SO. “Your skin could be more sensitive during pregnancy so this is probably not a good time to try new products,” Dr. Deighan says. Pregnancy is a totally new and exciting experience — one that will probably bring up a lot of questions for you. Reviewing your personal risks with your provider prior to labor helps guide your expectations. If you haven't already decided on breastfeeding you might want to ask … “You should aim to get 1500 mg of calcium between diet and supplement.” As for what to steer clear of? Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. i will stop posting over here. Questions to ask at 24 week checkup? We also discussed getting my rhogam shot (negative blood type) at my next appointment and when I hit 3rd tri he wants me to get tdap. Haha Am I the only one that goes in with a page-long list at every appointment? I don't get it. He/she should explain to you the types of drugs that a pregnant woman may and may not take. Which seems silly to me because I am absolutely clueless about all things baby, so I'm not sure how I don't have questions. In this guide, you’ll get some ideas of what to expect and first pregnancy appointment questions you should ask . Depending on the nature of your work, you'll likely be able to keep at it up until you deliver — though if you have a particularly physically strenuous job or pregnancy complications your practitioner may recommend some restrictions for your safety and your baby's. Haha Am I the only one that goes in with a page-long list at every appointment? Dr. Mixer says it's also important to discuss any emotional stressors you experience at work with your doctor, who can help you determine if you should avoid them or find other ways to cope with them. I called about what was going to go on during mine and I'm getting the glucose test this Friday - eek!!! I am confused. “In general, women report increased energy in the second trimester." Your midwife or doctor should give you information about: No matter how embarrassing or strange your questions are, you’re entitled to answers. One beauty habit that's A-OK to keep? Discussing ahead of time also allows you to review pain management options (like the epidural) so you'll be aware of and can plan for the options available to you through various stages of labor. What about prescription meds that I might take (such as antidepressants)? It's also best to avoid exercises that are likely to lead to dehydration and overheating (like Bikram yoga). They'll discuss with you the reasons why a caesarean might be offered, what the procedure involves, the risks and benefits, and the implications for future pregnancies and births. Avoid raw fish, soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk or juice, and some fish that may be high in mercury, she notes. But are there any discussions you should definitely be sure to bring up with your doctor when you're expecting? What exercise is okay for me during pregnancy? Depending on your case, you may be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. EDD 5.29.14, heartbeat of 114 at 6w1d, mmc discovered on 10-18-13, D&C on Why do you need to make up questions? Call your doctor when you get that pink plus sign to let her know and she’ll let you know when to come in—but keep in mind that first checkup may not be scheduled until you’re eight or nine weeks along, and that’s totally normal. What to expect at your first pregnancy appointment Credit “This can be normal, but must be differentiated from pre-term labor,” Dr. Deighan shares. FTM here too. Prenatal Tests. I had my 24 week appointment on Friday and here were a few I had: 1. “Your doctor will want to know some things about you to help you decide if a VBAC is appropriate,” explains Karen Deighan, M.D., associate professor department obstetrics and gynecology, Loyola University, Chicago. Physicians typically recommend monthly appointments for your first two trimesters, beginning at eight weeks or so after your last normal period. If you’re in shared care, your appointments will most likely be at the hospital as you get closer to the birth.If you haven’t done antenatal classes yet, your midwife might give you information about them – what they are, where you can do them and why they might be useful. How much did she weigh at our a/s (I forgot to ask) 3. They gave me the glucose drink to take with me at the 20 week so I'm to drink that before this appt and have blood drawn. Are you feeling the baby ... should roughly correspond to how many weeks pregnant you are. I think I'm just overwhelmed each time I go in, so I think having a list ahead of time is a great idea! 4. I have mine tomorrow and I plan on asking about scheduling the glucose test and my rhogam shot. I don't think you'll find support by telling people that they blow... Just sayin'. How big is the baby really? What should I know about skincare/beauty products during pregnancy? Often your employer will require both you and your health care provider to fill out forms that may take some time to process, plus you'll want to plan financially depending on your company's maternity leave policies. 5-15-2013, heartbeat of 175 at 8w2d, mmc discovered on 10-26-12 (11w6d) Cytotec ummm... well I found this thread helpful... at least the beginning... who knew it was such a controversial subject. 8. “Fatigue may return,” she adds. Ecstatically married July 30, 2011--TTC since Jan 2013::. In your third trimester (28 weeks through the end of your pregnancy), you'll most likely have a checkup every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, then switch to once-a-week visits until you deliver. I WISH I had a lot of questions. Your late pregnancy appointments will be with a midwife or obstetrician at the hospital or in the community. Questions to ask midwife at 24 week appointment. So be sure to ask how it works for your delivery so you're okay with what goes down on D-day. Beta draw after d&c) on 1/10/14 (15dpo), EDD 9.20.14 Please be our RAINBOW! At the end of your visit, your OB will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. How much weight should I gain in pregnancy? Here, 16 crucial topics to discuss with your doctor before baby makes his arrival. 10/23/13 (baby girl/Trisomy 10). I'm one of those never have a question people, but then I leave the appointment and think of all the questions. A nutritious, whole foods diet — think lots of vegetables, fruit, lean protein— is ideal, says Dr. Deighan. Hi, I have my 24 week appointment tomorrow, I have not yet met the same midwife twice and my appointments so far have seemed pretty rushed with not much info ... im on second pregnancy and not had it and not being booked in this time. “In the first trimester, some nausea and occasional vomiting are normal,” explains Dr. Deighan.

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