Aug 20, 2020 #1 How far do they get? The fusion of Psykos and Orochi traps Tatsumaki. Now moving on to Psykos. Monster Association Arc Gyoro Gyoro declares himself as the superior esper and for Tatsumaki to enjoy this to her heart's content. And relativistic. Do the Sins and Commandments even have any feats to survive a single blast from Psykos-Orochi or Tatsumaki twisting them up and throwing them into space? -No knowledge-Most recent versions of characters with complete … The esper is uninjured, although she compliments Gyoro Gyoro, calling the technique elegant and nuanced. The true nature of evolution... is rivalry. So a lower level of Ki is only possible if he was dead at that point. Previous When she use that simple attack of hers, she was still in casual phase and that's already far more impressive than the trumpcard moves of both a serious phase Boros and serious phase Tatsumaki. As funny as the low showing is you have to remember that right before this Moro got his ass kicked very badly. Irrelevant but more power to you, It's pretty relevant considering her being able to spam that would put her at multi continent... minimum. Seeing the danger he's in, Gyoro Gyoro decides to use his maximum power and fight with his true form. But these produce gaps just too wide to possibly comprehend, they are so consistent and numerous that your head starts to hurt when you try wrapping your head around it, and they all happen under a single author in the same series. We don't know what a casual Boros is like since he went straight to serious mode when his armor broke and his Metoric Burst is his all out phase. The monster welcomes the hero, and states that Tatsumaki is someone that he must take care of personally. Tatsumaki can be defeated by Golden Sperm if weakened enough (she'll beat him if she's in best shape btw), and Golden Sperm is easily beat by 90% Awakened Garou (only his face hasn't transformed). They just skip like 50 major tiers? The blasts split apart, destroying a few monsters unfortunate enough to be in its path. I just don't understand what the hell are the writers are trying to say. On the other hand, Boros was absolutely ripping through the ship without even targeting it. by an angel tier dude and goku back to back, Goat survives planetary shockwaves then asks for help crushed under a rock, If i were to guess he is baiting goku and our fav retard will fall for it. Click me to find out about our funding drive. Next First of, you can't completely run out of ki. Tatsumaki then asks Gyoro Gyoro if he is the boss. This attack isn't just huge, it also has a lot of potency power behind it like a sharp sword doing a clean smooth cut through a apple. Gyoro Gyoro ponders this possibility and is frightened at the thought of a hero strong enough to occupy Orochi and take priority over Gyoro Gyoro's well-being. Low showings in comics are usually caused by different writers taking over and doing whatever the hell they please. To add to the chest beam the fire from it covered most of the surface of the ship, and was hot enough to vaporize parts of it. Boros is still above Psykos, not an absolute fanboy of Boros but even with that I think Tats and Psykos can't reach his level. Can't you see how nonsensical this is and how many problems it causes for these characters? Even so, logically, the effects of that mass of land and water falling down should already have wiped out all life on the planet, and that was with most of the energy dispersing into space. There's also the possibility of a bloodlusted Tatsumaki just TKing everyone and just twisting or crushing them all where they stand. Abilities and Techniques As Gyoro Gyoro surrounds Tatsumaki with these rocks, he attempts to compact the rocks into a small sphere and crush Tatsumaki, but the female esper effortlessly breaks free, deriding Gyoro Gyoro for his weak psychic abilities. :D. But isn't there supposed to be a limit to how much weaker can they get when they run out of ki?

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