a regular one and a narrow walking foot). Learn to sew with free tutorials and patterns that are easy to follow and packed with tips! All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. They are excellent - and she's delightful to watch. 10 Free Sewing Patterns For A Cozy Winter, Sew a Gnome Forest Mini Quilt - Free Gnome Block Pattern, U-Pick Sewing Project Success - my Roomy Clamshell Zipper Bag, DIY Fur Baby Coat - how to sew a dog coat, Simple Step By Step Tutorial How to Sew the Olson Face Mask Pattern - child sizes too, The 5 Best Easy and Free Fabric Face Mask Patterns, Sew a Modern Table Runner with Half Square Triangles! Jacquie Gerings Craftsy Classes on straight line quilting, Learn more about what a walking foot does here, Superior Titanium Topstitching needles, size 90/14, ← Little Trees Quilt - free holiday quilt pattern, Friday Spotlight: The Gatherer Crossbody Bag by Anna Graham →.

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