What are the exceptions? Typically, when one vendor talks about how great his company is, the next panelists will need to one-up, and it never ends. Hi Everyone! Ask the panelists explicitly beforehand if there are any hot topics to avoid. What are the two things that are most important to share/discover on this topic during the panel? You're there to serve them and make sure they have the best experience possible. Is this question open-ended, or will you get a simple “yes” or “no” answer? Clearly tied to the topic being discussed. What made you decide to tackle this subject? What’s the most prevalent question on everyone’s mind? Establish perspective by breaking out a provocative question. By clicking, 'I agree,' you consent to the terms therein. All Rights Reserved. Scottsdale, AZ 85262, Our privacy policy has been updated. But wait! So I thought I would pass along some of the things I’ve learned from my experiences. I try to establish 3-5 general, high-level bullet points to help the panelists prepare and research. Ask them to respond honestly and to each other, … You should warm up the crowd, and the panelists, by asking a broad, easy question. Each question should come back to this and constantly be pushing your panelists towards creating value and insights for your audience. That usual pretty-talk is often low-value. Now, you may want to dive right into audience questions after the intro—and that’s fine. Everybody on the panel will be happier if the experience is user-friendly and stress-free. What do you think is the main issue here? I’ve been asked to moderate many corporate and conference panels over the years and I’ve become pretty good at it. If you say "Good morning!" Skip the niceties, and start with a bang. It’s designed to make the audience feel welcome, grab their interest, and set ground rules and expectations—to help make the discussion go as smoothly as possible. As a moderator, your job is to serve as the host, making sure "the party" goes as planned and everyone is having a good time. How do the purposes of these two people vary? And when the audience is happy, so are the panelists and the event planner—which, in turn, raises your profile in the industry. The audience is hoping they’ve made the right decision in attending your talk. “I come up with dozens of questions for the panel ahead of time… I literally write 30-50 questions down in advance, knowing that I may only get to 5 of them, but when I do they will be phrased exactly how I want them, and the panel will be kept on track.” Prepare all your notes, laptops; make sure everyone has water before you get on stage; in some cases, plan out where folks will sit. What are the most critical changes that we must make to face the future effectively? The book is available in hardcover, soft, eBook, audio, You’re in marketing for one reason: Grow. How corporate values guide marketing through a crisis, Coming to terms with our pandemic selves versus our real selves. Mark's blog {grow} is consistently ranked among the top marketing blogs in the industry. The best way to do this is to ask the panelists to prepare at least two of their own questions ahead of time. Study the LinkedIn profiles of the participants to look for opportunities to align experiences with industry questions. • Encourage the audience to meet the panelists one on one. If you start with the quietest person on the panel, will this get them talking right away and keep them engaged in the conversation? Scottsdale, AZ 85262, Our privacy policy has been updated. John, is that what you meant? Your questions can spark a great discussion that will leave the audience both informed and entertained. who is attending? I was chatting with Dutch Driver, a colleague from the early days of facilitation (we actually used a listserv to communicate! They could be nervous or hung over. In this article, I’ll share with you a "panel intro" template I’ve developed, tested, and honed after moderating dozens of panels to help me prepare my introductory remarks. How do you justify taking this for granted? So the format to give you an idea of what to expect …. Is this always the case? I thought this was so unprofessional and disruptive to the panel that I’ll probably avoid that guy in the future. BTW: If you're in the audience and you see this happen, you have a right as a customer to demand them to stop. Well there you have it. Find out the level of their knowledge by asking for a show of hands. What can panel moderators learn from Charlie Rose, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey? Our goal today is that whatever your role is in this industry [or whatever demographic], that you will come away with something—a new idea, a fresh perspective, a new strategy—that you can apply to be more successful in your business [or career or whatever it is they want to be more successful in]. Usually, you’re going to know enough about the participants and the topics to navigate these waters but in case of a skirmish, keep the panelists focused on the topic, not personality differences. but the audience doesn’t respond with much energy, you’ll know that you’ll need to work harder to change the dynamic. Make sure you ask the questions that are on everyone’s mind. Grow yourself. Jeremiah Owyang is a Web strategist, speaker, and blogger/videoblogger focused on how companies use the Web to connect with customers. How to Score Great Panelists for Your Next Panel Discussion, Call for a Lightning Round to Add Pizzazz to your Panel Discussion, Panel Moderator Checklist for Meeting with Panelists Prior to Panel Discussions. In my experience, that doesn’t happen spontaneously.

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