Keystone State. Setophaga palmarum,  or Palm Warbler include two subspecies,  Setophaga palmarum. The primary limiting factors for this species are the limited size and extent of boreal conifer forests. Habitat is also critical within its winter range and much has been lost to wood cutting,  agriculture and of course more development. Development and roads fragment the habitat available to this and other conifer-dependent species in the northeastern Pennsylvania. ), and the wonderful Henslow's Sparrow. Pennsylvania is also one of a handful of states that documents its endangered and threaten birds on a state wide level in addition to a Federal level. Morris, D. H. 1989. The Black-and-white Warbler is … Register to save your cart before it expires. However,  you will find a listing for one in the State of Virginia which is actually a series of interconnecting forest roads traveling about 13 miles through the Appalachian Mountains beginning at Milepost 78.4 of the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Sunset Field overlook,  then continuing to its end at the Arcadia Boat launch along the James River’  and all of these roads take on different and original names too. “Wee-see – Wee-see – Wee-see – Wee-see”  Blancher, P. and J. “DUCKS IN A TUB” … Say it with corn and they will come!!! N.p., 2016. Turn left onto Jordan Run Road and proceed approximately five miles to Forest Road 75. Pennsylvania birds often get formally presented by raw numbers. The soles of the feet are yellow and can be seen at close range from below. This was the first I’d ever seen in breeding plumage and during the spring. Woodpeckers represent another group of common back yard feeder birds. Although very rare as nesting birds, blackpoll warblers are common transient migrants in the state. The Pine Warbler is the only warbler that eats large quantities of seeds, primarily those of pines. Once in a while, especially if the birds are higher above me,   I will get out and use a tripod and gimbal normally keeping close to the vehicle to lessen any distraction. There is a special section of this area that sits on the Pennsylvania side just below the MD state line which was a clear-cut,  freshly planted with pine seedlings along with a thorny and brushy under story that seemed to be a highly prized breeding habitat of the Prairie Warbler. My "Birds and Blooms" Blog is a personal journal ( and is NO way associated with the wonderful Birds And Blooms Magazine, Blog or Website (, A Celebration of Our Natural World through Stories and Photography by Jim Flowers, Just Passing Through,….. the Palm Warbler,, The Melody of Warbler Road – the Hooded Warbler, In search of “Maggie May” … Woodland Warblers 3,,, Woodland Orchids … an “endeavor of passion”, “Water Walkers” A Collection of Favorites from our Coastal Plains, “Pine Barren Blues”, Gentiana autumnalis, The Pine Barren Gentian. 2005. he images of the Black-throated Blue warbler presented here were photographed entirely within the Michaux State Forest along my infamous “Warbler Road”,  shared by both Adams and Cumberland Counties. “Face to Face” with the Prairie Warbler …. Its breeding range extends coast-to-coast from Alaska and British Columbia west to the Maritime Provinces of Canada and Maine, and south in the mountains of northeastern United States to Pennsylvania. Listen to the song of the breeding Male below:, “Lady with an Attitude”,   Black-throated Blue Female And we'll stay at comfortable hotels and enjoy some fine Pennsylvania food and drink along the way. Relative degrees of pigmentation have an effect on parental risk-taking. During the breeding season the heaviest population occurs within the Boreal forest regions of Canada and breeding populations decrease farther south and through the higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains presenting their desired habitat. The nearest population is in the Catskills of southern New York only 100 miles away from where they nest in Pennsylvania. “Warbler Road” (Milesburn) presents abundant opportunities for this habitat following a couple of small streams along its route in several areas bordered by the Rhododendron pictured in the image above. However, mothers who had rejected eggs, reject them repeatedly and thus are more likely to reject future eggs. Web. I have shared mention of this forest with many and most become frustrated simply because of an “ants in their pants” attitude and they easily become bored. The warblers spent much more time inspecting these eggs than ones that they had actually laid, yet only about twenty percent of the eggs were rejected. Ornithologist Alexander Wilson, who had collected a specimen in 1810 from a Mississippi Magnolia,  originally gave the bird the English name “Black-and-yellow Warbler” and “Magnolia” was used for the Latin species name,  but “Magnolia” stuck as the English name as well from then on. A tour at the peak of eastern spring birding, focusing on a delightful array of warblers as well as other songbirds. Despite this, it is easiest to see migrating S. petechia in the fall, specifically near Lake Erie (McWilliams and Brauning, 2000). Many of you have heard me mention,  or read about through my prior posts,  loving references to the Hanover Watershed Wildlife Management Area which shares its acreage with both York County Pennsylvania and Carroll County Maryland along the Mason-Dixon Line.

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